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it's gonna rain

Club Telex Noise Ensemble: Remixed (Delta B Recordings, 12")
Scott Walker: In Five Easy Pieces (Universal, 5-CD box)
Vapauskysymys: 7" (Rikos Records)
VCS 2600: 12" (Rikos Records)


Philip K. Dick: The Game-Players of Titan (book, 1963)
Guy Peellaert & Nik Cohn: Rock Dreams (book, 1973/2004, Taschen)
Thomas Pynchon: Gravity's Rainbow (book, 1973)

p H a c t :
tapansa kullakin


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Silmu, Ura Records / Pacific-Atlantic Records, Helsinki, Finland

1. REUNA: Upwenta (Album: Smelly)
A great chill-out track mixing sampladelic treasures with solid beats and a bag of multiple guitar textures. Strangely uplifting, must be the spoken bit bringing the locomotive-who-could to mind.
2. LINKIN' PARK: Points of Authority (Album: Hybrid Theory)
Teenage angst is a funny thing: all that steaming energy combined with strange drama, just excellent! If one wishes, there's traces of Cure, Depeche Mode, Public Enemy and Nine Inch Nails, among others, to be found here.
3. BLACK FOREST / BLACK SEA: Fish No Fish (Album: Forcefields And Constellations
Actually, what I'm referring to here is their recent live rendition of this song at their Helsinki gig. Bass and rhythm was played by Miriam on cello with Jeffrey providing wandering guitars bits. Live version was a bit more uptempo and confident than the recorded one, finally mesmerizing the already charmed audience.
4. THE CURE: Fascination Street Extended Mix (Album: Mixed Up)
Hailing from the innocent days of remixing, this track is designed for your prolonged pleasure. In these boombastic times it's also refreshing to hear a lead line that's actually using a harp sound.
5. ELTON JOHN: Goddbye Yellow Brick Road (Album: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road)
There's nothing like a high society breakup, then? Simply put: a masterpiece!
6. DIZZEE RASCAL: Sittin' Here (Album: Boy In Da Corner)
The hio hop source had better to keep their quality up with the Old World providing artists like this. Britain used to be as feeble a ground for hip hop as Finland, but both countries are finally finding their voices. An electrifying opener with its simple synth riff and boom drops.
7. AAVIKKO: Viiden asteen pakkanen (Album: History of Muysic)
An exact illustration of the life in inner Finland during the winter. Essentially a surf guitar track, but played with lower-end consumer Casios and Yamahas.
8. WENDY CARLOS: Air On A G String (Album: Switched-On Bach)
Tastefully arranged and beautifully realised in an age of monophonic synths, before sequencers or plethora of tracks on tape machines. A real labour of love.
9. MEW: Am I Wry? No (Album: Frengers)
Stadium-sized pop rock with some surprisingly progressive developments. Lyrics not to be scrutinized: just sing along to that original voice!
10. THE SHAGGS: Philosophy of the World (Album: Philosophy of the World)
If you want to hear the root of alt rock, this one's for you. Like the original liner notes put it: real, pure and unaffected by the outside influences.

J-P Parikka, Worldless, Tampere, Finland

1. Dataholix - EP (Keys of Life CD-R)
2. Falko Brocksieper - Geheimparkplatz EP (Treibstoff)
3. Kalle-M - Return EP (Ironboxmusic promo)
4. Heiko Laux - Offshore Funk LP (Kanzleramt)
5. Atilla Jahanvash - Dem Himmel so nah (3ton)
6. DJ Shuffle & Melina - 44170 EP (Vuo~Records)
7. Hugg & Pepp - Dast Driving (Dahlbäck Recordings CD-R)
8. Rework - Crash (Scheinselbstaendig)
9. Jussipekka - Dancing Queen (Poker Flat)
10. Jackmate - The Prodigal Son (Resopal)


Anthony Rother: Dreampeople (Psi49Net)
Anthony Rother: Back Home (Datapunk)
Ada: Lovelace (Areal)
Stewart Walker & Geoff White: Discord (Force Inc)
Dr Shingo & ASCII Disco: Chaos Space Marines (Art of Perception)
Pan/Tone: Green Bottless & Teen Models EP (Sub Static)
Carsten Jost: Uccellacciuccellini (Sender)
M.I.A.: Another Day (Traum)
Naum & Joachim Spieth: Speicher 15 (Kompakt Extra)
Isolée: It's About (Freundinnen)
Bergheim 34: Random Access Memory (Klang)

peewee, acid fake / fakezine, skopje, macedonia

A War and Peace of a Chart from Toni of Macedonia...


