Just  To  Disturb  You  A  Little  Bit

Standstill / Movement

To catch a fleeting moment, to put an end to inertia and the prevailing reluctant hesitation. The time of no-can-dos, restrictions and shame is over. You are, you can, you do, you will.

"Hexagram 12: P'i, or Standstill, or Stagnation. Evil people do not further. The perseverance of the superior man. The great departs; the small approaches. The lines are as follows: six in the third place - they bear shame. The idea of humiliation. However, here the beginning of a change for the better is indicated. Nine at the top - the standstill comes to an end. First standstill, then good fortune. The time of disintegration does not change automatically to a condition of peace and prosperity; effort must be put forth in order to end it. This should be the creative attitude that man must take if the world is to be put in order."

Something moves in the corner of your eye. You turn to look, to catch a glimpse, but it has vanished. You are not sure if you are losing your mind or if it's really there: the uncertainty is the worst. You wish you had a camera with you to prove it, or a tape recorder. If you'd only be lucky enough...

Memories are like that too. Years on, you become increasingly uncertain if it really happened and you were actually there, or did it just take place in your subjective imagination. That's why there are photographs, films, videos, biographies, diaries, tape recordings, LPs, CDs, MP3s... and that's the real domain of ghosts (though it is said that the haunted houses can be in themselves some sort of etheric recordings of tragic events). Something tangible to prove it was really there, but even then you can't record everything; there is no total recall, only approximations. Two people will never remember the same event in a totally similar way, there will always be something to be disagreed upon. We need a prothesis for our memories, though prothesis can never be a real arm or a leg.

This record is such a thing, a substitute at its best, a sort of a consolation prize; of a bunch people who, by chance, once met and then went their separate ways again.

Harri Teikka, June 2001

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