CoS live @ TT the Bear's, Boston, MA, USA, 9 April 2001
By: John Fanning a.k.a. Aristide Massaccesi

So, I did get to see the Chicks! It was a wonderful show! They really are so great. Alex really does look the most amazing, it's almost like she is some sort of robot woman... but in an amazing way. They started the show and had a 'black' light underneath them and you could only see Alex in the black light and she really looked like a non-human type of dancing machine... I almost can't describe it!

It took FOREVER to start the show. People were beginning to get pissed off... but they started with the most ear-bleeding version of "Never Go Home" I have ever heard... pure noise torture! ;) There was actually a large crowd and many people knew the songs and such, amazingly. Of course there were a lot of people who just stood around bored, maybe they heard of them in The Face and was hoping for some new brand of Riot Grrl or Blondie or something. But some people really liked it, so hooray!

They seemed very jet-lagged and Melissa kept fucking up lyrics ;) They all have their own dancing style, too... Melissa just can't dance and she does her funny Aerobics dance, Kiki does her 3-year old having a temper tantrum dance, and Alex, I think, is the best, really looking like a female version of Lux Interior from the Cramps or so... she also reminds me of a friend I have here.

I got to meet them after the show, after some time. Their tour manager woman Natalia was so weird; the first time I went to see them she said: "Oh, hello! Can you go away please? Come back later!", and I had forgotten her name and I said: "Oh, I forget your name" and she didn't understand and she said: "No, please, just go away now!", but eventually I got to see them and I brought them some Cut:paste items and they loved them a lot. Alex and Melissa are SOOO strange; Kiki seems the most normal, but Alex is definitely on her own planet! Melissa is weird also, but all in a very cute way. They were just so friendly!

I did ask the Chicks what makes them have so much energy to keep doing so many shows and they said: "Ginseng"! Who knew? So it's now: Chicks on Ginseng, no?