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10 december 2003

by Alex:

[forwarded mail]

"Another celeb-fan!!

... I was just going through the Labels circular and while I was reading the COS part, I remember that the other day on MTV (the prg called MTV New which is the only prg I watch regularly), Pink was presenting her fav videos and at the end of the show, they played "We Don't Play Guitars" video. I thought maybe you find this news (Pink is a big COS fan!) helpful."

17 november 2003

by Alex:

Interview in Italian @ GQ

13 november 2003

CoS live at Whelans, Dublin, Ireland:

"The Chicks came on to do an encore; a song called "Water", and playfully threw water off the stage onto the audience. A hot-heated and very dim member of the crowd retaliated by throwing a glass onto the stage. It landed onto the band's Apple Mac laptop, which stored the band's graphics and backing tracks, and broke the screen. The Chicks stormed off the stage, not before irately showering a ream of expletives at the audience." - Fionnuala Finnerty, [the full review]

15 august 2003

by Melissa:

we were just in barcelona working near to ilpo väisänen's (of pan sonic) place & it looked
really closed up
so we figured he was in the north country (finland).
god that was the hottest weather I have ever been in & that benicassim fest is just another festival, big, stinky, loud. but we did bump
into daniel miller & others that were nice to talk to, but no place
for a good party.
oh porto pots, horror.
hope you are doing good.

27 june 2003

by Kiki:

we just came back from doing two tracks with dave clarke - he asked us to do vocals - you know we dont do this normally but this was really fun, i think we made at least one hit, the tracks are called 'she's in parties' (reinterpretation by us) and 'disgraceland'. going to roskilde tomorrow... what a rock and roll lifestyle...

25 april 2003

by Melissa:

what is that merzbow thing??

[it's this, featuring CoS: Various Artists: Ikebana - Merzbow's Amlux Rebuilt, Reused and Recycled (2-CD) IMPREC-016 / Important Records (US), 6 May 2003 -pH]

we never delivered the goods because my computer
got drink spilled on it in the heat of a karaoke party
on gonzales's hotel room in australia, so I could never
extract the track off the hard disk.
here we are in barcelona working with cristian vogel & co.
working on the next record. did anyone tell you about the video we just made?
we didn't see the final edit yet but it is real beautiful & wild.

19 april 2003

by Alex:

sorry for not being in touch for such a long time, bad, i know.

i´m really happy with the cos recs site, i wonder what you think?

we also planning to do a part 2 of with tina
frank, which is really exciting, it will be crazy and not to
understand i hope!

kevy b will be updating the site for now, as she's here in berlin,
and upstart and jürgen thought that
this would be easier.

have a good easter, i'm gonna eat some chocolate now!

18 april 2003

CoS newsletter

8 april 2003

by Kiki:

'we don't play guitars' will be on the forthcoming album
but a shorter version.
we are working on the video right now, directed by deborah
schamoni - it's going to be really funny with dancers
miming guitarists and peaches dropping from the
the single release will include remixes by cristian vogel,
christopher just and gerhard potuznik. (end of may.)

29 march 2003

by Melissa:

hope you are doing good,
thank god spring is here.
this war sucks so bad, there was a anti-war demo
in berlin but i didn't go -- too bad,
we are working on a book so have a ultra amount of fun stuff to do.
also are finally going to make a video for 'we dont play guitars'.
we were at mikas for dinner yesterday in his new place,
but poor thing, he had to get on a plane early.

4 february 2003

by Melissa:

oh, the australia tour was great,
i came from the airport to the office and am so
rock rock - now we know what the rock world is like.
will give you some good gossip soon.

7 january 2003

by Melissa:

happy new years,
i hope you are having a nice winter,
pHinnWeb newsletter is really nice,
i am still in n.y. but will be
flying to berlin on wed.
tomorrow i'll be at the famous club luxx in brooklyn.

2 january 2003

by Alex:

i hope you had a good new years?
i was quite sick so just watched the fireworks out the window!
was somehow nice.

i saw an aki kaurismäki film yesterday, the man without a past, was so touching, i love his films!

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