Chicks On Speed with Le Tigre, Basel, Switzerland, November 2000

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Alex Le  Tigre Kiki Kiki Melissa Alex Melissa Basel billboard Kiki  and  Melissa CoS Melissa  and  Kiki Le  Tigre Le  Tigre Le  Tigre Le  Tigre Le  Tigre Le  Tigre Le  Tigre CoS  and  Le  Tigre Cos  and  Le  Tigre Melissa cooking

1. In the studio in Vienna, November
2.-3. With Ramon & Gerhard, winter
4.-6. Live in Chemnitz (backstage)
7. Crazy picture with room filled with stuff - Cafe Mokka
8. Last pic - Thun
9. Fribourg
10. Le Tigre
11. Backstage with promoter Fribourg (Marcel)
12. Getting strapped up in Basel, played with Le Tigre
13. Kathleen Hanna backstage, Basel
14.-15. TJ + Kathleen on stage
16. Kathleen & Johanna
17.-19. Le Tigre
20.-21. CoS & Le Tigre

Alex / CoS: "Speaking of Le Tigre! We played with them in Basel! Was the best experience, they're so amazing, it changed my life! I think it was one of the best collaborations for a live concert we've had."

"See here images of us with Le Tigre. I love them! They laid art at our feet! No joke, outside our hotel room!"