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  • Nu Science's track 'Casino' on Bunker Records' (Holland) Soundi of Suomi compilation of Finnish electro, out now!

  • Nu Science's 'My Star' featured on Music Is Better Volume One (Manchester vs. Helsinki compilation on UK's Mate Recordings, out March 2004!

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  • Nu Science interview (in Finnish), Helsingin Sanomat, Mon 14 May 2001 (sorry, paying HS subscribers only).

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    Nu Science is a project of Henri Tani and Mikko Ojanen (plus new member Aku Raski) from Helsinki, Finland; concentrating on eerie analogue twiddlings with vintage Roland, Rhodes and Hammond gear. Read an exclusive story on Nu Science gig with their interview and see the image gallery here.
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    ULTRA DUB RECORDINGS (Helsinki, Finland):

    Nu Science

    Nu Science
    Nu Science - Sample-Free LO-FI Orchestra (CD)
    1. Transmission (02:05)
    Roland: Mikko Ojanen
    2. Filter (03:09)
    Rhodes + Beats: Henri Tani / Roland: Mikko Ojanen
    3. Macho Star (02:59)
    Hammond + Beats: Henri Tani
    4. Airport (02:01)
    Rhodes + Roland + Beats: Henri Tani
    5. Way Out (02:38)
    Bass + Beats + Rhodes + Hammond: Mikko Ojanen / Roland: Henri Tani
    6. Essence (03:38)
    Beats + Roland: Mikko Ojanen
    7. Mir (05:42)
    Rhodes + Scratches: Mikko Ojanen / Roland + Scratches: Henri Tani

    Engineering: Aku Raski / Recorded 1996 - 1997 in Helsinki / Sleeve design: Henri Tani
    Send your comments about this record to:
    © Ultra Dub Recordings / UD001

    NOTE: this CD comes packaged in grey carton cover on which the 2-colour label sleeve is glued.


    Nu Science
    Electronics for Scientists
    October 1998
    001. Stars
    Roland SH-1 synthesizer
    002. E.T. Phone Home
    Commodore C-64, Rhodes, Roland SH-1
    003. Cobolt
    Turntables, Roland SH-09
    004. Telex
    Roland SH-1, Roland SH-09
    005. Mo' Science
    Roland SH-1, Hohner D6 clavinet
    006. Last Song
    Turntables, Roland SH-09, Rhodes
    007. Gravity Control
    Commodore C-64, Roland SH-09, Roland SH-1

    All tracks were composed, arranged, recorded and played
    by Mikko Ojanen and Henri Tani. Tiina Tuohi plays Roland
    SH-09 in track 003. Recorded in spring 1998.
    Engineering Aku Raski.
    Cover design and illustrations: Henri Tani.

    © 1998 Ultra Dub Recordings

    Innersleeve image

    NOTE: this CD comes packaged in a 5.25 diskette container.

    Enter  Spacebar

    Nu Science
    Enter Spacebar
    4 October 1999
    A1. Spacebar
    A2. Electron
    A3. Solar System Error
    B1. Thermometer
    B2. Way Out
    B3. Qwerty

    All tracks were composed, arranged and played by Mikko Ojanen and Henri Tani.
    Engineering by Aku Raski. Produced by Nu Science and Aku Raski 1999.
    Cover design and illustrations: Henri Tani.
    This record is made with: Roland SH-09, Roland SH-1, EMS VCS 3 (Putney), Doepfer modular synthesizer, Hohner D6 Clavinet, Commodore C-64, Rhodes 54, Hammond B 100, ARP Solina String Ensemble.
    Send your comments and questions about this record to

    © Ultra Dub Recordings 1999 / UD 004


    April 1999
    0001 Trapezoids
    0002 Pulsar
    0003 Mr. Synthesizer
    0004 Trapezoids (Spektor Vs. Nu Science)

    Player 1: Commodore C 64, Player 2: Henri Tani
    All tracks composed and programmed by Henri Tani.
    Track 0004 Remixed by Nu Science
    Software: Commodore C 64 BASIC language.
    Cover design: H. Tani.
    Recorded in Nu Science Lab 1999.
    Technical assistance: M. Ojanen.


    © Ultra Dub Recordings 1999

    NOTE: this CD comes packaged in grey carton cover on which the 2-colour label sleeve is glued.

