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Basic Channel: Compilation (CD, Basic Channel)
Carl Craig: More Songs About Food And Revolutionary Art (2-LP, Planet E/SSR)
Freestyle Man: Que Domingo Inquieto (12", Puu)
Jeff Mills: The Other Day - Axis Compilation (CD, Axis/Sony)
Spiritualized: Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space (CD, Dedicated)
Studio One: Compilation (CD, Studio One/Profan)
V/A: The Knights Who Say Dot (CD, Dot)
V/A: Switch Records "1992-1997" (CD, Switch)
V/A: Trajectory Infinite Compilation (CD, Switch)
Wu-Tang Clan: Wu-Tang Forever (2-CD, Loud)

Llama, Pulssi Records

1. Surgeon: Basictonalvocabulary (Tresor 73)
2. Oliver Ho: Chasm EP (Drumcode 08)
3. Robert Armani: Big Dick etc.. (Dance Mania 222)
4. Outline meets Surgeon (Blue Print 07)
5. Spectrum: Praktikus (Primate Ten 001)
6. Oliver Ho: Cosmetics (Blue Print 06)
7. Beast Tamer Vol.1 (Drumcode 07)
8. Jori Hulkkonen Kemistä: Rokataan Täysillä (Hybrid 025)
9. Jammin Gerald: DJ Bass (Dance Mania 221)
10. DJM35: Playground (Dance Mania 218)
11. Adam Beyer: Drumcode 09 (Drumcode 09)
12. Dj Hyperactive: RX Tribe (Planet of Drums, lc08)
13. Rok/Jonzon: Club Berlin (International DeeJay Gigolos, g igolo03)

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Jori Hulkkonen, F Comm etc.
Top 5 July 97

1. Willie Hutch : "Hospital Prelude Of Love Theme"
2. Innocence: "Natural Thing"
3. Thompson Twins: "Doctor! Doctor!"
4. Tuomas Juhani: "M's Groove"
5. Elegia: "From Nowhere With Love"

On Arto' s turntable this month...

Andreas Dorau: Girls In Love remixes (Ladomat)
Freestyle Man: Que Domingo Inquieto (Puu)
Whirlpool Prods: From Disco To Disco (Ladomat)
Wu-Tang Clan: Wu-Tang Forever (Loud)
Nordic S oul System (Sävel)
Fandongo Widewheels vs. Huggy Bear: 80s/90s (20:20 Vision)
Claude Young & Rok (Müller)
A Tribe Called Quest: Beats, Rhymes and Life
Brandi Ifgray: Le Mutant (Puu)
Dark Comedy: Plankton (Elypsia)

DJ Karri / Mono Records, Tampere

1. Shake: Club Scam II [Frictional]
2. Jark Prongo: Complete Control [Fresh Fruit]
3. Jimi Tenor: Take Me Baby. The Swag (Pornstars Performance Mix) [Warp]
4. Gr een Velvet: Never Satisfied [Cajual]
5. Mel O'Ween: The King [School]
6. Kate-Olivia Martinez: Pretty in Pink [Formaldehyd]
7. Passman: Eiskaffee [Saxony]
8. Gene Farris: Hazey Vision (Keyed Up Mix) [Cajual]

*************** ********************************
********DJ ACE B****MELTDOWN****TAMPERE********

1. Moon Man - Big Fat Woman
2. Glenn Underground - 70's Trip
3. Nick Holder - Private Selection s
4. (Ashley Beedle) - Black Jazz Chronicles
5. Project 5 - Yo !!
6. Angora - Enchantment

-- And by the way -- Keep it real --

******************* SOLID!! ******************* < br>***********************************************

My Top 10s of the = Half of '97...
by Lance C. McGannon < mclance@en.com >


Heiko Laux - Mainplateau 12" (I-220)

Abacus: Now/Then 12" (DNH)
Entry Plug - U nless 12" (Metrojuice)
Neuropol: v/a 12" (Neuropol)
Perbec: Gurner/Coupe Savage 12" (Ifach)
Erosion 12" (Chain Reaction)
Jurgen Pappe: Revel 12" (Profan)
Mode M: Inner World 2x12" (Void)
Memory Foundation: Heated Heads 12" (Central )
Jeremiah: The Alphabet 12" (Grow!)


