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"What do you say about a 6'3'', 180 lbs., heavily armed Spitting Image doll? Something nice, I suppose. The first thing you notice about him is the mad look in his green eyes. Rauli is severely deranged. Fortunately he has been able to refine his many mental diseases into a sort of very twisted personality that generally occupies his body and answers his name. His hobbies include the building of bombs, the brewing of poison and the breaking of wind. But most important to the readers of alt.tasteless: Writing about his life in Finland. Rauli is responsible for some of the most cancerwanking alt.tasteless stories ever posted. In these we get to know the shy and sensitive Rauli, and the most important things in his life: His 11 year old girlfriend, his thirsty nephews, his strong, but still very sexy, dad, and his many kiddieporn movies. His English is bizarre, a fact that makes his racontes even more thigh slappingly hilarious. Voted as 'The Man with the Most Innocent Look on His Face When Taken by Surprise With His Hand Up a Cows Arse and his Willy Hanging Out' (Jul 23 1991, just after lunch)." - from alt.tasteless FAQ

Jos Raulin ankara narratiivinen naturalismi pitää sinua otteessaan, suosittelemme tutustumaan myös tähän:

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