    Spektor vs Nucleon
    Spektor vs Nucleon (audiotape)
    September 2000
    A1. Hallo Computer!
    A2. Andromeda
    A3. Rubic's Cube
    B1. Nuclear Center
    B2. High Score

    Tracks A1, A3 and B2 by Spektor.
    Tracks A2 and B1 by Nucleon.
    Cover design H. Tani.
    For more information about us

    © ultradubrecordings 2000

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    Nu Science
    Return Backspace (12")
    Skanfrom / A.D.S.R. 014
    2 May 2002
    A1. Party On (3:02)
    A2. My Star (4:35)
    A3. Tripodien aika (5:02)
    A4. Night Life (5:04)
    B1. Nuclear Center (3:21)
    B2. Monopolis (4:39)
    B3. Moon Rock (6:44)
    B4. Party Off (5:13)

    Composed, arranged, played and engineered by Mikko Ojanen and Henri Tani. Synth solo on Moon Rock by T.A. Kaukolampi. DJ mini - TR-606 and MC-202 programming on Night Life. Introduction to Tripodien aika is constructed by Erkki Kurenniemi with DIMI synthesizer 1969-1970. Recorded at Ultra Dub Laboratory, mixed at University of Helsinki Electronic Music Studio in October and November 2000.

    Recorded and played with: ARP Solina String Ensemble, BRENELL 8-track tape recorder, COMMODORE C-64 + Basic language, EELA 10+4 into 4, HAMMOND B-100, HOHNER Clavinet D6, KORG MS-10, Korg Vocoder VC-10, Rhodes 54, ROLAND SH-09, SH-1, Jupiter 4, CR-78, TR-606, CSQ-100, CSQ-600, MC-202, RE-201, SRE-555, STUDER C 37, STUDIOMASTER 16+4 into 8, Ultrabox TR-1, analogue filtering, looping techniques. Cover design by Henri Tani. Contact

    NOTE: Guests are DJ mini of Polytron, T.A. Kaukolampi of Op:l Bastards, and the legendary Erkki Kurenniemi (one-minute intro on 'Tripodien aika' with DIMI synthesizer, taken by permission from an old Kureniemi tape, ca. 1969-70).

    ADSR press release notes:

    After several releases on Ultra dub Recordings this is the first release on a.d.s.r. by the finnish band Nu Science.

    On this record Henri Tani and Mikko Ojanen create a mixture of neat electronica melodies made with tons of analog synths and C64 sounds, used in a more melancholic and silent way than we know it from a lot of other records that come out within the C64 and 80s hype of the moment. This album is more an adventure game than a jump and run. Tired robots with low batteries smile amused while riding a space shuttle returning back to space...

    Guests on this album were:
    Op:l Bastards' T.A. Kaukolampi and mini of Polytron.
    Intro on A3 by Erkki Kurenniemi, a legendary Dinnish synth wizard.

    Distribution: Morr Music (D), Hardwax (D), Baked Goods (UK).

    Forthcoming material:

    Nu Science

    Nu Science
    Ambient Work Out Vol. 1

    NOTE: no release date yet given.


    AMURI AIR (Tampere, Finland)

    Time Ticks Remixes (12")
    Lento 301
    October 2003
    * Nu Science remix


    BUNKER RECORDS (The Hague, Holland)

    Various Artists
    Sound of Suomi - The Electro Sound of Finland (2x12"/CD)
    Bunker 3031
    January 2004
    * D2./11. Nu Science: Casino (4:56)

    FUNCTION RECORDINGS (Helsinki, Finland)

    Funktio 2

    Various Artists
    Funktio 2 (CD/2x12")
    Function Recordings
    0005032 SAUNA FU CD
    June, 1998
    * 12. Nu Science: Filter (00:02:56)

    Henri Tani, Mikko Ojanen
    (p) 1998 Ultra Dub Recordings, Function

    MATE RECORDINGS (Manchester, UK)

    Various Artists
    Music Is Better Volume One (Manchester vs. Helsinki) (CD)
    Mate 006
    1 March, 2004
    * 5. Nu Science: My Star

    NOTE: a slighty different version/remix to the one on ADSR 12".



    Various Artists
    Prospective Music Magazine
    Scandinavian Edition - Volume 1
    *17. Nu Science: Last Song

    NOTE: Promotion only! Not for sale!


    Various Artists
    The Soft Rains of Delta Cephei (CD)
    November 2001
    * 6. Cessna vs. Nu Science : Maatamo

    Written and produced by Cessna and Nu Science.
    Recorded by Aku Raski at Kruununhaka Underground,
    Helsinki, 12 February 2000.


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