Baby Ford - Headphoneasy Rider CD (Blackmarket Int.)
Fake Fruit & Horrible Shoes - v/a CD (Pure Plastic)
Trelik comp CD (Trelik)

Dark Comedy: 7 Days CD (Elypsia)
Kompakt 1: v/a CD (Profan)
Starfish Pool & Mark Broom: Lowground CD (Sliver)
Freq: Heaven CD (Subversive)
Insync vs. Mysterion: Android Architecture CD (10th Planet)
Get Lost: v/a 2xCD (Multiplex)
Tresor 4 v/a 2xCD (Tresor)

Honorable Mentions:

Repe at: Canada 12" (Unexplored Beats)
Rue East: Remove/Liquid Line 12" (Rewired)
Freq: With A Vengence 12" (Matrix)
BFord 13 12" (Source)
Sunrise Society - Matter rmx 12" (Pacific)
Sebastian S: Personal Space Invader CD (Elypsia)
Flare vs Co-fusion 12" (Reel Musiq)
6K - Mythology 12" (Dose)
Ned Flanders - Life's Little Pleasures 12" (Underwater)

Mark Broom: Stunned 12" (Pure Plastic)
Hot Lizard: 165 Drop 2x12" (Pacific)

With all these in the first half of 97, it' s going
to be a bear doing a best of 97 for the full year.

stuart @ mfr (formerly known as4th World)
< mfr@dial.pipex.com >

1.jega v datathief - kaya 12" (vvm 002)
"one of th e highlights from this genius 13 tracker from manchester"

2.lucky & easy/ fabric soap stars - ep (ampoule #1)
"the [true] sound of the scottish underground, blowing all andsundry away soon"

3.d.i.a.l. - the pause that refreshes 12" (spymania)
" the spy guys ditch the drill and bass and ride off into the future"

4.conet experiment 4xCD (irdial)
"brings a new meaning to the concept of trainspotting"

5.squarepusher - big loada (warp)
"big loada what is the question?"

6.various artists - 0161 cd (vvm/skam)
"young manchester kick over the barriers, watch out for hidden goodie"

7.doctor kosmos - single of the week (dot)
"the clear posse get fruity with a swede"

8.arto lindsey - hyper civilizado remixes (rykodisc)
"arty brazili an/new yorker gets duffed up by the illbient crew"

9.jimpster - martian arts (instinct electronica)
"only the americans have the foresight to give this man's materiala cd release"

10.jewswa - skone (schematics)
"newskoolelectronicbassfrommiami, release due soon on skam"

"tracks in constant office rotation this week" 10 /mfr

1.incredible string band - my father was a lighthouse keeper (virgin)
2.pink fairies - do it (polyd or)
3.throbbing gristle - hot on the heels of love (mute)
4.sylvian / sakamoto - bamboo music (virgin)
5.mick karn - the sound of waves (virgin)
6.soft machine - soft weed factor (cbs)
7.virgin fugs - hallucination horrors (esp)
8. flipper - ha ha ha (alternative tentacles)
9.a certain ratio - guess who (factory benelux)
10.king crimson - earthbound (eg)

DJ Entox, The Skreem < djentox@aol.com >

(In no or der!)
1. Joey Jupiter & Doormouse 'Body Partz" EP (Digital Hut 005)
2. "Land Speed Record" Comp. (CFET)
3. Wang Chung "Points on the Curve" (A&M)
4. "Otaku" compilation (Fischkopf)
5. Shizuo "High On Emotion" EP (DHR)
6. MLEHST (S elf Abuse Murderers 005)
7. Chaka Khan "I Feel For You" (Warner)
8. Death In June "Symbols Of The Sun" (Twilight Command)
9. Soft Cell "Memorabilia/Persuasion" EP (Some Bizzare)
10. Ambush 2 & 3 (If I had them :/)

