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Last time updated 20 September, 1997

pHinn, pHinnWeb

Twelve inches:

1. Morris Brown: Minerals (Moodmusic)
2. Coldcut: More Beats + Pieces (Ninja Tune)
3. Goio: Commands E.P. (Drop Bass Network)
4. Jeff Mills: Tomorr W (Axis)
5. Plastikman: Sickness (Plus 8/NovaMute)
6. Kim Rapatti: Dumtraxx (Dum)
7. Mescalinum United / The Mover: We Have Arrived / Frontal Sickness (PCP/Industrial Strength)
8. Tuomas Salmela: The Quality Cat EP (20:20 Vision)
9. Squarepusher: Big Loada (Warp)
10. V/A: Spysatellite (Viewlexx)

Long plays:

1. Robert Henke & Gerhard Behles: Floating Point (Imbalance Computer Music)
2. Lil Louis & The World: From The Mind Of Lil Louis (FFRR)
3. Mouse On Mars: Autoditacker (Too Pure)
4. µ-Ziq: Lunatic Harness (Hut)
5. Ø: Snow Crash Soundtrack (promo, Sähkö Recordings)
6. Pink Floyd: Piper At The Gates Of Dawn - Mono Edition (EMI)
7. V/A: Lee Scratch Perry - Arkology (3-CD, Island)
8. V/A: Land Speed Record (Cross Fade Enter Tainment)
9. V/A: Neuton Future Classics Two (Neuton)


Pink Floyd: 1967 - The First 3 Singles (EMI)

DJ Mekaanikko, Kosmonaut Records, Helsinki

1. Psion: Subterranean (Audio Blueprint)
2. Dillinja & Lemon D: Acid Track (Pain)
3. Decoy: Dragon (Penny Black)
4. Embee: Computer Rock (Juice)
5. R. Notorious J. & Kingsize: Shockwave (Rawkus Primitive)
6. Magnetex: Unknown Species (Architecture)
7. The Guyver: Hungry Tiger Remix (A-Ko)
8. Aladdin: Summer Dub (Aladdin)
9. Nasty Habits: Shadow Boxing Remix (31 Records)
10. Kraken: The Final Warning (Under Fire)

Chris Sattinger, Timeblind

Jamie Lidell: Freekin the Frame (Mosquito)
Twisted Science: Cold Fusion (Leaf)
Sonar Circle: Fresh/checkmate (Reinforced)
Timeblind: I was no mind (missile)
Inigo Kennedy: The Silent Tantrums (missile)
td5: Activity below the surface (truck)

CiM aka Simon Walley < >

Aphex Twin: Come To Daddy (Warp)
Purpose Maker: Our Man In Havana (Purpose Maker)
?: ? (counterattack 7" test pressing)
Plaid: Undonseson (Warp)
Phuture 303: Acid Soul (Djax Upbeats)
Stephen Brown: Status Bytes (Djax Upbeats)
V/A: Digital Millennium compilation (GPR)
Robert Hood: Moveable Parts 2 - Puppet Master (M-Plant)
Tom Churchill: At Your Fingertips EP (Headspace)
V/A: Freezone 4 compilation (SSR)

JSD (bass kittens) top 9 for September 1997

coldcut - let us play
mouse on mars - cache coeur naif
freaky chakra - one
single cell orchestra - blockhead
deluxe - piscean propulsion
drexciya - the quest
christoph de babalon - 7 up
mantronix - hush/on the beatbox
senor coconut - gran baile con senor coconut

Llama, Pulssi Records, Top Ten playlist:

1. Chris Korda: Save the Planet, Kill Yourself [International DeeJay Gigolos, gigolo-05]
2. Loops Again [Serotonin, ser009]
3. Gaetek: Slob-Ice EP [Primate, prmt015]
4. Jeff Mills: Our Man from Havana [Purpose Maker, pm-004]
5. Adam Beyer: Drumcode 09 [Drumcode, dc09]
6. Feos vs. M/S/O: Into the Groove [Ongaku, ongaku 13]
7. A.H.Corp: EP [HouseWerk, hr02]
8. Fast Eddie: Bang That Thang [International House Records, ihr9015-1]
9. V-Key: Low-Tek-Flirt [Trainspotter's Nightmare,cl-009]
10. Jori Hulkkonen Kemistä: Rokataan Täysillä [Hybrid, hyb-025]

For booking contact Mind Records!