Jeff Bennett - Follow The Roots (Treibstoff)
Falco Brocksieper - Geheimparklatz EP (Treibstoff)
Volker Dornhagen - Schwarzlicht (Treibstoff)
Midiots - Song Seven (Treibstoff)
Baby Ford - Messenger - Messenger (Sender)
Pan/Tone - Green Bottles Teen Models (Sub Static)
Ada - Lovelace... and more (Aerial)
Fym - Emotions Under Curfew EP (Boogism)
Akufen - Hawaiian Vodka Party (Scheinselbstaending)
Nooncat - You! (Salo)
Neil White - J.O.G. (Salo)
Luomo - Diskonize Me (Force Tracks)
Unai - I Like Your Style (Force Tracks)
Adjuster - Death To Disco EP (Force Tracks)
Dole & Kom pres. Re-Play - Melodie und Rhythmus (Force Tracks)
Baby Ford - Built In (Force Inc.)
Akufen - Deck The House (Force Inc.)
Nost - Is This The End (Force Inc.)
Billy Dalessandro - Secret Sessions (Force Inc.)
Billy Dalessandro - Liquid Simulationz (Force Inc.)
A. Muegee - Trailblazer (Resopal Schalware)
Sutekh - Hands on Feet (Souljazz)
Twerk - Motala (Context)
Wang Inc. - Woods Road: The Premixrs (Context)


SCSI-9 - Digital Russian (Force Tracks)
Dub Taylor - Experience (Force Tracks)
Monolake - Momentum (M/ICM)
Twerk - Vicariously Through Burned Bread (Mille Plateaux)
Triosk meets Jan Jelinek - 1+3+1 (~scape)
Stop Dico Mafia - Stop Dico Mafia (Proptronix)
Manual - Isares (Static Caravan)
Charles Atlas - Felt Cover (Static Caravan)
V/A - Club Transmediale [Fly Utopia] (Data Error)
Vauxhall 44 - Sub-I (Inflatabl Labl)
Lapsed - Twilight (Ad Noiseam)
Rob Mazurek - Sweet and Vicious Like Frankenstein (Mego)

best 2003 albums

01. Luomo - The Present Lover (Force Tracks)
02. Data 80 - Data 80 (Force Tracks)
03. Alex Cortex - Inward CTRL (Ann Aimee)
04. Sophie Rimheden - Hi-Fi (Mitek)
05. Geoff White & Stewart Walker - Discord (Force Inc.)
06. Monolake - Momentum (ICM)
07. Billy Dalessandro - Midievalization (Resopla Schalware)
08. Pole - Pole (Mute)
09. Nooncat - Under The Moon/Under The Sun (Triebstoff)
10. Dub Taylor - Experience (Force Tracks)
11. T.Raumschmiere - Radio Blackout (Novamute)
12. Rip-Off Artists - Pet Sounds (Vertical Form)
13. Jirku/Judge - Plusism (Onitor)
14. V/A - Mitek: Process (Mitek)
15. V/A - Staedtism 4 (~scape)
16. Rechenzentrum - Director's Cut (Mille Plateaux)
17. Tujiko Noriko - From Tokyo To Niagara (Tom Lab)
18. Jan Jelinek avec The Exposures - La Nouvelle Pauvrete (~scape)
19. Tomas Jirku - 1999 (No Type)
20. Ricardo Villalobos - Alcachofa (Playhouse)
21. V/A - What Was It Like Before I Got Into Electricity (Sud)
22. Alexander Kowalski - |response| (Kanzleramt)
23. AGF - Westernisation Complete (Ortlong Musork)
24. V/A - Futuristic Experiments #006 [BG035] (Background)
25. Soul-Junk - 1958 (Sounds Are Active)
26. HDJ Tom - Taste (Inflatabl Label)
27. Cordell Klier - Winter (Ad Noiseam)
28. Si-Cut.Db - Find Some Shade (Highpoint Lowlife)
29. Desormais - Iambrokenandremadeiambroken... (Intr_Version)
30. Hinterlandt/Karri O. - Sitting, Going Places/Departures and Arrivals (Abflug)
31. Anders Ilar - Everdom (Shitkatapult)
32. Matmos - Civil War (Matador)
33. Radio 4 - Gotham (City Slang)
34. Looproad - Acidfaketrax (Acid Fake)
35. Tim Hecker - Radio Amor (Mille Plateaux)
36. Blamstrain - Ensi (Merck)
37. Star Like Fleas - Sun Light Down on the Fence (Praemedia)
38. Decades - The First (Poeta Negra)
39. Apparat - Duplex (Shitkatapult)
40. Andrew Duke - Take Nothing For Granted (Acid Fake)
41. V/A - Praeface (Praemedia)
42. Tim Perkins - Motive (Praemedia)
43. Merzbow - Ikebana: Merzbow's Amlux Rebuilt, Reused and Recycled (Immortal)
44. Andrey Kiritchenko - Kniga Skazok (Ad Noiseam)
45. Formatt/Samuli Alapuranen - Connections/Apinavideo (Abflug)
46. Corker / Conboy - In Light of That Learnt Later (Vertical Form)
47. V/A - Geologists and Professional Tourists Volume 2 (N&B Research Digest)
48. Andrey Kiritchenko - Bees and Honey (Zeromoon)
49. Anthony Rother - Elixir of Life (Fax +49-69/450464)
50. Decomposed Subsonic - Gradients (Ware)

