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[note to all trainspotters: if someone insists, and is willing and crazy enough to provide the info, maybe even earlier CoS gigs will be archived here some day...]

additional notes by Alex / CoS

another gig schedule, where some dates and infos differ a bit


03.03 Go Records 1st Record Release Party and One Year International DJ Gigolos, Ultraschall, Munich. First Cos live concert, CoS lip-synch to "Warm Leatherette"
31.07-01.08 Holiday" Ultraschall, Munich, curated by COS with Jimi Tenor, Miss Kittin, Potuznik and Bauer, Chris Korda, Dmx Krew, Maeuse, Tobi Neumann, Sabotage, Mooner Industries, Daniel Knorr, Nevin Aladag, Stopm Records, Move D, Ursula Rogg, Seppi Bar and Cos present "I wanna be a Dj Baby" live and The Box Set
04.07-05.07 "Tauschboerse/Trading Post", Munster Platz, Ulm Germany. A barter booth of personal possessions with sentimental value **I
07.07 "Stop Records Tape Stand" outside Hardwax Berlin. **I
cos present "I Wanna be a Dj Baby" and striped t-shirts
07.07 Go Records/Disko B Label Party, Love Parade, WMF, Berlin. COS present "I Wanna be a Dj Baby" and play 4 songs live with visuals by Pelle Krogholt.
15.08 Disko B, International DJ Gigolos-Kurbel, Go Records release party @Rhenania, Pop Komm, Cologne
15.08 "LIVING" installation, happening, 12-2pm Hotel Reingold, Engelbertstr. 33-35, "watch the chicks eating, sleeping and watching tv" **I


** "Professionalitaet" "Professionalism" **GE **P
BBK Galerie der Kuenstler, Maximilianstr.42, Munich
23.01 "SMASH" COS play smash metal live for 15 minutes, @ BBK Galerie der Kuenstler, Maximilianstr.42, Munich
12.03 COS support Pan Sonic live @ Ultraschall, Munich
01.04-04.04 Monsters" large format posters**SE
Cos play "Monsters" live with Gerhard Potuznik and Florian Hecker @ Le Courbusier Haus, Marseille, France
**R Artist in residence @ Les Ateliers d┴rtistes de la Ville de Marseille.
23.05 "Monsters" large format posters **SE
Cos play "Monsters" live with Gerhard Potuznik and ramon Bauer
27.05 The Pressure Point, Richmond Place, Brighton
28.05 The orange 2, formally George The Fourth, London
29.05 144 Brixton Hill, presented by Melting Vinyl
05.06 "Tauschboerse" a performance am Fischbrunnen, 11am-14Uhr, Marienplatz, Munich
18.06 Dj Hell and COS presented by So Dens, Moog Club, Arc Del Teatre 4, Barcelona, Spain
24.06 COS with Potuznik and Bauer (Cheap/Mego) play Concord +, Rhiz, Lerchenfeldergurtel, Stadtbahnb÷gen 37-38.
03.07 NME single of the week, first article by Piers Martin **M
09.07. Disco B Night, WMF, Berlin
10.07 "I am under control!" A Date with Disko B + Go Records Love Parade, WMF, Johannisstr.20m Berlin
11.07 Love Hotel Shin Shin, COS vs Chika Paula, with Tobi Neumann. Organized by Nana Yuriko.
08.10 "Backlash" Zone 11, Hallein, women's music festival.
13.11 "Talk Show" "Die Lange Nacht der Muenchener Museen", live show at Haus der Kuenst, Munich
20.11 "Night Effect" with artists unknown, Highfish and Diringer, Gudrun Gut, Thomas Fehlmann @ WMF, Johannisstr.20, Berlin.
23.11. Beatroom, G2, Glasgow. With GABBA.
27.11- "X-MAS" **GE, a project by the Department of Public 24.12 Appearances, Kent gallery, 67 Prince st, New York.
04.12. Helsinki Turbo 3 @ Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland. With Ebony, Erkko, Kauko Lampi, Op:L Bastards, Wilai


