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  • Just  To  Disturb  You  A  Little  Bit

    Club Telex Noise Ensemble
    Just To Disturb You A Little Bit (CDR)
    1. KVYCHX (featuring Chicks on Speed)
    2. CTNE
    3. 96T
    4. OKST
    5. ISO
    6. KVY

    Total: 46:22

    Recorded live (date - venue):

    201200 - Yo-Talo X-Mas Party, Tampere, Finland [6.]
    090301 - Club Telex, Yo-Talo, Tampere, Finland [1.]
    280401 - Omituisten otusten yö, Madeira night club, Kotka, Finland [2.-6.]

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    Members [and the date of appearance]:

    Mikko "mini" Niemelä: Roland MC-202, mixer, vocoder vocals, FX
    Erkki "pHinn" Rautio: Yamaha Portasound PCS-30, FX, vocoder vocals
    Koivumäki: Hitachi C-VI60C, Casiotone MT-70, Bass Dr.Pad DRP-III
    Olli Sotamaa: cornet, vocals [201200 + 090301]
    Mikko Ojanen: space echo unit [280401]
    Kaj Mäkelä: additional cymbal sounds [201200]
    Antti Vuorio: film projector [201200]

    mini appears courtesy of Polytron
    Koivumäki appears courtesy of Nilly
    Mikko Ojanen appears courtesy of Nu Science

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    The inspiration for electro primitivists Club Telex Noise Ensemble came, among all, from musique concrète, JapaNoise a la Merzbow, the laptop artists of Mego label, the psychedelic Pink Floyd of Syd Barrett era, atonal free jazz, trashy lounge music, Den Haag electro sounds, the multidisciplinary lo-fi approach of Kemialliset Ystävät, the commando cacophony of Virtalähde, the "anything goes" attitude of Chicks on Speed, Jimi Tenor's philosophy of getting all your instruments and stage clothes from thrift stores and junkyards, and so on.

    Club Telex Noise Ensemble had their first gig in December 20, 2000, at the Christmas party of Yo-Talo club, Tampere, Finland. The project got its origins when Timo Isomäki, the legendary chief of Yo-Talo, Tampere's Student Union Club, asked Club Telex to provide some entertainment for the occasion.

    So, always up to the task, Club Telex Noise Ensemble improvised a cover version (well, a sort of) of M.A. Numminen & Sähkökvartetti's Finnish electronic music classic 'Kaukana väijyy ystäviä' ('Far Away Lurk Some Friends', from 1968), lasting some ten minutes. mini had programmed to his mighty bass machine some chords emulating not only the original song but also, ahem, Darude's 'Sandstorm', which was used as the intro. Then pHinn played with his keyboard the basic melody of the original composition, after which turning to some atonal "cluster" strumming of the keys, and accompanying with the instrument's drum machine, fluctuating tempos randomly, and also emitting some additional audio noise from a CD-ROM. Olli Sotamaa would sing, being an old choirboy, and add some free jazz flourishes with his mighty cornet. The whooshing sounds from the vacuum cleaner of Antti Koivumäki would top the performance and just suck the unsuspecting crowd in.

    As for the light show, amid tons of smoke, a film projector's light was directed straight towards the audience. It is probable Club Telex Noise Ensemble managed to create a considerable amount of racket since some part of the audience fled to the bar.

    Next time CTNE appeared with Chicks on Speed, the multinational goddesses of chaos from Berlin. 9 March 2001 they performed at the last encore of a Chicks on Speed gig at Club Telex of Tampere's Yo-Talo. The Chicks provided their trademark "Never go home" shouts for the song which was another rendition of KVY.

    28 April 2001 CTNE played their third and last gig in Kotka on the south-east coast of Finland, not too far from Russian border. The event was called Omituisten Otusten Yö ("A Night of Strange Creatures"), and CTNE performed nearly half an hour. The setlist was: CTNE, 96T, OKST, ISO and KVY. This time the sound was more inspired by the dark Dutch electro à la I-f, with an occasional dub flavour, perhaps; and among the usual noise proceedings, also some similarities to such acts as Op:l Bastards, Pluxus and Aavikko were found.

    CTNE has now disbanded, but offered just enough money, might consider re-uniting. Perhaps under a different name, though.

    Harri Teikka Liner Notes, Part 1

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