Mind over MIDI's current top 10 (26.08.97):

0.1 Maurizio - M4-M7 (unf***ingbelivable album on Basic Channel)
0.2 Various - Arctic Circles (a collection of sub zero soundscapes)
0.3 Biosphere - Live from Svalbard (best live-set ever...)
0.4 Biosphere - Substrata (this is why I'm PROUD to be a Norwegian)
0.5 Plastikman - Sickness (Do yourself a favor, BUY THIS!!)
0.6 Green Velvet - Answering Machine (Great lyrics)
0.7 Sternklang - Freestylespacefunk (Sensational debut album)
0.8 Laurent Garnier - Flashback (what a GREAT video!!)
0.9 Massive Attack - Rising Sun (Ohh yes!)
1.0 Sketch - Abeyance (Order this from Beatservice mailorder)

The Essential Top 10 Arctic Guide
by Vidar Hanssen, Beatservice Rec ords, Tromsø, Norway

(in alphabetical order)

01 Aedena Cycle: Albite CD (97 Beatservice)
02 Alania: Skyjuice CD (97 Drum Island)
03 Biosphere: Substrata CD (97 All Saints)
04 Ismistik: Remain CD (95 Djax)
05 Mental Overdrive: Plugged CD (95 Love OD)
06 Mind over MIDI: Elektrical Aktivity CD (96 Beatservice)
07 Neural Network: Modernite CD (95 Origo Sound)
08 Palace Of Pleasure: Release The Pleasure (96 Moon Dog)
09 Sketch: Abeyance DCD (97 End Of Hum)
10 Sternklang: Freestylespacefun k (97 Beatservice)

AtL-5, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Luke Vibert - Big Soup (Mo' Wax)
Gerd - This Touch is Greater Than Moods (Universal Language)
Tosca - Opera (G-Stone)
Hab - maPOd ( Dot)
Squarepusher - Big Loada (Warp)
Black Dog - Music for Adverts (and short films) (Warp)
Sabres of Paradise - Sabresonic (Warp)
Motorbass - Pansoul
V/A - Skampler (Skam/Silent)

"psycho loser chart" by
Alexandre Molari, Planet-E RaveEzine, Geneva, Switzerland

Autechre: Envane (Warp)
The Bionaut: Wild Horse Annie (Harvest)
Move D a nd Pete Namlook: A Day In The Live! (FAX)
Luke Vibert: Big Soup (Mo'Wax)
Lisa Carbon: Trio de Janeiro (Rather Interesting)

theTable, Switzerland

See their DJ sets here.

DJ Pita @ Mego
(in no particular order)

VA: 0161 (Skam)
Bernhard Günter: Impossible Grey (Metamkine)
Gilius van Berge ijk: Volume One (X-OR)
Fennesz: Hotel Paral.lel (Mego)
Noto: ? (Rastermusic)
Wir: Vien (Touch)
CM von Hausswolff: To Make Things Happen (
Merzbow: Hybrid Noisebloom (Vinyl Communications)
RLW: Pullover (Table Of The Elemen ts)
Rehberg & Bauer: Untitled (Korg Plastics)
Panacea: Supa remix (Tray)
DMX Krew: Ffresshh! (Rephlex)
Farmers Manual: fsck (Tray)
VA: Liminality (Digital Narcis)
Nomex & Scud: Eurostar (Maschinnebau)
VA: Scumtron (Blast First)

