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Frank  Sinatra  with  his  star  friends

Frank Sinatra and his star friends sniffing in the V.I.P. area

Miss  Kittin "every night with my star friends
we eat caviar and drink champagne
sniffing in the v.i.p. area
we talk about frank sinatra
you know frank sinatra?
he's dead... dead!
ha ha ha!"

"to be famous is so nice
suck my dick
kiss my ass
in limousines we have sex
every night with my famous friends

"motherfuckers are so nice
suck my dick
lick my ass

- Miss Kittin & The Hacker: Frank Sinatra

Champagne!  EP
Caroline Herve is Miss Kittin. Her partner in crime is The Hacker, a.k.a. Michael Amato, both hailing from France.

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discography (partial):

Miss Kittin & The Hacker
Champagne EP (CDS/12")
Gigolo 11 / International DJ Gigolos
6 July 1998
1. 1982 (Radio Edit) (3:05)
2. Gigolo Intro (1:53)
3. Frank Sinatra (4:00)
4. The Grey Area (5:15)
5. 1982 (Club Mix) (5:17)
6. Gratin Damphinois (3:30)
7. Gigolo Outro (2:00)
8. Dirty Talk ** (2:03)

All tracks written & produced by Michel Amato and Caroline Herve.
Published by Sub-Up Records Mvlg.
ecxept ** written & produced by M. Boncaldo and T. Carrasco
(original artist: Klein & M.B.O.)

Miss Kittin & The Hacker
Intimites EP (12")
Gigolo 24 / International DJ Gigolos
1. Kittin Intro Uno
2. Bonus Track: Sweet Dreams
3. Flexibility
4. The Hacker Outro

NOTE: with a cover of Eurythmics' 'Sweet Dreams'.

"Description: 80s styled electro pop with cat like female vox"

Miss Kittin & The Hacker
First Album
Gigolo 75 / International DJ Gigolos
October 2001


A1. Frank Sinatra 2001
A2. Life On MTV
B1. Stock Exchange
B2. Stripper
C1. Nurse
C2. Walk On By
D1. L'Homme Dans L'Ombre
D2. You and Us


1. Life On MTV
2. Frank Sinatra
3. Walk On By
4. 1982
5. Stock Exchange
6. You And Us
7. Flexibility
8. L'Homme Dans L'Ombre
9. Slow Track
10. Nurse
11. Stripper
12. DJ Song
13. Walking In The Sunshine
14. Frank Sinatra 2001

Miss Kittin
I Com (CD/LP)
Novamute (UK)
1. Professional Distortion
2. Requiem For A Hit
3. Happy Violentine
4. Meet Sue Be She
5. Kiss Factory
6. Allergic
7. Soundtrack Of Now
8. Dub About Me
9. Clone Me
10. 3eme Sexe
11. I Com.com
12. Neukölln 2

Info at Mute site -> search "Miss Kittin"


Toute Facon (12")
Ladomat 2000 Cat. No. 2085
* 2. Miss Kittin & The Hacker Showgirls RMX

Sound of Munich Remixes 2 (12") br> DB 99, Disko B
July 2001
* B2. The Hustler feat. Miss Kittin remix


Various Artists
Gratin Dauphinois (Tekmics+Dragon Bal CD)
Altitude Records

Various Artists
Hotze 4 - The Original Comic Book Soundtrack (Number 4 of a 4-EP-Set) (12")
hsm021 / Hörspielmusik (GER)
* A1. Miss Kittin & The Hacker: Comitronic

Various Artists
Tekmics Dicks (Tekmics 2-LP)
Altitude Records

Various Artists
Vaudeville (Futuria 2LP/CD)
Futuria Records

Various Artists
International Deejay Gigolos Compilation 4 (2-CD)
Gigolo 40, International DJ Gigolos, 2000
* CD 2, track 4: Miss Kittin & The Hacker: Walk On By

Miss  Kittin

as a guest:

Antonelli Electr. feat. Miss Kittin
The Vogue (R) (12")
ita19, Italic (GER)
December 2001

Berkovi Vs. Miss Kittin
My Voice (12")
July 2002

Detroit Grand Pubahs
Funk Y'All (CD/LP)
9222102, Jive Electro (US)
* 5. After School Special (vocals by Miss Kittin)

Felix Da Housecat
Kittins And Thee Glitz (LP/CD)
CITYROCK 1 CD, City Rockers (UK)
25 June 2001
* 5. Voicemail with Ms Kittin
* 6. Madame Hollywood
* 7. Silver Screen (Shower Scene)

NOTE: 'Silver Screen (Shower Scene)' has also been released as a 12".