17.02 stammheim kassel
19.02 glasgow 13th note
20.02 brighton the lift
21.02 rough trade london [review]
22.02 upstairs at the garage, london
23.02 somewhere in manchester maybe
26.02. marstall munich - play some records/cds
03.03. 013 / rebelbass party tilburg, holland [feedback]
06.03. Blaue Salon, Augsburg - with an intro by Hecker (Mego)
12.03. Flex, Vienna
18.03. Nitsa Club, Barcelona, with Dakar & Grinser
23.03. Roter Salon @ Volksbühne, Berlin, with DJ Ben E Clock
25.03. Rohstofflager / Trax Club Zürich with Miss Kittin & Mikky B
01.04. Zone 11 / Hallein, Austria
02.04. Flex Softmaschine / Vienna - with special projections by skot
03.04. Rhiz live with a whole bunch of guests... pita, ramon bauer, gerhard potuznik, hecker, tina frank, tbc, and many more
06. & 08.04. "trash, a twisted and tasteless event" (title will be written in Hebrew) - art show/performance in Jerusalem, with the P and G Kollectiv. CoS will play live and contribute some film material. [live images here]
15.04. Tempel / Radolfszell with Miss Kittin
18.04. Funky Chicken, Cologne
21.04. Paradiso, Amsterdam - you can also hear it on Webcast
22.04. Phonodrom, Hamburg
27.04. "Sound Box", Copenhagen. Organised by Xart, Pelle Krogholt and Jacob Boeskov. CoS will collaborate with artists from there inside the Sound Box.
30.04. Sweden, Lund, venue tbc
06.05. Maria am Ostenbahnhof, Berlin (with Super_Collider)
14.05 ICA, London - cancelled
20.05. Norway - the Prince of Norway is going to do an intro for CoS at the Momentum exhibition. Also part of the entertainment is Gerhard P, Hecker, Hans Platzgumer, Monolake and other goodies for sure! It's an exhibition of Scandinavian artists in a very special park setting.
21.05. Virus Festival Eindhoven. [flyer]
24.05. Ancienne Belgique, Brussels - cancelled
27.05. Record release party, Ultraschall, Munich
03.06. Spaceplace Open Air, Frankfurt
08.06 Nighttown, Rotterdam?
16.06. Sonar, Barcelona. CoS plays at Sonarclub, 1 am. CoS will also do "Chicks On Speed present Eating", a 1-hour installation at Sonar, part of the exhibition "re_present!berlin" at the CCCB. [images]
20.06. Büro Club 26, L'Evasion, Paris
22.06. WMF Party at Expo 2000, Hannover
24.06. Arge Nonntal with Console, Salzburg [feedback]
01.07 Aquaplaning @ Hyères, France [image 1] [image 2] [official site]
08.07. WMF, Love Parade, Berlin. CoS as part of the Disko B night with Highfish and Diringer, Dakar and Grinser. Planning a special projection 360 degrees. CoS will do their film project with Lee from Fauna and Flora, wait and c.-
05.08. Dublin at a festival - cancelled
12.08. Berg im Drautal Kärnte
19.08 Voxxx Chemnitz, 10 pm
26.08. Pukkelpop Festival Belgium [image] [more images]
01.09. "Death Disco" (Berlin) with many people; CoS djing and featuring the very first appearance of Sylvester Boy in his new clothes! [images]
02.09. Volksstimmefest, Vienna festival
04.09. Fauna and Flora Lounge in Berlin, CoS djing and performance; bring your own clothes to be screenprinted on, "CoS Sell-Out clothes". [images]
07.09. Women's Festival, Mojo Club, Hamburg
08.09. Alcatraz, Landau - live
16.09. CoS DJing at WMF (Berlin) in the lounge, Artist Unknown play the mainfloor.
16.09. E-Werk, Freiburg - cancelled
21.-?.09. three dates?
22.09. Aussendienst, Sound aka Space", Hamburg. Art show with Pan sonic, Carsten Nicolai, Daniel Pflumm (he did a lot with Elektro Music Department) and CoS.
[note: the Switzerland dates scheduled for September cancelled]
13.10. Hafenklang Hamburg, with Luka Skywalker
14.10. Voxxx, Chemnitz (?)
18.10. The Re-Releases of the Un-Releases listening party, Drinkland, New York City
20.10. Nitsa Club tour, Club Nasty, Madrid
21.10. Nitsa Club tour @ Apollo, Barcelona
22.10. Grenada at Pablo's brother's new club (tbc?)
25.10. International Women's Music festival, Berlin Kesselhaus
28.10. "Chicks On Speed Kill Painting", Daniel Richter's studio, Berlin
3/4/5.11. büro30 ELECTRONICACCIDENT - Mego and Chicks on tour in Spiral/Club Cay, Tokyo (Hecker, Pita Rehberg, Buro (not Mego Paris), Vladislav Delay (not Mego). I think CoS may play with Merzbow :-)))) Not sure though, Carsten Nicolai is also there, cool!
9.11. Manufaktur - Schondorf/Germany
10.11. Landau: Club Alcatraz (Germany)
11.11 Voxxx, Chemnitz/Germany
[15.11 "XXpectations" a seminar - Stuttgart / CoS present "Hype". In conjunction with Franz Liebels. Talk on ART, commerce & subculture. - cancelled & postponed to another time!]
17-19.11. on tour in Switzerland. With Le Tigre in Switzerland, they and CoS did only one date together
17.11. Cafe Bar Mokka / Thun
18.11. Fri - Son / Fribourg
19.11. Concert with Le Tigre @ Kaserne / Basel
25.11. with Suicide, The Garage, London [review @ NME]
30.11 - 2.12. Numero Festival, Lisbon, Portugal