best 2003 12"

01. Nooncat - Popcorn - Popcorn EP (Konvex | Konkav)
02. Baby Ford - Built In - Built In (Force Inc.)
03. Nooncat - Under The Moon - Under The Moon (Treibstoff)
04. Nooncat - Under The Sun - Under The Sun (Treibstoff)
05. Dexter - Things Have Changed (Original Mix) - Things Have Changed (Force Tracks)
06. Dub Taylor & Vital - Your Soul (Original Mix) - Your Soul (Force Tracks)
07. Luomo - Tessio (Akufen mix) - Tessio (Force Tracks)
08. Akufen - Falco Brocksieper Mix - Psychometry RMX II (Trapez)
09. D. Diggler - Acid Blain (Alexander Kowalski Mix) - Acid Blain (Raum)
10. Rene Breitbart - Sunride - Sunride (Treibstoff)
11. A. Muegge - Silkywaves - Trailblazer (Resopal Schalware)
12. Codebase - Seek and Destroy (Original Mix) - Seek and Destroy (Force Inc.)
13. Data 80 - Love Was Made For Two (7" mix) - Love Was Made For Two (Force Tracks)
14. Steve Bug - That's What I Like (Original) - That's What I Like (Pokerflat)
15. Decomposed Subsonic - Wild Nights - Wild Nights (Force Tracks)
16. Yura Moorush - Message - Next Round EP (Force Tracks)
17. SCSI-9 - Digital Summer - Digital Summer (Force Tracks)
18. Akufen - My Way (My Kooky Way Remix) - My Way Remixes (Force Inc.)
19. Unai - I Like Your Style - I Like Your Style (Force Tracks)
20. Adjuster - Mistake - Death To Disco (Force Tracks)
21. Midiots - Song Seven - Song Seven (Treibstoff)
23. Microlite - The Lowlands - The Lowlands (Treibstoff)
24. Dole & Kom present Re-Play - Double Dumb - Melodie und Rhythmus (Force Tracks)
25. Nost - Is This The End? - Is This The End? (Force Inc.)
26. Maetrik - Force Feeling (Treibstoff)
27. Johan Skugge - Quarters EP (Mitek)
28. Steve Bug - November Girl (Poker Flat)
29. Marcel Yanovski - Liebe auf Zeit (Treibstoff)
30. Volker Dornhagen - Schwartzlicht (Treibstoff)
31. Olavi a.k.a. Sami Liuski - Flamenco (Raum)
32. T.Raumschmiere - Monstertruck Driver (Novamute)
33. T.Raumschmiere - Rabaukendisko (Novamute)
34. Håkan Libdo - Clockwise EP (Shitkatapult)
35. Martin Jarl vs Gus Gus - Moonstruck (Resopal Schalware)
36. Symptom - SYM-02 (Symptom)
37. Jeff Milligan - In My Life EP [BG036] (Background)
38. Portable - One Second Ago or Less EP (Background)
39. Misetr E Minimal? - Contexterrior 5 (Contexterrior 5)
40. Someone Else - Poop Track Vol. 1 (Tuning Spork)
41. Mikael Stavostrand - Lite Remixed (Mitek)
42. Andi Vaz - Sound Variation 7-7 [---]
43. Plain Brown Rapper - Back In Black (Inflatabl Label)
44. V/A - Unravelled Vol. 1 (Context)
45. Barf - Liebe Meine EP (Proptronix)
46. !!! - Me and Giuliani Down By The School Yard (A True Story (Warp)
47. Tiga - Burning Dowm (Turbo)
48. Electronic Data Processing - Model 06 (Modelisme)
49. Fenin - Driven (Meteosound)
50. Monkeytribe - Delaware (Meteosound)

