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tit terrorism

And The Lefthanded: Kingdom of the Shadows (Lefta/Jupiter, CD)
Tim Buckley: Goodbye and Hello / Lorca (CDs)
DJ Amsia: CDR
Jori Hulkkonen: Keys of Life Remixes (Keys of Life/Sähkö, 12")
Kid 606: Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You (Ipecac, CD)
Nicole Willis: Say It (Puu/Sähkö, 12")
Plantains: I Listen To The Plantains/New Wave Girl (Maison Du Chic, 12")
Les Robespierres & Melissa Logan: L'Amerique (Chicks on Speed Records, CD)
Skatebård: Sky City EP (Keys of Life/Sähkö, 12")
V/A: I-Robots - Italo Electro Disco Underground Classics (IRMA Records, promo CDR)
V/A: Tangent 2000 - Disco Nouveau (Ghostly International, CD)


James Ellroy: The Black Dahlia (book, 1987)
Miles: Hippie (book, 2003)

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Dax DJ, Family House, Italy

How & Why? Re-deits - Rong Music 00 (Triangle Orchestra meet Daniel Wang...)
Purple Flash - We can make it - Unclassics #3
Idjut Boys - New labels!
Funky Kingston - Street Choir
Fat Jon - Everywhere Exceptional
Even Stevens - Creative Use 002
The Executives - Weapons... - Nine 2 Five
Kango's Stein Massiv - Trailerpark 002
Luciano & Quenum - EP - Cadenza
Mass Production - '83 (Cotillon Records)


taken from Franck Roger: It's That Man
Betino's Records Sound - Paris

Silmu, Ura Records / Pacific-Atlantic Records, Helsinki, Finland

MARCH 2004

1. JONI MITCHELL: All I Want (Album: Blue)
The sweetest song ever from Mitchell.
2. KUUSUMUN PROFEETTA: Kukkana niityllä (Album: Kukin kaappiaan selässään kantaa)
Sunny, laid-back, slightly psychedelci, strangely funny and affecting story about someone who is transformed into a flower.
3. SPACE: Magic Fly (Album: Disco Generation)
Funny how this early disco insttumental sounds still (or again?) very contemporary. Swirling synths, stomping four-on-the-floor, simple melody: magic.
4. GIORGIO MORODER: From Here To Eternity (Album: Disco Generation)
... while Moroder's song from the same year (1977) has clearly aged some. Must be the moustached man's English accent...
5. FRANCO GODI: Qua Qua Qua Instrumental (Album: Signor Rossi OST)
Music from the Italian Mr. Rossi animated series directed by Bruno Bozzetto. Lightweight and fun.
6. DEPECHE MODE: The Love Thieves (Album: Ultra)
DM has lately made mostly mid- or slow-tempo songs. but somehow 'TLT' seems exceptionally tranquil even for them, evoking peaceful, dream-like images.
7. ISAAC HAYES: A House Full of Girls (Album: Truck Turner OST)
Whereas Mr. Hayes has always loaded his love songs with a totally different, more earthly vibe. The title almost says it all, but there's a shaggy dog at the end.
8. THE BLUE NILE: Easter Parade (Album: Walk Across The Rooftops)
The Blue Nile is similar to DM in that they rarely crank the tempo up. 'Easter Parade' never even turns the drum machine on, preferring to meditate with piano, singer's voice and some occasional synths.
9. SUGAR: Hoover Dam (Album: Copper Blue)
Bob Mould time! His thoughts run wild while standing on the edge of the Hoover Dam.
10. CAPTAIN HEROIN: The Ballad of Captain Heroin (Album: Shut Up and Dance and SHUT UP - An URA Records Collection)
Captain Heroin sings about living to see another dawn with down-pitched voice, backed with delayed organ. Ominous magic.


Reinhard Voigt: How We Rock Remixe (Kompakt)
V/A: Receiving Data... Ah It's Coming (Sender)
Misc.: Rocket Skating (Sender)
Basteroid: Against Luwtwiderstand remixes (Areal)
Kamueflash + Bee Im House: Zoo (Ringelbeatz)
Oliver Hacke: Trapezlt 12 (Trapez Limited)
Naum & DJ Koze: Speicher 11 (Kompakt Extra)
Joachim Spieth: Und Keine Ende (Auftrieb)
V/A: Potlatch (Bruchstuecke)
Bang Goes: Rizzla (Bruchstuecke)
Thomas Brinkmann: Gisela & Heidi (Ernst)
The Emperor Machine: Expanding In Reproduction (DC)

Unidentified Sound Objects, Oulu/Helsinki, Finland

1. Aavikko - History Of Muysic CD
2. And The Lefthanded: Kingdom of the Shadows CD
3. Gary Valentine Lachman - Tajunnan alkemistit (book)
4. Magyar Posse - King of Time CD
5. Bergman Rock - Bergman Rock CD
6. Albert Ayler - Music Is The Healing Force of the Universe CD
7. Neil Young - On The Beach CD
8. Tony Fletcher - Dear Boy: The Life of Keith Moon (book)
9. Beans - Now Soon Someday CD EP
10. Einstürzende Neubauten - Perpetuum Mobile CD
11. Kraftwerk - Live 06.02.2004 HKI Jäähalli

bobsky, music radio kanal 103, macedonia

16.march.2004 top 10

molar: the time and motion studies (falsewalls)
vauxhall 44: sub-i (inflatabl)
scott taylor: leaving eden (sijis)
robotek: s/t (pmg)
z_e_l_l_e: rjctd::nw (cubicmusic)
miles davis: live in antibes (?)
point blank: the final choice to a total beginning (corcordis)
v/a: 9-16 split series (fat cat)
man'sbestfriend: the new human is illegal (morr music)
sascha funke: bravo (bpitch control)

Joakim & Sebastian, Medium Rare, Sweden

Jazz Libratorz - What's Next (Kif)
Mr. Jay Tribute - Three Dots "Really Raw" (CDR)
Colonel Red - U Gimmi That Feelin' (People)
Mokadi - Chica Da Ici (Perfect Toy)
Donald Byrd - Dominoes EP (Domino Records)
Shades of Soul - Give In To Me "4 Hero Remix" (Sunny Side)
DKD - Future Rage LP (Bitasweet/2000Black)
Lizz Fieldz - When I See Love "Lizzie's Children Ty & Drew Mix" (White)
Directions - Busted Trees "Carl Craig Mix" (Diaspora)
Mad Imbecile - Waiting For A Brain (Lifejacket)

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