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you have gone to my blood

Jacques Brel: some compilations (CDs)
Brian Ferry/Roxy Music: a compilation (CD; Ferry solo stuff bore, Roxy w/ Eno rules)
Serge Gainsbourg: Comic Strip (CD)
Gilberto Gil: Nightingale (CD)
Ron Grainer: Omega Man OST (CD)
The Emperor Machine: Aimee Tallulah Is Hypnotised (DC Recordings, CD)
V/A: Tropicália 30 Anos (CD)

p H a c t :
The Eyes of Regina Linnanheimo


Colin MacInnes: City of Spades/Absolute Beginners/Mr Love and Justice (books, 1957-60)
Bill Drummond & Mark Manning: Bad Wisdom (book, 1996)
Joseph Heller: Catch-22 (book, 1961)
John Lennon: In His Own Write/Spaniard In The Works/Skywriting By The Word Of Mouth (books, 1964-1979)
Klaus Mann: Mefisto (book, 1936)
Thomas Mann: Doktor Faustus (book, 1947)


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Alex, Chicks on Speed, Berlin, Germany

top 5 songs today

1. "Hand to Phone" Adult.
Perfect melancholia, glamour, a fatalistic song in the true nature of electro music. Very good to dance to also.

2. "Into the Void" The Raincoats
A song to listen to when you want to remember moments of sadness and tragedy in one's life, especially relating to old loves. A triumphant and lovely song. This was Kurt Cobain's favourite song from the Raincoats.

3. "Transmission" Joy Division
Like being in a desert of emotions.

4. "Setting of the Sun" Ann Shenton from Large Number (The White Label Online)
The most brilliant modern impression of an old 60s psychedelic song, Ann captures all the emotions necessary to be convincing enough, that she has shot her true love, at the setting of the sun!

5. "There's Bad Music Everywhere" Kevin Blechdom
I think this song is actually a celebration of great music by telling the truth about most music in today's global society. Kevy B encourages one to go out and find GOOD music, to explore and not be lazy, instead of being fed by the exile MYV and Clear Channel entertainment paths of exploitation.

Dax DJ, Family House, Italy


Dirt Crew - 808 Lazerbeam Mood Music
Secondo - We Got It Like That Soul Jazz
Foolish & Sly - Come A Little Closer Cynic
Disco Strut 2 - DS 1983
Franck Roger - Summer EP Betino's Record
Infantwo - Modern Robot Chorus Modal
Booka shade - Vertigo Phisical
Slam - Know Pleasures Soma
Triangle Orchestra - The Strip Outergaze
Imagination - Burning up (dub)

The Underground Anthems Of Philadelphia Soul 1973 - 1981: Norman Jay presents PHILADELPHIA

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