cHIcKs on SpEeD Records: L'Amerique


Les Robespierres & Melissa Logan
L'Amerique - A Propaganda Operette
COSR16CD (worldwide distribution on CoS Records)
(Germany only: Buback Tonträger/Indigo (GER)
5 March, 2004
1. Das Grosse Oklahomatheater (6:36)
(nach Franz Kafka)
2. Angela Davis (4:12)
3. Esse Dia (3:55)
4. Classwar (1:46)
5. Der Allmächtige Administrator (2:23)
(taken from Soul on Ice by Eldridge Cleaver)
6. Lied der Baumwollpflücker (2:15)
7. Funeral De Un Lavrador (1:45)
8. The Ebenizer Baptist Church-Speech (2:24)
(Martin Luther King 1967 speech)
9. Joachim (1:45)
10. Thickest Blood (2:17)
11. Die Eigentümerversammlung (3:00)
(adapted from Tortilla Curtain by T.C. Boyle)
12. Santa Rosa (4:03)
13. Auf Dem Platz Der Leeren Versprechungen (3:06)
14. Irgendwie Komisch (3:51)
(adapted from a play by Martin Crimp)
15. L'Amerique (2:27)
(adapted from Christie's 1970 hit single 'Yellow River')

'L'Amerique' is a soundtrack from a play by Angela Richter and Ted Gaier, which debuted at Neues Cinema in Hamburg on 13 March 2003. L'Amerique is a co-production of Legitimes Theater and Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg.

Players among all:

Melissa Logan - vocals: Classwar, Angela Davis, Thickest Blood + backing vocals, percussion

The CD features music between punk, chanson, and agit-pop by the band Les Robespierres (feat. members of Die Goldene Zitronen) and Melissa Logan (of Chicks on Speed), with lyrics in English, German and Portuguese and spoken word passages adapting the likes of Kafka, Eldridge Cleaver, Martin Luther King and T.C. Boyle. The CD comes in a very special packaging based on exclusive drawings by the renowned German artist Daniel Richter. Including 12 inlay posters by Richter and English translations.


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