APRIL / MAY 2004

Last time updated 12 May, 2004

pHinn, pHinnWeb / Kompleksi / pHinnMilk Recordings, Tampere, Finland

The Rites of May

Chicks On Speed: Archive I (CD, Chicks On Speed Records, exclusively with the book 'It's A Project)
Citizen Omega: Trax & Remixes 1998-2004 (CDR)
Girls On Film: #1 (CD, Click New Wave)
Itäväylä: s/t (12", Rikos Records)
Musti Laiton: Avaruusvuodet (New Music Community, CD)
Musti Laiton: Pedon varjo (CDR, downloadable here)
Nico: The Marble Index (Elektra, CD, 1968)
Putsch '79: Putsch (Clone, CD)
V/A: Death Disco - songs from under the dancefloor 1978-1984 (EMI, CD)
Verde: Karhun epäilleen paskantaneen golfkentälle / Huge / Lokki (CDRs)

p H a c t :


Dan Brown: The Da Vinci Code (book, 2003)
Chicks On Speed: It's A Project (book, 2004)
Louis Pauwels & Jacques Bergier: The Morning of The Magicians (orig. "Le Matin des Magiciens", book, 1960)


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Unidentified Sound Objects, Helsinki, Finland

1. Alejandro Jodorowsky - Santa Sangre 2DVD
2. 13th Floor Elevators - The Psychedelic World Of 3CD
3. The Who/Jeff Stein - The Kids Are Alright 2DVD
4. Bobby Conn And The Glass Gypsies - The Homeland CD
5. Weird War - Weird War CD
6. Circle - Guillotine CD
7. Messer Chups - Black Black Magic CD
8. Tocotronic - 10th Anniversary CD/DVD
9. Madvillain - Madvillainy CD
10. The Rammellzee - Bi-Conicals Of The Rammellzee CD

THE SCIENCE BLOCK (Computer Controlled Recordings), Manchester, England


1: Michael Forshaw - The Last Starfighter (SMB)
2: Ben Milstein - Outside 007 (Outside)
3: Pixellated Vision - Star Gazing (SCSI-AV)
4: Transparent Sound - Three Fifty Short (Electrix)
5: V/A - In Electro We Trust (Datapunk)
6: Novamen - V11 (Viewlexx)
7: Claro Intelecto - Neurofibro (Ai Records)
8: Luke Eargoggle - This Town Stinks EP (Aerobic Audio)
9: Dexorcist - 3rd Wave Axiom (Control Tower)
10: The Wee Djs - Loopt (CDR)

Dax DJ, Family House, Italy

Librodisia - Got to be real FON rmx Crue-l
Chicago Boogie 1 2 3 4 - Eskimo
Peven Everett - Kissing game LP Kindred Spirits
Enter the Spektrum LP - Playhouse
Rekid - Lost stars Classic
Sine - Mosquito walk - Moonstew Re-edits
Specimen 4 - Moxie
Galure - Cero Locarno records
Julius Papp - Electro fied EP - Dae
Tenebre / Flashing - Cinevox Record



CLICK NEW WAVE, Madrid, Spain


Das Bierbeben: No Future No Past - album (shitkatapult-unreleased)
Goudron: Raw Voltage - album (ersatz audio-2004)
Throbbing Gristle: Hot In The Heels of Love-carl craig remix-(mute 2004)
Girls On Film: #1 - album (click new wave 2004)
Michael Mayer: Privat (kompakt 2004)
Minimal Compact: This One Is Real, tiefschwarz remix (crammed 2004)
Aksidenz Grotesk: Dust 2 Dust. (bleep -unreleased)
Phantom & Ghost: Born With a Nervous Breakdown -remixes (lado 2004)
Krisma: Clandestine Anticipation - album (polydor 1982)
Superpitcher: Here Comes Love - album (kompakt 2004)

Click New Wave is a Madrid based label. Impact Electronics and Neo Pop. Residence parties @ The Loft/Barcelona & Coppelia 101/Madrid.

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