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  • The new album, Eat My Heart Out, out on CoS Records in May 2005. You can see its tasty artwork here.

    Discography - Kevin Blechdom on Chicks on Speed Records

    Bitches Without Britches

    Bitches Without Britches

    CD (digipack)/LP
    Chicks On Speed Records / COSR 09
    Release: 1st of July 2003 in the US and 20th of June 2003 in the rest of the world

    Press release notes:

    BITCHES WITHOUT BRITCHES is her first full-length computer/pop record and her debut on Chicks On Speed Records. It contains a totally refreshing and so far unheard mixture of computer pop, banjo-songwriting, weird noises, explicit lyrics and a heartbreaking coverversion of Tina Turner's 'Private Dancer'. The CD is accompanied by a magnificent booklet with one original KEVIN BLECHDOM drawing for each track. This is not only for the people who always wondered where women in electronic music are. This CD is a must have for everyone who is into adventurous music that has a message and is still a lot of fun.



    Kevin Blechdom
    Eat My Heart Out (CD, enhanced)
    Chicks on Speed Records / COSR22cd
    Distribution: Hausmusik / Indigo (5826-2)
    6 June 2005 / 14 June 2005 (USA)

    1. Coming
    2. What you wanna believe
    3. Invisible ROCK
    4. Suspended in love
    5. Joke as self intro
    6. Love you from the heart
    7. The porcupine & the jellyfish
    8. Get on your knees
    9. Runaway or stay
    10. Are you fucking with me
    11. You got yerself
    12. Slow me down
    13. Day to day
    14. There are other people
    15. Johnny
    16. Too much to touch
    17. Torture chamber
    18. Songydong
    19. Going to sleep

    Bonus Material (enhanced CD):
    Total Respect presents COUNTDOWN TO NOTHING,
    a film by Lucile Desamory and Kevin Blechdom, starring Lucile Desamory and Kevin Blechdom, featuring Kim Hiorth°y and Damien Desamory.

    Press release notes:

    Two years after KEVIN BLECHDOM relocated to Berlin and released her debut solo album "Bitches Without Britches" (COSR09) she's back with her new album, "Eat My Heart Out". Casting herself as the leading-lady in her autobiographical musical story about Love, she takes a vulnerable head-first dive into the contradictions, and desparation of human emotion and knowing people. Completely naked (on the record cover and in the music) she shares her emotional confusion openly. Kevin sings pop music. Kevin sings love songs. But Kevin's love is a rollercoaster of emotional extremes. "Eat My Heart Out" is a dense musical journey of contrasting styles, surprises, and heart-ache. Her songwriting is fragmented and diverse, but her raw emotion and voice remains on top as the connecting thread: from hyper-MIDI computer frenzies to tragic ballades, from pirate shanties to self-help anthems, from country songs to songs she recorded and wrote on laughing gas. She puts songs together like Lego's. The CD also contains a bonus 13 minute movie by KEVIN BLECHDOM and LUCILE DESAMORY called "Countdown to Nothing." A mutually-autobiographical surreal self-help musical about hypnotism and friendship with more music and a medley of the entire album.
    The album features guest producers and vocalists: MOCKY, JAMIE LIDELL, LUCILE DESAMORY and LUMBEROB.



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