K o h i n a t u o t a n t o

is a project by Mika Paju, also known as Noise Production, also known as Mike Not.

pHinnMilk Records is proud to release Kohinatuotanto's album Äänikemia (phnnmlk-2) on 23 May 2002.

Style: electronic excursions/minimal/IDM

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Äänikemia (CDR)
23 May 2002
1. Näyte (12:25)
2. Näkemys (4:20)
3. Äänikemisti (12:36)
4. Alkemia (9:08)
5. Ulkoinen tekijä (10:08)
7. Härmistyminen (10:33)

Total time: 73:44

Copyright: Noise Production.
Engineer: Mike Not.

Available at Voltti Records & Detunez Records, Tampere!

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