Attempted CoS Boob Monster Theft! San Francisco, CA, 19 April 2001

Boob  Monster I really liked the CoS CD's I have, but after seeing them live I can hardly contain myself and no matter what my friends say I'm not in love.

Did you know about the attempted theft of that weird blow-up balloon monster with all the breasts on it? It happened probably about 10-15 minutes after the show. I guess after the thing was deflated and being transported to the front someone either rushed the person transporting it and/or the person transporting put it down for a second prompting someone to grab it and start running.

Well, I guess two unknown male teenagers were behind it and the venue's security threw one into a window (chased about a block away), his lower abdomen was bleeding at a somewhat accelerated pace. Couldn't exactly tell how the wound was inflicted, couldn't really identify any vast amounts of broken glass either. The balloon, as you probably may or may not know, was still intact and brought back by a member of the venue security.

Another member of the venue security had the two unknown teenage males somewhat detained as their two unknown teenage female friends proceeded to curse at the security man; one was even kicking at his shins, ouch!!! I walked by these people examining them as if I had an invisible video camera as a nearby homeless man almost poetically ranted about "this world" we live in. Pausing almost routinely to ask me for some change. Don't worry, I hooked him up.

I walked around for a bit and momentarily daydreamed about running into CoS in an alley behind the tire shop. I finally made it to my car and saw police and an ambulance about a block away from me, dealing with the previous incident that the breast monster thingy inadvertently through no fault of its own may or may not have caused.

Well, from what I have seen so far your site rules!!! Thanks and take care!!!