  • CoS will set up a visual installation with Juliane Solnsdorf (CoS providing a large-scale interactive piece, "My Messy Room", as part The New Society Of The Spectacle) for the opening on 30th November and play on 2nd December (the festival schedule says CoS play 30 Nov). Also scheduled to play Pan sonic and Russel Haswell (Mego/Or). NOTE: the last CoS gig of 2000.
  • (December 2000: Japan gigs were announced on Disko B page but then didn't happen.)


    (London! maybe with the Legendary Paincake! - Cancelled)


    23.2.-19.3. Paris, France - CoS present: "Chicks on Speed Temporary Building", feat. Juliane Solmsdorf

  • CoS installation as part of fashion week in Paris at Le Bon Marché; in the windows there, it's a big department store. "Some artists have joined together to create a unique window display in Rue de Sèvres, based on the theme of art and fashion: Natacha Lesueur, Corinne Marchetti, et Chicks on Speed. Captivating unique representations of designer clothes, food compositions or ephemeral paper clothes, prepare for a unique cultural window shopping experience." [images]
  • 23.2. "Kaltes Klares Wasser" 1-Track Performance for Ericsson Dance Awards, Zürich @ Xtra Limmathaus / Zürich

    28.2. - 7.4. As part of the exhibition: "Exposition Collections d┤Art des Créateurs de Mode"
    There are also 7 pages at - a collage of the project!

    1.3.: "Top of the Pops", RTL, Germany - CoS will wear clothes by Castelbajac, Fluoro numbers! ;)

    2.3. Viva 2, with Charlotte.

    6.3. MTV Select.

    9.3. Club Telex - Electromental, Yo-Talo, Tampere, Finland. In conjunction with Tampere International Short Film Festival. w/ DJs Kauko Lampi (Op:l Bastards), mini, pHinn [images & live report]

    10.3. Club Telex Helsinki Turbo Special. Semifinal, Helsinki, Finland. w/ Le Syndicat Electronique (FR), Porn Darsteller (FR), DJPP (FIN), DJ Ebony, DJ Wilai, DJ mini, DJ pHinn. [images]

    16.3. Crash party in Paris in the jail where they kept Marie Antoinette before she was beheaded. CoS also did an ad for the party in the latest Crash mag (March/April 2000).

    23.3. Oblique Lu Nights @ Le Lieu Unique, Nantes (Nancy), France.
    24.3. Festival Les Femmes s'en Mèlent, Le Cabaret Sauvage, Paris, France.

    4.4. Les Pulp with Eric and Lionel (Discom/Büro) and David the Carretta.

    5.4. "My Messy Room" installation, with films by Juliane Solmsdorf, at Fondation Cartier, Paris, France.
    7.4. Lyon, France.

    April 2001: North American tour with K Records! Please also see the CoS schedule @ K & CoS @ .

    9.4. Boston, MA - TT the Bear's Place [live report]
    10.4. New York, NY - Knitting Factory (w/ Sylvesterboy)
    11.4. New York, NY - NYU (college) (w/ Sylvesterboy)
    12.4. New York, NY - Knitting Factory (w/ Sylvesterboy) [review]
    13.4. Pittsburgh, PA - Andy Warhol Museum
    14.4. Toronto, ONT - El Mocambo
    15.4. off day
    16.4. Cleveland, OH Grog Shop (Adult. were supposed to support CoS but didn't.) [review]
    17.4. Chicago, IL / Empty Bottle
    18.4. Minneapolis, MN - Entry (w/ Buffo?)
    19.4. San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall (w/ IQU, Kid 606) [live report] & attempted Boob Monster theft!
    20.4. off
    21.4. Los Angeles, CA - Knitting Factory (w/ IQU)
    22.4. Los Angeles, CA - Knitting Factory (w/ IQU)
    23.4. Portland, OR / Chrystal Ballroom (w/ IQU)
    24.4. Olympia, WA - Thekla
    25.4. Seattle, WA - Crocodile (w/ IQU)

