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Virtalähde ("power supply") - Noise experiments with a modular synthesizer and all kind of weird and mostly broken equipment. An ex-student of sound engineering at Tampere School of Art and Media. Provides graphics in the Commodore c64 scene group Padua.


Now out: a full-length CDR album Virka- ja väkivalta on pHinnMilk Records.

L i v e :

  • JUMOn kokeellinen klubi / JUMO Experimental Club @ Praxis, Helsinki - "Harmaa psykedelia/Grey Psychedelia". December 5, 2002. Also: Florian Hecker (Mego Rec, AUT), Roi Ruottinen plays Helmut Lachenmann/Iannis Xenakis. 8 euros.

    Club Praxis - Harmaa psykedelia

    05.12.2002, 21:00-02:00
    Jumo Jazz Club, 8 e

    Hecker (Germany)
    Helmut Lachenmann/Iannis Xenakis - Roi Ruottinen

    Club Praxis closes this autumn with an evening of three wildly divergent performances. Yet all music to be heard stems from one of the most fruitful ideas in 20th century music - namely, that the unpolished concrete sound as such can be an object of musical attention and crafting. In spite of common origin, the performers of the evening are best seen in polar extremes to each other. The analytic economy of Hecker's computer music is worlds away from Virtalähde's analogically induced saturnal maximalism. On the other hand, both are animated by electricity and the bold anarchism of a genuine maverick composer - artistic decisions need not be argued for in periodicals. In this sense both are opposed by the pieces of Helmut Lachenmann and Iannis Xenakis for solo cello. Kottos and Pression will be played by Roi Ruottinen, one of the rare Finnish classical virtuosos not averse to new music and evolutionary approaches. Thus, we can expect an evening of many tensions. It remains for the music to show which of the anticipated antitheses will hold and which dissolute to mere shades of grey.

    p a s t gigs

  • Koje, Yo-Talo, Tampere, Finland, Wednesday, January 17th, 2001. Also: DJ D-Com (Niitty), Moshka Medicine (live, Mental Hospital, US), S.U.R.R.U.R. (live), DJ Anvil (Voima).

  • The Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts' Basement, February 2nd, 2001. Also: U.S.O. (live) and DJ Laiha Läski (a.k.a. O Samuli A). Free admittance. Address: Yrjönkatu 18 (in the corner of Bulevardi and Yrjönkatu, entrance through the big gate).


    "Virtalähde of Tampere played a one-man set with his mighty modular synth and considerable gear arsenal; a Russian propaganda film from the early 80's was projected on the screen above him, and Mr. Virtalähde managed to create a respectable amount of noise well comparable to the Japanese noisemeisters à la Merzbow & Masonna. Like the Futurists, who were thrown with rotten vegetables during their performances in the early decades of the 20th century, this provoked too some scared and angry reactions from the bemused pop audience, who escaped to the bar, or just as with this unfortunate fellow in Depeche Mode t-shirt, who shouted: 'Go to hell with your machines! People become deaf here!', and furiously ran out of the building. Fucking hilarious, to be honest. Unfortunately, Virtalähde's ear-shattering set was cut abruptly because of some failed cable, but most people probably thought that was part of the show, so that was quite stylish ending, in fact. Ultimate wind-up, and Virtalähde deserves our undivided respect for that."

    - pHinn on Virtalähde @ Club Telex, 26 May 1999

    Virtalähde Live appearances so far:
    Freak Show 2002 (15 October 1998)
    Electronic Warfare 2 (4 December 1998)
    Club Telex (26 May 1999)
    Virtalähde Discography:


    1. Normaaliajan hälytysmerkki (5:09) [MP3]
    2. Ruhr (12:32) [MP3]
    3. Porvari (10:22) [MP3]
    4. Sana mielipidevapaudesta (8:29) [MP3]


    e-mail virtalahde@sunpoint.net





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