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Kompleksi: Sister Longlegs Dances In The Disco (phnnmlk-5) album out fall 2007! A long-awaited debut featuring cult favourites 'Porno Tampere', 'Moscow 1980', '(I Ain't No) Lovechild', 'Gothic Robots' and many more!

Club Telex Noise Ensemble original tracks now online:

You can listen to/download Club Telex Noise Ensemble's 2001 album To Disturb You A Little Bit (feat. Chicks on Speed) in its entirety here. And it's all free!

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The current release on pHinnMilk:

  • Unidentified: RDA-Album (phnnmlk-4)
    Out January 2005

    CTNERMX - Club Telex Noise Ensemble: REMIXED 12"

    ... was out February 2004, on UK's Delta B Recordings.
    With Legowelt, Luke Eargoggle, 8-Bit Rockers and Andrew Duke.
    It received excellent reviews and was played at UK clubs by such name DJs as Andrew Weatherall, Dave Clarke (No. 1 of his January '04 electro chart), Mark Moore, Tiga, etc.
    More info here.

  • Mike Not (Kohinatuotanto) and pHinn concentrate now on their own project, Kompleksi. It's electro. It's synthpop. It's techno. It's punk. It's eclectic. With vocals.

    Kompleksi's first 7", '(I Ain't No) Lovechild'/'Moscow 1980' (with Polytron), out 2005 on Lal Lal Lal.

    You can hear Kompleksi's track 'The Only Star In My Sky' on CTNERMX. The edited version of that track also appears December 2003 on Mate Recordings (Manchester, UK) compilation Music Is Better (Vol. 1).

    The second Kompleksi demo out October 2004, available to selected people... click the link for more info. The third demo in 2005 will include tracks made in collaboration with Vaasa's Citizen Omega.

  • CTNERMX Vol. 2 hopefully out during 2006... we are interested in electro/techno/IDM/drum'n'bass/ambient/minimal/experimental/avantgarde-type of contributions, but trance people/other derivative commercial påp makers, don't bother! We've already received contributions from Casionova (AUS), Citizen Omega (FIN), DJ Amsia (ES), Gym In The Box (FIN), Maxx Klaxon (US), Anton Nikkilä (FIN), Rene Kita (FIN), Sonic Temple Assassins (FIN), VCS-2600 (FIN)...

    current info

    All pHinnMilk releases now available at Dotcoma Recordings Mail Order! Also at Voltti Records, Tampere!

    Check also continuously updated info on where to find CTNERMX!

    now out

    23 March 2003: CTNERMX, a compilation album featuring remixes of Club Telex Noise Ensemble.

    With Finnish artists Unidentified Sound Objects (Bad Vugum), Tuomas Rantanen (Definition, KK Trax, Planet Rhythm), Niko Skorpio (Some Place Else), Little Bitchard, 8-Bit Rockers (Bunker, Creme), Kemialliset Ystävät (Fonal), Kings of Kaivinkone, Kompleksi (pHinnMilk), Pink Twins (Pink Twins Media); some international guests like Massaccesi (Phthalo/USA), Andrew Duke (Bip-Hop/CAN), Gater (Dekathlon/USA), Legowelt (Bunker, Creme/NL), Luke Eargoggle (Stilleben, Creme/SWE), Der Unsichtbare (Kommando 6/GER), Every Kid On Speed (Acid Fake/Macedonia)... And CTNERMX Vol. 2 seems probable, too...

    earlier releases:

    Äänikemia CD by Kohinatuotanto [phnnmlk-2].

    - electronic excursions from Tampere's legendary producer Mike Not! Out: 23 May 2002!

  • Kohinatuotanto track 'Härmistyminen' featured at Avaruusromua radio show (YLE, Finland) of 4 July 2002.

  • Kohinatuotanto track 'Näkemys' and 'Näyte' featured at Andrew Duke's In The Mix (Canada) July 2002 playlists.

    and don't forget:

    Virtalähde - "Virka- ja väkivalta" CDR [phnnmlk-1]

    - abrasive kommando chaos noise from Tampere, Finland! Out: 23 March 2002!

  • Reviews of the album at Turun Ylioppilaslehti, May 2002 and Voima, September 2002.

  • Virtalähde track 'Raudan pakotus' featured at Andrew Duke's In The Mix (Canada) July 2002 playlist.


    [pHinnMilk manifesto I in Finnish]

    old news:


    23 May 2001: pHinnMilk Records has started. Watch this space for more info.

  • First release: Club Telex Noise Ensemble - "Just To Disturb You A Little Bit" CDR [phnnmlk-0]

    - compilation of three CTNE live performances in Tampere & Kotka; featuring xtra special guest stars Chicks on Speed!
    - genre: seriously disturbed dark experimental lo-fi trash Hammond noise dub electro?
    - file under: antimusik
    - out: summer solstice 2001 - can be found in selected shops.

    "You guys sound funny, sometimes super depressive, sometimes goofy!" - Melissa Logan, Chicks on Speed

    "Club Telex Noise Ensemble sounds just like a twisted bastard son of Op:l Bastards!" - Tuukka Vartiainen, Omituisten Otusten Yö / Riento fanzine [the whole review in Finnish]

    "Crazy stuff!" - Andrew Duke, Cognition

    "Great CD. Love the Noise Ensemble! Bloody sound terrorism." - DJ Lady Aida, Rebelbass

    "Well indeed it's plenty noisy but it's not just a nonsense glom of brain smashing electronic attack." - Jerry Kranitz, Aural Innovations. [the whole review here]

    The track "96T" by CTNE included at the 31st July, 2001 playlist of Feedback Monitor, Toronto, Canada.

    The track "CTNE" by CTNE included at the 2nd May, 2002 playlist of Avaruusromua of Radiomafia, YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Corporation), Helsinki.

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