    27.5.-3.6. CoS in Birmingham, UK, with the group Sand. A collaborative project. 2 performances to be held:

    31.5. CoS: 10 minute performance on Top of the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham.

    2.6. Capsule space at the Medicine Bar, Fierce! festival, Birmingham, England.
    Installation by CoS and live sets by Sand, CoS, Ravi and Juliane Solmsdorf together. [images]

    13.6. Ludwigshaven, Germany.

    15.6. Club M1, Stuttgart, Germany.

    27.6.-1.7. Blast First presents The VER-NA-CU-LAR: Chicks on Speed present "Atelier CoS" @ the Whitechapel Gallery, London.E1, UK. - The whole event cancelled due to licensing problems.

    28.6. CoS live performance with Peaches (Kitty Yo Records, Berlin), a collaborative installation horror show. Whitechapel Gallery, London.E1, UK. Tickets £ 8 0207 333 6666 - Cancelled!

    12.7. Mercati Generali - Catania, Sicily - (a nice garden close to the Etna volcano)

    14.7. Link summer season Festival @ Museo arredo contemporaneo, Ravenna, Italy (east coast near Rimini)
    (other artists on the programme are Jimi Tenor, Khan+Julee Cruise, Bertrand Burgalat, etc.)

    21.7. Love Parade: Casino, Berlin, Germany. With Miss Kittin, Ellen Alien (Bpitch Control) + Killer from NYC. Yeah!

    28.7. Festival Vents d'Esquina, Le Hague, Vauville, France.

    3.8. Melt Festival Ferropolis, Germany; starring VJ Juliane Solmsdorf.

    11.8. Fornex Festival, Switzerland.

    22.8. Hundertmeister Festival, Duisburg.

    21.9. Rotown, Rotterdam

    27.9.-7.10. (postponed one week because of a chemical plant explosion in Toulouse) CoS installation, Printemps de Septembre, Toulouse, France.

  • "Atelier CoS", starring Theresa and Johannah Logan.
  • CoS live: 6 October.
  • Container installation... for 7 days:
    "Urban Camouflage In My Life" -
    organised by Isabelle Gaudefroy from Foundation Cartier/Soires Nomades.
  • CoS will work with Holger Hiller in their glass front container for one week. CoS will be situated outside amongst a whole lot of other artists and their containers.
  • 12.10. Electro Clash at Webster Hall, New York.
  • CoS will finally get to play on the same stage as Peaches! Dream on!
  • 13.10. Pop Explosion Festival, Halifax, Canada. Contact:

    16.10. Melissa and Alex DJing at Bar 13, New York.

    20.10. IcelandAirWaves Festival, Laugardalsholl, Reykjavik, Iceland.

    27.10 WMF, Berlin. Chicks on Speed and Jules 54 present: "We were driving so long, it looked like a different country!" (djing and talking).

    31.10. Schauspielhaus, Hannover.

    9.-11.11. Festival Off: La Boule Noire, Paris. Chicks on Speed live; also Brigitte Fontaine, M83, Anti Pop Consortium, Michael J. Sheehy, Panico, Sharlark, Red, Interpol... [poster]

    16.11. 032c magazine launch, 20 uhr, torstr. 114, berlin.
    we contributed to the magazine with a "chicks interview le tigre". djs michel gaubert (the man who gets us to do the photos with karl! :), ata. [more info]

    17.11. Oceanclub Volk.3 Bärenmarke, Volksbuhne, Berlin. It's a presentation of Berlin labels (like a little Popkomm). [programme & backgrounds in German] (info from Yvonne Martini & Alex). The last CoS gig in 2001.

    The Chix in studio for a month after having their last concert in Berlin on November, 17th. - Yvonne Martini.

    (30.11. Neurotitan / Spoken Word, Berlin. Bauer, Potuznik and ? and CoS: this is the lead up of the spoken word noise freak out that we (Pita, Alex, Ramon, Mel, Kiki, Fennesz) did at Rhiz one year ago in Vienna. - CANCELLED.)

    December 2001: CoS not playing live.





    more info, comments, pics, links, etc. on past gigs @ CoS tour diary