03.03 Go Records 1st Record Release Party and One Year
International DJ Gigolos, Ultraschall, Munich. First Cos live
concert, cos lip sink to "Warm Leatherette"
31.07- Holiday" Ultraschall, Munich, curated by COS with
01.08 Jimi Tenor, Miss Kittin, Potuznik and Bauer, Chris Korda, Dmx
Krew,  Maeuse, Tobi Neumann, Sabotage, Mooner Industries, Daniel
Knorr, Nevin Aladag, Stopm Records, Move D, Ursula Rogg, Seppi Bar
and Cos present "I wanna be a Dj Baby" live and The Box Set
04.07-  "Tauschboerse/Trading Post", Munster Platz, Ulm
05.07 Germany.A barter booth of personal possessions with sentimental
value **I
07.07 "Stop Records Tape Stand" outside Hardwax Berlin. **I
cos present "I Wanna be a Dj Baby" and striped t-shirts
07.07   Go Records/Disko B Label Party, Love Parade, WMF, Berlin. COS
present "I Wanna be a Dj Baby" and play 4 songs live with visuals by
Pellle Krogholt.
15.08   Disko B, International DJ Gigolos-Kurbel, Go Records release
party @Rhenania, Pop Komm, Cologne
15.08 "LIVING" installation, happening, 12-2pm Hotel Reingold,
"watch the chicks eating, sleeping and watching tv"

**      "Professionalitaet" "Professionalism" **GE **P
        BBK Galerie der Kuenstler, Maximilianstr.42, Munich
23.01 "SMASH" COS play smash metal live for 15 minutes, @ BBK Galerie
der Kuenstler, Maximilianstr.42, Munich
12.03 COS support Pan Sonic live @ Ultraschall, Munich
01.04- Monsters" large format posters**SE Cos play
04.04 "Monsters" live with Gerhard Potuznik and Florian Hecker @ Le
Courbusier Haus, Marseille, France
**R Artist in residence @ Les Ateliers dÁrtistes de la Ville de Marseille.
23.05 "Monsters" large format posters**SE Cos play "Monsters" live
with Gerhard Potuznik and ramon Bauer
27.05   The Pressure Point, Richmond Place, Brighton
28.05 The orange 2, formally George The Fourth, London
29.05 144 Brixton Hill, presented by Melting Vinyl
05.06 "Tauschboerse" a performance am Fischbrunnen,
11am-14Uhr, Marienplatz, Munich
18.06 Dj Hell and COS presented by So Dens, Moog Club,
Arc Del Teatre 4, Barcelona, Spain
24.06 COS with Potuznik and Bauer (Cheap/Mego) play
Concord +, Rhiz, Lerchenfeldergurtel, Stadtbahnbögen 37-38.
03.07   NME single of the week, first article by Piers Martin **M
10.07  "I am under control!" A Date with Disko B + Go Records
Love Parade, WMF, Johannisstr.20m Berlin
11.07 Love Hotel Shin Shin, COS vs Chika Paula, with Tobi
Neumann. Organized by Nana Yuriko.
08.10 "Backlash" Zone 11, Hallein, womens music festival.
13.11   "Talk Show"  "Die Lange Nacht der Muenchener Museen", live
show at Haus der Kuenst, Munich
20.11 "Night Effect" with artists unknown, Highfish and
Diringer, Gudrun Gut, Thomas Fehlmann @ WMF,
Johannisstr.20, Berlin.
27.11-  "X-MAS" **GE, a project by the Department of Public 24.12
        Appearances, Kent gallery, 67 Prince st, New York.
04.12 "Helsinki Turbo" with Ebony, Erkko, Kauko Lampi, Op:L Bastards,
Wilai @ Tavestia, Helsinki, Finland


03.03 Nitsa Club, Barcelona
18.03 "Disko Bombs", Disko B Night, Ultraschall, Munich
02.04 COS vs SKOT (mego) @ Softmachine, Flex, Vienna
03.04   "Don´t be Late"  with Bauer and Potuznik, Rhiz, Vienna
27.04 "Live in the Muisk Boks" Kiki and Alex with Copenhagen Brains.
Copenhagen, Denmark.
20.05 "Momentum" Nordisk festival for Samtidskunst, Moss, Norway
21.05   Rebel bass, with lady Aida, Eindhoven, Holland
20.06   "Buro", with pita rehberg + Lionel Fernandez. 28 Boulevard de
Bonne, Nouvelle, Paris
16.06 "Sonar" Festival of Advanced Music, Barcelona, Spain
15.06- "Re_Present Berlin" **GE COS exhibit "Sell-Out"
18.06   Centre De Cultura Contemporània De Barcelona (CCCB), "Sonar",
7th International Festival of Advanced Music, Barcelona, Spain
22.06 "WMF-Der Club" COS live@ EXPO 2000, The German Pavillion, Hannover
01.07 "Aquaplaning" with Schneiderr TM, U-Zig, David Caretta
Villa Noailles, Hyeres, France
08.07 WMF Records, Play House, + Go Records Night
26.08 Pukkelpop Festival, Hasselt, Holland with Underworld, Super
Collider and Cypress Hill.
02.09 Volksstimmefest, organized by The Communist Youth Party, Vienna,
23.09-  "Sound aka Space" as part of "Aussendienst" Burgenhagenstr.5,
Hamburg, Germany**GE **P
27.10   "Wie es Ihr Gefaehlt", womens festival, Kulturbrauerei, Berlin
09.11 "Manufaktur", Schorndorf, Germany
11.11   VOXX, Chemnitz, Germany
24.11   "Numero Festival" festival Internacional De Arte Multimedia,
Cinema, Musica e Moda de Lisbon, Portugal, with Aphex Twin, Russel
Haswell, Kid 606, To Rocco Rot