DJ Sam, Dig Deeper, Lahti, Finland

1 trankilou: atom funk (KTF)
2 aubrey: taken away (textures)
3 excella: atout funk (after midnight)
4 shaboom: green & kleer (paper)
5 llocra: can't fake it (f-comm)
6 MFON: my piano (BCC)
7 i:CUBE: picnic attack
8 GU & cei bei: house music will never die (cajual)
9 16B: voices in the sky (alola)
10 trankilou : St estephe (KTF)

Niko Tzoukmanis, Augsburg, Germany

1) Pure Plastic 011 'Stunned / Seven Seas'
2) Blake Baxter 'H Factor' (Disko B)
3) Deepah 'Wite Lite' (Trelik)
4) Rue East 'Liquid Line' (Rewired)
5) Dark Comedy 'Paranoid'
6) Aubrey (Mosaic 004)
7) B12 'Obsessed'
8) Aubrey 'Textures ep'
9) Baby Ford 'Headphoneasy Rider'
10) Carl Craig 'At Les'

MSCHarding, Touch

CM von Hausswolff - To Make Things Happen In the Bunker via the Micro Way (FIRE INC.)
Carsten Nicolai - Infinity (noton)
The Lindberg Hammer Foundation - Scandinavian Supermarket Music (Lindberg/Hammer)
Cyborgasm - XXX Erotica in 3-D Sound (Asphodel)
alt. frequencies presents disco moonlight (Worm Interface)
tulpas (Selektion)
XPER.XR - Lun Hasio Shuai (Vaseline)
The Hoover Symphony (tba)
Jim O'Rourke - There's Hell in Hello But More in Goodbye (unreleased)
Absurd Magazine no. 3/4 (Greece)

MSCHarding, Touch, Chart 2

1 Mac OS 8 (Apple Macintosh)
2 Jim O'Rourke - Happy Days (Revenant)
3 Daniel Menche - Screaming caress (Side Effects)
4 CM von Hausswolff - Rays of Beauty (Sub Rosa)
5 The Exotic Trilogy ll (KB ZeD)
6 Kaffe Matthews - cdAnn (Annette Works)
7 AER - Recall (from the forthcoming compilation DECAY on Ash International)
8 Various Artists - Killing Me Softly With Noise (Noise)
9 Carlos Zingaro - Release from Tension (audEo)

Chris Polaris, USA

1. Oasis - Be Here Now
[This has got to be a provocation of some kind! ;) - ER]
2. Victoria's Secret Riot - XY (Has Gotta Die!!!!)
3. DJ Patient Zero - Welcome to the Queercorps
4. The Need - Lamp
5. Shizuo - Shizuo vs. Shizor
6. Atari Teenage Riot - The Future of War
7. Argonic - Future Galactic #4
8. Somatic Responces - Future Galactic #5
9. Zekt - Darkness #1
10. Christoph da Babalon - 7 Up

Heinrich Tillack, Jakpot

CHART 9-97

2. John Beltran - Cry (Peacefrog)
3. Foxy Brown f/Jay Z - I' ll Be
4. Purpose Maker - No.4
5. Reese-Bassline (Fragile)

Greg Clow, Feedback Monitor, CIUT 89.5 FM, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Subtropic - Lifetime Mission 12" (Fused & Bruised, UK)
Sect+Response Technique+Phoma - Cube CD (Subduction, Canada)
Hab - maPOd (Dot, Sweden)
Friend - The Sauna Sessions EP (Dot, Sweden)
Friend & Dr. Kosmos - Single of the Week 2x12" (Dot, Sweden)
µ-Ziq - Lunatic Harness (Astralwerks, US)
V/A - 0161 (Skam/VVM, UK)
V/A - Plug Research & Development (Plug, US)
V/A - This is Latinamyl (Fused & Bruised, UK)
Not Breathing vs. Dead Voices on Air - Fire in the Bronx Zoo (Invisible, US)

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