Artist: The Emperor Machine
Title: Aimee Tallulah Is Hypnotised
Label: DC Recordings (UK)
Cat. No: DC56
Format: 12"
Release Date: 25th October 2004

1. The TV Extra Band
2. Linda Looks Good
3. Emperor Machine
4. Erotic Hoverfly
5. How To Build A Super Computer
6. Pop Goes The Spaceman
7. Watching Flying Body Parts
8. Front Man
9. She Was A Man
10. SH3A
11. Brains In A Box
12. Footsteps With Spurs
13. Killed By A Truck
14. Expanding In Reproduction
15. Dying By Wits

The Emperor Machine: Aimee Tallulah 
Is Hypnotised

Andy Meecham stokes the fires & lubricates the joints deep within The Emperor Machine for his debut album release 'Aimee Tallulah Is Hypnotised' due for release on DC Recordings on the 25th October 2004.

Following the critically acclaimed singles 'Pro Mars' (April 03), 'Expanding In Reproduction' (Jan 04) and more recently 'The TV Extra Band' (August 04), 'Aimee Tallulah Is Hypnotised' fuses live & electronic elements and displays a true melting pot of styles and influences, seamlessly shifting through disco, krautrock and electro.

There's an underlying cinematic sci-fi presence to these offerings, most prominent with the Dr. Who-inspired album opener 'The TV Extra Band', the John Carpenter-esque 'Dying By Wits' & 'SH3A' and the War Of The Worlds-like melodies of 'Front Man' and 'Brains In A Box', the album is also interspersed by Radiophonic-enthused interludes 'Erotic Hoverfly' and 'Killed By A Truck'.

Joined here by Roger Johns (bass guitar), Jamie Parkes (violin) and Beebe (flute), Mr Meecham utilises his analogue synth collection and alluring array of vintage apparatus to devastating effect, and whilst delving into early 70s production techniques manages to carve out new avenues for the future.

Packaged in a reflective silver sleeve, the first 500 limited edition LPs include a free 7", 'Introduction To Outer Space', which, as the title suggest, introduces the listener to the sounds of outer space!

The Emperor Machine 'Aimee Tallulah Is Hypnotised'


So you get out of the plane and two hours later you're in the cab, smooth black German bruiser, sugar transmission, and the driver's called Florian or Klaus or Ralf with a big moustache and a chunky gold ankh round his neck and he swooshes into fourth and away you glide tick-tock-tick-tock through the elegant-decadent downtown overpass purring and thudding past a stream of silverchrome doorways until a little metal claw slips a pill through the hatch and the rearviews are starting to twizzle as Florian or Ralf or Klaus' moustache turns into crystal and the steel and burnt glass swishes past tick-tock-tick-tock and suddenly there's Marc Bolan like a giant grasshopper puffing his sweaty Greek hips through Roland's flute at the side of the autobahn.
Klaus/Florian/Ralf glints and pops you a space interrogation, his big glitterball bug eyes swivelling as you pull up to the Arctic insect roller-rink, the shimmery mutant discotheque where the bugs with big brains strut about to the alpha centauri disco boom, dodging the robot drummer boot boys, peeping at John Carpenter sucking face of Wonka in the chocolatebubble space saucer monitors.

Back in the cab and it's off to Linda's Jolt Club, face crawling through your pants as Roger Delgados do bugdust deals on the leather bowl tables blown by beetle-head bubble babes, watching out for the GI with a buckknife and his Oberheim spacehopper... whoosh whoosh whoosh...

... until you wake up dusted on the blue sand chill dunes, head spinning like a hoverfly with a boner. fingers twitching, then you're back in the car squeezed between two buxom whistling bee chick sweeties who rustle their moist feather-jewel eyes and shoot you hard with a pump-pump-pump, crooning stellar soul moans all the while and you all duck the silvery frsibeeflies overhead and Florian or Ralf of Klaus twists his vagina and turns into Roland right in front of your pinwheeling peepers and your ears titter and swoon as they're sucked oscillating like Düsseldorf yo-yos into the giggling, dribbling, surf-wet body parts of the Emperor Machine...

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