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Depth Charge: Hi Voltage Man DC Recordings, 12")
Hotguitars: Confessions (Bad Vugum, CD)
Mono Junk: System Night EP (Dum Records, 12")
Giorgio Moroder & V/A: Scarface - The Original Soundtrack (CD, 1983/2003)
Nathan Siter: Bacteria (Zhark, 12")
Stalwart: Torment Nonplus (Bad Vugum, CD)
Synchro Dubbing System: Untitled Number One (CDR)
Uusi Fantasia: Top Ten (Jupiter, CD)
V/A: Flamongo Sanomat (Flamongo, 12")
V/A: Tone of Finland (2xCDR)

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George Pelecanos: Nick's Trip / Down By The River Where The Dead Men Go / Right As Rain (books)


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Dax DJ, Family House, Italy


A. Robotnick - Les Grands Voyages De L'amour
Glitch - Tip toe / Rock on - Nano Records
Metro Area - 5 - environ
Unit4 - Bodydub - Clone
Gallery connection - Smile - Flower
Swirl People - Special combo LP - Aroma
Stranger bay - Nu 4 U EP - Grayhound
XJR 403 - 10" promo
Jazz room - The spiritual south - Afroart
Sarah Dash - Low down dirty rhythm


Joey Negro presents THE SUNBURST BAND - Until The End Of Time


Glitch - Rock on - NANO Records

Silmu, Pacific-Atlantic Records, Helsinki, Finland

JUNE 2004

1. SYREETA WRIGHT: She's Leaving Home (Album: Syreeta)

A curious version of the old Beatles tear-jerker with Syreeta's soul vocals blended with ornamental vocoded background and sparse instrumental arrangement. Sure enough, the album was produced and co-written by Stevie Wonder, Syreeta's husband.

2. PHILIP GLASS: Prophecies (Album: Koyaanisqatsi OST)

Glass' simple but effective arpeggio technique must have influenced a ton of techno and trance artists and Stereolab at least!

3. MATMOS: Memento Mori (Album: A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure) All right then: this piece was constructed from recordings of human skull, goat spine, connective tissue and artificial teeth. Spine-chilling music, eh? Nerdy and rock at the same time, when you think of it.

4. TEK9: Killing Time (Spielberg Mix) (Album: It's Not What You Think It Is)

A track from the era before jungle developed into over-meticulously programmed drum'n'bass. Listening to this music now is a revelation, so simple it sounds today. Then again, at the time jungle was a sensation, new complex music born out of now-obvious invention of playing sampled beats an octave higher.

This track has all the classic elements, from soul snippets to rough sampled strings, from house piano to round sine basses. I can almost hear the Ensoniq EPS processor ticking in time to those sped-up beats!

5. ADAM F: Jaxx (Album: Colours)

The personal highlight along with the Stevie Wonder-esque Music In My Mind. Spooky sound waves coming in and fading out, buzzy synths, high string leads and, of course, hard-driving beats.

6. SQUAREPUSHER: My Red Hot Car (Album: Go Plastic)

A more recent addition to the evolution of jungle, Squarepusher's Go Plastic album takes the complexity and intensity of drum programming into new, almost ridiculously hectic heights. Album's starter, MRHC, represents the more accessible end of the spectrum, and indeed, it is catchy as hell!

7. IRWIN GOODMAN: Punaportin Blues (Album: Si Si Si)

I used to live in the town this song is about. I have even vague memories of seeing the place of the song's title, though I admit I might be imagining the whole thing. Anyway, the world described in the song was quickly fading already when I was a kid. Actually I don't like the music on this track that much, it's just that the song gives an interesting perspective.

8. ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA: The Whale (Album: Out Of The Blue)

Back on vocoders! This is probably the third lp I ever heard that ubiquitous robot voice on, the others obviously being Kraftwerk's Man-Machine and Herbie Hancock's Future Shock. Pick of the album, The Whale, is a 5-minute instrumental with fine synthetic moments along those ever-present disco strings.

ELO is one curious band, at times fun and inventive, sometimes... not. There's a lot of Beatles in them, and in turn Grandaddy and Phoenix nowadays have a lot of ELO circulating in their musical veins, for example. So it goes, then. For some reason, I personally consider their Secret Messages album to be the best.

9. SERGE BLENNER: Les Bois (Album: Equateur)

Realized with PPG Wave Computer and a "Casio" at the dawn of the new musical age, when digital was THE word. Blenner's music of the time is very new age and also quite clinical, no lo-fi here. The best moments of Blenner's poetic zeroes and ones also relate to the digital Classic, Jarre's Zoolook.