        "Revolution Non-Stop!" by Christof Schaefer, starring Melissa
Logan, Schorsch Kammerun, Ted Gaier and Angela Richter. **F

        "Pleasure Prison 2000" a book by Flax Data, Pelle Krogholt
and Jakob J, Boeskov. **P


15.04 "Shopping" an exhibition @ Generali Foundation, COS exhibit the
video "Don´t Work, Trade" and contribute the song "Glamour Girl" to
the listening component of "Browsing Art" a shoppers guide through
the city.curated by Dorit Margreiter, Sabine Breitweiser and Nadia
Wiesner. Artists include: Wolfgang Tillmans, Jenny Holzer, Barbara
Kruger, Silvie Fleury, Sherrie Lavine, Lawrence Wiener and Dan
graham. **GE
15.02 "Versaut" a play by Angela Richter, COS DJ Team
15.02-  "Love My Computer", au Musée des Beaux Artes,
15.03 Tourcoing, France
16.03- "Collections Particuliéres Les Collections D´Art des
27.04   Creatures De Mode", le Bon Marché Department Store Paris
09.03   Club Telex, Yo-Talo, with DJ Kauko Lampi, Mini and pHinn, Tampere
10.03 "Helsinki Turbo", with dj pHinn, Tavastia, Helsinki
16.03 Crash Magazine Party à La Conciergerie, Paris
The prison of Marie Antoinette before she was
23.03   "Obllique Lu Nights" Le Lieu Unique, Artist Unknown, Coil,
Anne Laplantine, Nantes, France
04.04  "buro" presents, with Cylob, David Caretta, Melissa and Alex
dj, @ Le Pulp in Paris.
05.04   "My Messy Room" in conjunction with Les Soires Nomades"
inside the exhibition by Perrick Sorin, Foundation Cartier, pour
L´Art Contemporain **SE
29.05 "Tokyo Still Life" by Nobuyoshi Araki, in collaboration with
Birmingha Fierce Festival. live concert on a building site across
from the gallery.
06.05   Supercollider + COS, Kissogram, Maria am Ostbahnhof
02.06   COS + Sand and Echo boy  Custard Factory, Birmingham, UK
27.07 "Nightclubbing" ICA The Mall, London.sleaze nation presents Cos Dj
26.08   "Eins, Zwo" summer festival, Barbara Morgenstern, Britta,
Kulture Zentrale, Duisburg
04.09 "Sell-out", live screen printing, Flora and Fauna Lounge,
Berlin Beta 3.0 Film Festival
28.09- Cos present "Urban Camouflage in My Life" a  sound
06.10 Studio in a container, work in progress. Sound collages made
for "fashion  Rules!" with Holger Hilller"**GE. Printemps de
Septembre, Toulouse. In conjunction with Foundation Cartier, Paris
05.10   live @ Printemps de Septembre, Toulouse.


06.02 "Cache Cache Camouflage" @ Musée De Design et D´arts Appliqués
contemporains, MU.DAC, Lausanne. Artists include Daft Punk,
Castelbajac, Merit Oppenheim, Hussein Chalayan, Christian Dior, John
Galliano, Woody Allen and andreas Gursky
**P **GE
05.04 "The Music Looks Better With You" An Exhibition of photos by
Karl Lagerfeld, Galerie Von Rot, Berlin.
COS live @ After party @ Pogo club with Viva La
Fête and Dj Hell
**GE, **M portraits made for V magazine, New York, issue no 16 ,
portraits include: Casey Spooner, Peaches, Matmos, Miss Kittin and
The Hacker, Dj Hell and COS
24.04   S.A.T Montreal, Canada
02.05 "Les Femmes s´en Mêlent", festival, Café de la Danse, Paris
03.04 "Les Femmes s´en Mêlent", festival, Mulhouse, France
17.05   Primarvera Sound, Barcelona. also on the bill---)Gonzales and
Feist, Pulp, Le Tigre, Echo and The Bunnymen and Dave Clarke
26.07   Festival de Música Electronica, Bienal Internacional de
Poesia, Do Douro Evale Do Côa, Portugal @ Castelo de Trancoso
04.08   "Show n´Tell Heroines Panel", Lady Feat, London
COS present works in textiles, video, music and live performances and
graphic design from the past 5 years. **L
17.08   Chicks on speed and Disko B records night, Pop Komm, Cologne
01.09   Death Disco Club, under the TV Tower, Berlin, featuring Silvester
31.10 Electroclash Tour, Rioglea theatre, Fort Worth Texas
30.11   Le Gymnase Roubaix, Ski-pp night with Dat politics

**P= Publication or Catalogue
**M=magazine feature
**GE=Group Exhibition
**SE=COS solo exhibition
**F=cos starring in a Film/or made by cos