december 2003 albums

T. Raumschmiere - Radio Blackout (Novamute)
Plastikman - Closer (Novamute)
Ricardo Villalobos - Alcachofa (Playhouse)
V/A - What Was It Like Before I Got Into Electricity? (Sud)
Pole - Pole (Mute)
Bus - Middle of the Road (~scape)
V/A - Staedtisizm 4 (~scape)
Tennis - Furlines (Bip-Hop)
Stephan Mathieu & Douglas Benford - Reciprocess Vol. 02 (Bip-Hop)
Si-Cut.Db - Find Some Shade (Highpoint Lowlife)
V/A - Saturday Morning Empires (Intr_Version)
So - So (Thrill Jockey)
Heiko Laux - Offshore Funk (Kanzleramt)
Heiko Laux - Ornaments (Kanzleramt)
Peaches - The Teaches of Peaches (XL)
Peekay Tayloh - The Hole You Are In - Sofa O.D. (Poeta Negra)
HDJ Tom - Sandwich Samples - Taste (Inflatabl Label)
Cordell Klier - Winter (Ad Noiseam)
Radian - Rec.Extern (Thrill Jockey)
Nettle - Firecamp Stories Remixes (The Agriculture)
DJ Wally - Emulatory Woredom (The Agriculture)
DJ Olive - Bodega (The Agriculture)
Tim Perkins - Motive (Praemedia)
Stars Like Fleas - Sun Lights Down On The Fence (Praemedia)
Rip-Off Artist - Pet Sounds (Vertical Form)
V/A - Praeface (Praemedia)
Greg Headely - A Bulletin on Vertigo (28 Angels)
RW Able - Morpheme (RW Able)
Jennifer Gentle and Kawabata Makoto - The Wrong Cage (Sillyboy)
Jennifer Gentle - Funny Creatures Lane (Sillyboy)
Town and Country - 5 (Thrill Jockey)
Paula Kelly - The Trouble with Success or How You Fit Into The World (Kimchee)
Claudio Rocchetti - The Work Called Kitano (Bar la Muerte)
Ronin - Ronin Theme (Bar la Muerte)
OVO - Vaevictis (Bar la Muerte)
V/A - Kikapu Gold Standard (Kikapu)
Mu - Afro Finger and Gel (Tigersushi)
Melodium - Parthenay EP (Autres Directions In Music)
Dudley - Aseasonal LP (Autres Directions In Music)
Rollerball - Real Hear (Silber)
Jamie Barnes - The Fallen Acrobat (Silber)
Small Life Form - One (Silber)
Lycia - Empty Space (Silber)
Twelve - First Album (Silber)
Hydatid - Awash With Even (Half Theory)
Env(itre) - Teaktshramin (Aphorism)
Desert Planet - Joystick Pop (Odor)
Desert Planet - Dune Buggy (Odor)
Iversen - Reconstruct I (Tib Prod)
Utabi - Manchurian Candy (Ad Aadat)
Yituey - Espacio = Vida (Paralelo 18)
Kandis - Airflow (Karaoke Kalk)
V/A - Micro Blue (Plop)
LHD - Hands of the Priestess (Miisc)
Goose - 3" (Zaftig)
Cat/Stolen Light - Split (Zaftig)


Akufen - Psychometry RMX III (Trapez)
Elting_Lieb - Pacemakes D. Diggler Remixes (Konvex Konkav)
Portable - Gidshift (Sud)
T.Raumschmiere - Monstertruck Driver (Novamute)
T.Raumschmiere - Rabaukendisko (Novamute)
Decomposed Subsonic - Wild Night (Force Tracks)
Dexter - Things Have Changed (Force Tracks)
Dub Taylor & Vital - Your Soul (Force Tracks)
Olavi a.k.a. Sami Liuski - Flamenco (Raum)
D. Diggler - Drugstore (Raum)
D. Diggler - Supersizer (Raum)
Di. Diggler - Acid Blain (Raum)
Nooncat - Popcorn - Popcorn EP (Konvex Konkav)
D. Diggler - Motojuice - Motojuice (Resopal-Schalware)
Dub Surgeon - Future Dub 02 (Future Dub)
Montage Spiral - Future Dub 01 (Future Dub)
The Architect - Myshoose Are On Backwards and Y Socks Don't Match (Tuning Spork)
Someone Else - Poop Trax Vol. 1 (Tuning Spork)
V/A - Tuning Spork 02 (Tuning Spork)
V/A - Tuning Spork 01 (Tuning Spork)
Mister E Minimal? - Contexterrior 5 (Contexterrior)
Tomas Jirku - Rychnov (Traum Schallplatten)
Tomas Jirku - We Call Them Acids (
My Robot Friend - Why Won't You Call Me Back? (Proptronix)
Das Bierbebem - Wir Sind (Shitkatapult)
!!! - Me and Giuliani Down By The Schoolyard (A True Story) (Warp)
Tiga - Burning Down (Turbo)

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