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21 december 2004

chicks on speed interview in tokyo, 10th october 2004

30 november 2004

by Alex:

hey, i really liked the (kompleksi demo) cd you (pHinn) sent!


You rock!

27 october 2004

by Melissa:

i'm listening to kompleksi's 2004 demo now, it's very entertaining,
really nice, sounds like you guys had loads of fun.
you must have kicked the prozac - oh yes all is cool here -
mellow fall... my belly getting bigger... doing some work, not too much.

'press the spacebar' is very 'free' and experimental,
but i don't like tom waits... yuck.

mama melissa

15 september 2004

CoS Records news from Disko B:

Ana Da Silva - The Lighthouse
COSR13 (EU: 01.11.2004/USA: 8.2. 2005/UK: 14.2.2005)

Ana Da Silva, singer from The Raincoats, recorded her first solo record with a mini keyboard, a sequencer, a guitar and a microphone. The Lighthouse has it all: intimacy, love and a lust for life! For her, making The Lighthouse was a really challenging and stimulating experience -- she wanted the songs to express feelings and to create worlds in which the listener can roam in their own particular way. Let's go enjoying!

Chicks on Speed - 99 Cents & Remixes (US-only)
COSR12cdUS (02.11.2004)

Chicks on Speed release their last year major debut 99 Cents in a special double CD version for the USA containing all the remixes of 'We Don't Play Guitars' and 'Wordy Rappinhood' by Chicken Lips, Dave Clarke, Tiefscwharz, Cristian Vogel, Trevor Jackson, Gerhard Potuznik, Christopher Just and Cpt. Comatose. A pop classis some might say, what about simply fabulous?

As if not enough of good news we can announce a new record by the ladies:

Chicks on Speed and the No Heads - Press the Spacebar COSR19 (EU: 30.11.2004/UK: January 2005/USA: 8.3.2005)

Garagerock, punk, discofunk. Barcelona-based No Heads collaborated in a freejazzy, progrocky approach and handed over their radical styles to the talents of Cristian Vogel. He produced and mixed the whole album, in particularly extraordinary settings and experimental ways. In the words of Felix Kubin: "Culture is not luxury, culture is the new politics in opposition to pure economics." This album presents questions attaining to politics and economics in today's society and is just part of their mission and role to advance culture through music, fashion, graphics, film and ways of doing plain business.

LE TIGRE are back with a fantastic album This Island. Their third full-length album in sound and conceptual realisation, their most advanced is at the same time their major debut on Universal/Motown. We're happy that they stick to us and release the vinyl through Chicks on Speed Records in Europe. The vinyl in the USA comes through their new-founded label Le Tigre Records. There are no promotional copies available here, but a few vinyl copies to selected journalists/radios.

Le Tigre - This Island
COSR20LP (EU: 18.10.2004)

Instead of describing what is perfect in itself, I quote their press release:

"This time Le Tigre's signature style has been taken to the next level -- their underground aesthetics are thrown into relief by a strategic pop sheen, and the sonic richness of This Island matches the band's ambition to, as Kathleen Hanna says, 'make our message something you can feel in your body.' With pivotal issues like gay marriage, the right to choose, and a seemingly irresolvable war all coming to a head right now, Kathleen says, 'It's incredibly important for us to have a presence in pop culture right now. JD Samson adds, 'We're excited to challenge mainstream media -- I think people are ready for it."

Miscellaneous news/gossip:

Melissa Logan of Chicks on Speed is pregnant and will marry Ted Gaier from Die Goldene Zitronen in a week-long wedding. The live set-up of Chicks on Speed will be completed with Ann Shenton (ex-Add N To (X)) and her various instruments; Melissa's sister Johanna Logan will throw in her styles at Rotterdam show October 10th -- Chicks on Speed become a real collective.

And praise the Lord, CoS reprinted The Fake T-shirts as mine was stolen in a laundromat in Brooklyn.

11 september 2004

by Alex:

did you see? some funny pics from são paulo's sonar festival.
we had a lot of fun! or direct --


10 september 2004

by Alex:

maybe we need a compliments page?
for you 2?!

might outweigh all those mean comments from red hot chili peppers fans?

from mathieu of disko b:

"the itunes europe person in charge of chicks on speed sent a mail saying 'that's the best name i've ever heard, best regards to the girls'...

top 5 songs today by alex (scroll down)

1 september 2004

by Melissa:

nice review of minit.
funny, i just bumped into them in the street,
also my little 17-year old sister klara played french horn
on their record.
the others are in the plane to south america with ann shenton,
its just too far for me, but i'm doing all europe until i have the baby in mid-jan.
i'm getting nice & round.

20 august 2004

by Alex:

"Since politics have left the realm of visions by becoming a management of economics, culture has to replace politics by taking its visionary spirit. That's why art is so important today. Artists have to take the responsibility to change unified minds and to give them back a visionary feeling of politics in the original sense: the matter of the singular citizen in correspondence to society's interest. Culture is not luxury, culture is the new politics in opposition to pure economics."
(Felix Kubin in his interview to The Wire, September 2004)

excellent, i think i would like to quote him in the talk
i will give in tokyo.