10. JEAN-MICHEL JARRE: Ethnicolor (Album: Zoolook)

Speaking of which! I'm still puzzled how Jarre ended up making this record, so different it was (and still is) compared to his other works. At the time he had well established his position as the euro-synth-wiz AND let's face it: the reigning emperor of new agey easy listening.

Here the abstraction of pure analog synth sounds was put to background and instead filtered and rearranged human vocals took the centre stage. More or less gone were also the hum-along melodies, replaced with digital funk, abstract chants and cinemascopic soundscapes. The album more or less blew my mind straight from the first listening, and for a while I couldn't get enough of the first side of the LP, which starts with Ethnicolor.

The strangest thing is that Jarre hasn't further explored this direction of his music, but went back to the more "traditional" approach. If any of you happen to know more music in the vein of Zoolook, please let me know.

Unidentified Sound Objects, Helsinki, Finland

1. Dead Moon and Jolly Jumpers Live At Tavastia 31.05.04
2. The Silver - Do You Wanna Dance/Popper 7"
3. VA - Team Yamaha (European Top Music Compilation 7"
4. Uusi Fantasia - Top Ten CD
5. The Fall - Levitate CD
6. Kid 606 - Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You CD
Miles Davis - Live-Evil 2CD
8. John Cameron Mitchell - Hedwig And The Angry Inch DVD
9. Quentin Tarantino - Kill Bill Vol. 2 Movie
10. Sofia Coppola - Lost In Translation Movie
11. Rautainen and Kultainen Timantti exhibition at Myymälä 2

Medium Rare, Sweden

10 in june 2004-06-11

1. Martin Solveig - Im A Good Man "Mousse T Breakbeat Mix" (Mixture Promo)
Testosteronstinn skrik-funk a'la JB i Mousse Ts kompromisslösa tappning av denna discosläpa. Lee Fields sång i sitt rätta element.

2. Amp Fiddler - Dreamin "Blacksmith R'n'b Rub" (Genuine)
Öppningslåten på LPn "Waltz Of A Ghetto Fly" får en skön street-vibb när Tim får bestämma. I mina öron en klar förbättring av originalet.

3. Paul Murphy & Marc Woolford Project - Jazz Room "Spiritual South Mix" (Afro Art)
Jazz, broken beat, afro, batucada, you name it... Paul bjuder på allt i sin hyllning till Jazz Room. På ena sidan stökig afro-jazz och på andra sidan en direkt leverans till dansgolvet i Spiritual South-tappning.

4. Chicken Lips - Blanc Tape "NYC Edit" (Kingsize)
2002 kom Andy Meecham, Dean Meredith och Steve 'Fela' Koteys tvistade 80-tals dub "Blanc Tape". En liten godbit i form av oemotståndlig elektronisk funk. Givetvis med handklapp, djup och uppbruten basgång plus lite 80-tals-synthljud här och där.

5. The Ogyatanaa Show Band - Disco Africa (Sound Way)
På 4-spårs tolvan "Ghana Sounds" gömmer sig värsta grymma disco-dängan. En underbar primetime-låt i original som dessutom fått en dos av Will Hollands patenterade soul-funk-filter.

6. Jazzanova - No Use "Lensco Re-edit" (CDR)
Oemotståndlig i original. Här med Clara Hills tillbakalutade accapella ovanpå belgaren Lenscos beats. Svepande broken-tune.

7. George McCrae - Lifted "Re-edit" (Mischief Brew)
1974 kom originalet på TK, nu har Mishief Brew lagt vantarna på den sexigt funkiga grunden, boostat upp, klippt, fixat och förlängt rejält. Grymt fin, och vilken röst.

8. Bpm feat Havana Brazil - Canto De Ossanha (Rainy City)
Oh my god, shufflad fotbollsfunk i toppform hittad på EPn "The Contemporary Dance Music Brazil".

9. Ear Dis - Hey Girl (WunnaDemWuns)
Skön sångare, skön röst, skön video och riktigt bra gung i bad-boy-London-tappning.

10. Beats & Scratches - Sunny "German 45 Re-edit" (CDR)
San Francisco-baserad turntablist-duo som har gjort jazz på Simones tyska version av "Sunny" (Baserad på Bobby Hebbs original från 1966, men mer känd med Boney M). Trevlig sampling av Prodigy också, "Outer Space".

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