Kill all First Worlding  !!!!!!
The chance is to feel at in your body inside and use it than!!!!

1. september / A- wien, volksstimmefestival mit rechenzentrum......

21. september / CH- zürich, mit jello biafra

Do. 6.9 A-Klagenfurt, Vitrino Designhaus (+Erobique + DJ Tschamba Fii)
Fr. 7.9. A-Feldkirch, Poolbar (+Erobique + DJ Tschamba Fii)
Sa. 8.9. A-Innsbruck (+Erobique + DJ Tschamba Fii)



Monsters Rule This World (LP/CD)
COSR3 (29903-1 / 29903-2) / Chicks On Speed Records
November 2000
1. Our Power Is Lauder
2. Monsters Rule This World
3. Helping Hand
4. Independence Is No Solution
5. Bastardokratia
6. Money Eyes
7. Power Macho
8. Sylvesterboy (WW.Toy)
9. Vote Future
10. I Can Mash You
11. Sylvesterboy (Art School)
12. Don't Bring My Body...

All music & lyrics: Thomas Sehl.
Produced: 1999/2000 at Oakwood S.A./Hamburg

NOTE: "Here comes the first signing of Chicks On Speed Records! Sylvesterboy! "The Boy" is also known for his solo work as Schorsch Kamerun and his legendary German punk band Die Goldenen Zitronen (meanwhile signed to Cooking Vinyl, their CD "Punk Rock" has been released by Jet Set/Big Cat in 1996). On his debut as Sylvesterboy he presents a unique mixture of electronic music somewhere between Suicide and Sigue Sigue Sputnik, a highly political message and an entertainingly absurd art/performance-factor. True Chicks style!"

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Brainwashed | Docrock | Intro | Jockey Slut | The Wire


Various Artists
Death Disco Club
D.D.C./T.A.T. 04 / Death Disco Club & Tete-à-Tete
* 3. Chicks on Speed feat. Sylvesterboy (0:27) * 4. World Wide Toy (2:47)
* 5. Bastardokratia (3:27)

NOTE: recorded live at Death Disco event, Berlin-Alexanderplatz, Friday 1 September 2000. On track 3 Chicks on Speed announce the performance of Sylvesterboy.

re:  Kusaki

re: Kusaki (CD)
AK 008, Angelika Köhlermann
1 January 2001
* 16. Sylvesterboy: Maybe

NOTE: a compilation of cover versions of songs by Michiko Kusaki (a.k.a. Anne Laplantine from France).

"the meanwhile legendary cd michiko kusaki in bright new clothes. her soft and melancholic songs were used and abused by some of todays most talented artists. they are all here: adult., sam & valley, console, obscurum, mixmup, dmx krew, gd luxxe, felix kubin, sylvester boy, bodenstaendig2000, pita, jo ashito, shinto feat. koneko, yoko tsuno, hypo, curd duca, chicks on speed. release date: 111100. this album rocks, baby. hard!" - Angelika Köhlermann press notes


Sylvesterboy (a.k.a. Schorsch Kamerun) appears also in the short film Revolution Non Stop (Germany, 2000).


Chicks  On  Speed