Club Telex Noise Ensemble, Kotka, Finland, April 2001

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Ojanen,  Koivumäki,  mini pHinn  by  Madeira  night  club mini mini,  pHinn,  Ojanen mini,  Ojanen,  pHinn pHinn,  Koivumäki Ojanen mini,  pHinn mini,  Ojanen,  pHinn mini,  Ojanen,  pHinn Ojanen,  mini,  pHinn Ojanen,  Koivumäki mini,  Ojanen mini,  Ojanen,  pHinn CTNE CTNE

1. An outdoors breakfast at the Kotka marketplace: Mikko Ojanen of Nu Science, Koivumäki the vacuum cleaner virtuoso and mini, Pirkkala's own Gary Numan
2. Your ever-presenting Webmaster pHinn in front of the night club Madeira after a heavy night of partying
3. mini at the Kotka harbour
4. Sightseeing in Kotka: mini notices something amazing, Fatboy pHinn, Ojanen
5. Breathing in sea wind at Kotka harbour: mini, Ojanen and pHinn contemplating his weight problem
6. A whole new concept, indeed: pHinn stares on blankly while Koivumäki enjoys his cancer stick
7. Ojanen invocating evil spirits at Kotka bus station
8. mini and pHinn street credibility at Kotka bus station
9. Soundcheck at the night club Madeira: mini, Ojanen and the ever-starving looking pHinn with a found object
10. A break at the service station: mini, Ojanen and pHinn trying to look like a Lion King but coming off as just another fat bastard
11. Road managing: Ojanen, mini, pHinn
12. The obligatory "funny" let's-drink-booze picture: Ojanen, Koivumäki
13. Space Echo Brothers: mini and Ojanen at soundcheck
14. A morning in Kotka: mini looking hazy, Ojanen in sunglasses cool and pHinn trying to look really scary