9 august 2004

by Alex:

brazil article

great news: le tigre will release their new album on vinyl on cos records!
cd is on universal!
i am so so happy!

3 august 2004

by Alex:


CoS contribution to Born To Be Star exhibition @ Künstlerhaus, Vienna.

4 july 2004

by Alex:


more red hot chili peppers images, june 2004

and from la la land, leiden, holland, april 2004

1 july 2004

by Ann Shenton:

[Still about RHCP gigs:]

baptism of fire, it most definitely was!

melissa will be doing the european dates, i believe, but i will be going to south america with the cos in september. so that should be an adventure, hopefully not quite so violent!

28 june 2004

by Ann Shenton:

[On Red Hot Chili Peppers support gigs where she played in Melissa's place]

it was the most aggressive audience i have ever been on the receiving
end of, i was flabbergasted by them, men & women throwing glass at us.
well, we all still have our eyes, thank god & no casualties except emotional ones maybe...

26 june 2004

by Melissa:

hope you are having a nice summer,
it hasn't arrived in berlin yet, it's really cold & gray.
i am staying at home because i'm pregnant, in the 10th week,
and my doctor said i should stay put until august, then i will perform
& fly within europe until december.
so don't worry, it's all going very well & my boyfriend & i are both
very excited.

ann shenton seems to be a great person to work with & i hope we also
do shows as four members.

i feel ashamed for the red hot chili peppers that they have such a nasty crowd.
we are really surprised that our music seems so difficult, wow, we are still cutting edge.

so in a few months you will see some live photos of me all big on stage.


by Alex:

it was amazing playing with ann, she's a wonderful woman,
hopefully she will stay on with us when melissa comes back!

23 june 2004

by Kiki:

thanks for your great support,
as you can see we are still alive and well!

Ann Shenton, Anthony Kiedis of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alex and Kiki

Alex with James Brown | Kiki, James Brown, Ann Shenton (Large Number) and a friend

21 june 2004

CoS supporting Red Hot Chili Peppers at Hyde Park, London, Saturday 19 June 2004; Ann Shenton (ex-Add N To (X)) of Large Number was there replacing Melissa who was absent because of being pregnant. Tons of bottles were hurled to the stage during CoS performance by irritated RHCP fans. At one point Alex even got hit in the head by a bottle, causing her to roll on the floor. Gladly there were no actual physical damages to anyone. CoS stopped their performance short and ran off the stage telling audience to "Fuck off back to Croydon".


"The day got off to a stormy start when support band Chicks on Speed were bottled by a hostile crowd.

Halfway through the song 'Mind Your Own Business', singer Alex Murray-Leslie pleaded with the fans to stop throwing bottles at the band.

Before the group left the stage, Murray-Leslie said: 'We don't like having bottles thrown at us.'"

Hyde Park images

15 may 2004

by Alex:

here are some pics of what we've been up to in paris!

15 march 2004

by Alex:

here is a link to latest fashion show with castelbajac (FASHION WEEK) where our music was used. (see also this.)


images of Chicks on Speed and KAAP students' Big Blanket Project, 10th March, 2004, KAAP Arnhem.

the students bought various fabrics and findings, which we sorter together, each student took a pile and began making an outfit, screen printing certain parts of the fabric with a pattern made by cos. every time the music changed, they had to swap piles and continue on someone else's outfit. once all of the outfits were finished, we began collaging them onto a large piece of felt, which became a big blanket. to end the workshop, we all got underneath the blanket!

2 march 2004

by Melissa:

here I am now in the nitsa office in barcelona,
it is real cold.
oh yes,
there are times I say,
'now everyone, be a good piece of luggage'
you know we are also being shipped about -
but it's all in the way you look at it.

1 march 2004

by Melissa:

here's the link for our radio show, COS RECS.
kristin erickson & I will be doing a show on tonight 9-10, maybe
francois from stereo total will join us. 104,1 in berlin, for streams.

25 february 2004

by Melissa:

I'm so glad to hear such a response to L'Amerique,
the release was so delayed because of the book,
now it seems like it is going by unnoticed.
it is nice that L'Amerique is in so many languages but
I hope it is exciting & not frustratiing to dig through the leaflets for translations.

another thing I've organized is a radio program called

I just did such a bad show last night
that I really need to get on line & repair some of it.

I am so ashamed,
part exhausting, partly because of the not so great set up in the studio.

but bootlab I think would really interest you,
there is so much going on there, it's loads of people who set up work stations
& each pay 71 euros a month & some are working on
exhibitions, setting up conference... and this
radio station which sometimes get air space
and if not, it's live streamed.

by the way, that german text spoken by me is from soul on ice by eldridge cleaver.

19 february 2004

by Melissa:


(On L'Amerique:)

oh yah,
the propaganda operetta,
one of those plays turned into a musical.

3 february 2004

by Alex:

live review of Manchester, 6 November, 2004

15 january 2004

by Melissa:

i didn't look at it yet, because i don't have a good connection right now.

[fwd from Pia Möglich]

Please check out the new Dave Clarke ft. Chicks on Speed Video!!!

See video section at the Lianes + Alex website. It takes a while to download it.

The video got B-list rotation, which means it's on quite a lot from now (in the UK, at least).

I don't know if it's being played on MTV Europe or not.

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