Felix Da Housecat on Miss Kittin

Golden Boy with Miss Kittin
Or (CD/2-LP)
Ladomat 2000 (GER)
September 2001

Golden Boy with Miss Kittin
Rippin Kittin (12")
Ladomat 2000 (GER)
October 2001

Steve Bug
B-S3, B Series Vol 3 (12")
B Series (GER)
September 2001
* B2. Painkiller (vocals by Miss Kittin)

Sven Väth feat. Miss Kittin
Je t'aime... moi non plus (10")
5461046, Virgin (GER)
December 2001 A. Sven Väth feat. Miss Kittin: Je t'aime... moi non plus

NOTE: a cover version of the classic Serge Gainsbourg song from 1969.

mix cds by miss kittin:

On The Road (CD)
TERM0103-2, Terminal Music (GER)
December 2001
0. Intro by Miss Kittin
1. Motherfucking Bass performed by DJ Rush
2. The Secret Chamber of Dreams performed by Sven Väth
3. Ritual Fire Dance performed by Martin, Gary
4. Monique performed by Kiko
5. Killabite performed by Killabite
6. La Rock 01 performed by Vitalic
7. Voice of Africa performed by Umek
8. Ebm.2 performed by Heckmann
9. Silver Screen-Shower Scene performed by Felix Da Housecat
10. The Divide performed by Ruskin, James
11. Velvet performed by Sessions, Samuel L.
12. Sex Is... Mathematics (All the False... performed by Makaton
13. Frank Sinatara 2001 performed by Miss Kittin / Hacker
14. The Man With the Red Face performed by Garnier, Laurent
15. Elektrostatik performed by Plastikman
16. Ohh Be Do performed by Plaid
17. Futurist performed by Pink Elln

Electroclash (CD, free with Muzik magazine, UK, No. 87/July 2002)
July 2002
1. Miss Kittin: Who I Am (Vocal Intro)
2. Arpanet: Wireless Internet
3. System 01: Drugs Work
4. Mateo Murphy: Fool's Gold (with Miss Kittin background vocals)
5. Michael Mayer: Love Is Stronger Than Pride
6. DHS: House of Good 2000 (DHS Remix)
7. Dot Allison: Substance (Felix Da Housecat Remix with Miss Kittin background vocals)
8. T Raumschiere: Energiekrise
9. Audible: Estress Audio
10. Pan sonic: Teurastamo ["Slaughterhouse" in Finnish]
11. Goldenboy With Miss Kittin: Rippin' Kittin (Ellen Allien Remix)
12. A Number Of Names: Shari Vari (Ectomorph Remix)
13. Miss Kittin & The Hacker: Frank Sinatra 2001
14. Carsten Jost: A Certain Kind
15. Ellen Allien: Stadtkind (Barbara Morgenstern Remix)
16. Ultra-Red: A16
17. Zoot Woman: Living In A Magazine (Paper Faces Remix)
18. Thomas Brinkmann: Klicks
19. Miss Kittin: Berlin Is Burning (Vocal Outro)

NOTE: Miss Kittin on Pan sonic at her tracklist introduction:

"Sorry, no good mix without a Pan sonic. I see it at the best tools ever, plus they are Finnish, and I have a special addiction to this country. Pan sonic explore the most extreme side of electronic noise, reaching the other side: melody."


Miss Kittin @ The Hacker @ Discogs.Com


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Miss Kittin @ The Hacker, Modification, Finland, 27/01/01

audio & video:

Chicks On Speed: Euro Trash Girl, feat. Miss Kittin [see also: Chicks On Speed site]
Miss Kittin @ Freshmilk
Miss Kittin & The Hacker @ An International DJ Gigolo Night at the WMF Club Berlin, July, 9, 2000

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