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CD sleeve inside:

Liner notes:

Vegetable Man, Where Are You?

People talk strange things in hieroglyphics. When you lie in your bed, the insects would come and stare in the corner, 3AM, bathing in the blue neonlight. Peculiar forms start to form out of the flickering strobe lights. You swear you can see human skulls on the light show screen where they have projected liquid slides with their ever-mutating, dancing Technicolor ectoplasm figures. The giant black spider goddess will rise from the night skyline, emblazoned with ancient symbols. A billion TV sets will scream white noise to the audience of empty satellite eyes worldwide. Skeletons crash out of the closets with a bony, shrieking laughter. You have missed the last train to Alphaville and the PSI-cops are after you at the station, though you can never be sure if you actually lie half-dead in hibernation tank, with electrodes pulsing sensations to your brain to keep it occupied. Visions, sensations, cut short by commercial breaks. Even your hallucinations include product placements. Kabbalistic honeycombs cascade there. What makes La Luna tick? The eye in the pyramid gives you a mischievous wink, then you're gone. It's the Day of the Dead and you hit the piņata with a plastic baseball bat; it crushes open with a disgusting cracking sound, and a swarm of moths rushes out, tempted by the sweet taste of all those sugar skulls you have devoured today... You are 33 and waiting for your crucifixion. Remember all those innocent small animals you tortured when you were a kid? Now they have returned to have their revenge on you. All those little claws and teeth scratch and gnaw your skin till you bleed, an army of frogs will pump you up with air till you explode, giant flies will tear off your limbs one by one, a cat will shoot you in the eyes with her air rifle, a dog will pour gasoline on you and set it alight. No escape from the Wasp Factory. (Ecstasy is the brother of panic.) These androgynous, sexless pop elves with their bottle-black hair and delicate figures surround you and pat you on the head. You feel embarrassed and strange in their world built of multi-coloured Lego bricks where everyone looks like a yellow smiley and says: "Have a nice day". You start to scream.

Harri Teikka, June 2001


Recorded live (date - venue):

201200 - Yo-Talo X-Mas Party, Tampere, Finland [6.]
090301 - Club Telex, Yo-Talo, Tampere, Finland [1.]
280401 - Omituisten otusten yö, Madeira night club, Kotka, Finland [2.-6.]

Members [and the date of appearance]:

Mikko "mini" Niemelä: Roland MC-202, mixer, vocoder vocals, FX
Erkki "pHinn" Rautio: Yamaha Portasound PCS-30, FX, vocoder vocals
Koivumäki: Hitachi C-VI60C, Casiotone MT-70, Bass Dr.Pad DRP-III
Olli Sotamaa: cornet, vocals [201200 + 090301]
Mikko Ojanen: space echo unit [280401]
Kaj Mäkelä: additional cymbal sounds [201200]
Antti Vuorio: film projector [201200]

mini appears courtesy of Polytron
Koivumäki appears courtesy of Nilly
Mikko Ojanen appears courtesy of Nu Science

Chicks on Speed appear courtesy of Chicks on Speed Records.


Mika Paju/Noise Production, Kari Hipponen, Timo Isomäki & all @ Yo-Talo, Tuukka Vartiainen & all @ Omituisten Otusten Yö, Chicks on Speed, Tampere Film Festival, our families & friends + ???

Dedicated to the Mädchen aus Torstrasse

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