DJ Formul a (The DJ Formerly Known As Infekto), Pyssy Records, Tampere

1. Tribe of Issachar: War Dance (Congo Natty)
2. Freestylers: Breakerbeats (Freska Nova)
3. Dream Team: Let Me Clear My Throat (Joker)
4. Alkaholiks: Hip Hop Drunkies (Loud)
5. Aphrodite: Hit Me (Aphrodite)
6. Beatnuts: Stone Crazy (Relativity)
7. V/A: V Classics (V)
8. Basement Jaxx: Fly Life (Multiply)
9. DJ SS: England (white label)
10. IQ Collective: Transmission (Trouble On Vinyl)

Mark o Laine / Djax-Up-Beats, Mind Records etc...

1. Robert Hood - Puppet Master / M-Plant 307-2
2. Obscurum - The Dom Remixes / e-com 016
3. Iesope Drift - Tuljahn / Seico Corp
4 . Jeff Mills - EP / Axis 9b
5. Punisher - EP / Matrix MR1019
6. Adam Beyer - EP / Drumcode 09
7. The Advent - New Beginnings / FFRR

For booking contact Mind Records !

Kaktus / Mind Records

1. House Life - LP / Bootsound America
2. Kaktus - A / Mind Records 101
3. Zeppelin - EP / Zeppelin 002
4. The Electric Family - Mariopaint / Irdial
5. LZ 130 - Matic cx2 / SuperCheap
6. A Liquid Acrobat On Pl anet 6 - EP / Weird Dream 001
7. RA-X - Schauw / Bunker 029
8. Jukka Tapani - Visio / Impulssi 001

For booking contact Mind Records!

Mark Wave / Mind Records, Moodmusic

1. Morris Brown - Minerals EP / Moodmusic 002
2. Sasse Presents... - EP / Moodmusic 001
3. Freestyle Man - Que Domingo In quieto / PUU 7
4. Blaze - Lovely Dae / Playhouse 15 (promo)
5. Reflection - Transparent / Clear 431
6. Rhythm & Sound - Ruff Way / Burial Mix 3
7. The Nordic Soul Sys tem / Sävel 002

For booking contact Mind Records!

Sasse / Moodmusic, PUU

1. Rhythm & Sound - Ruff Way / Burial Mix 3
2. Kenlou V - EP / MAW
3. Blaze - Lovely Dae
4. DJ Slym Fas - EP / Intangible
5. House Life - LP / Bootsound America

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Morris Brown / Moodmusic, PUU

1. Reflection - Transparent / Clear 431
2. E-Dancer - Velocity Funk / KMS 061
3. Nordic Soul System - EP / Sävel 002
4. Boot sound LP 2 / Bootsound America
5. Quant - Quant / DOT 1203

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Irwin / Celsius, a5

1. Dr.Rhythm - Skania 2001 / Bunker 025
2. Kaktus - A / Mind Records 001
3. RA-X - Stekker / KK
4. Beverly Hills 808303 - Six-Pack / Referen ce
5. Testpilot - Vol.1 / Viewlexx
6. Zeppelin - EP / Zeppelin 002
7. Zeppelin - EP / Zeppelin 001
8. Acid Planet 7" / A cid Planet 15
9. Sulphur Surfer vs Panty Boy / Bunker 023
10. RA-X - Schauw / Bunker 029

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DJ SAM, Dig Deeper, Lahti

Spanish Fly EP (Disco1976)
Cheek : Venus (Versatile)
Bassment Jaxx : Summer Daze EP (Atlantic Jaxx)
Corinna Joseph : Live Your Life With Me (Atlantic Jaxx )
Bassment Jaxx : Fly Life (Multiply)

and some favourites:

Dimitri From Paris : Dirty Larry (Yellow)
Bob Sinclar : Visions Of Paradise (Yellow)
Zach Tomms : Humm Drummer (Nervous)
DJ Pierre J : Feel This Groove! (Why Not Records)
i:CUBE : DingDingDing / Yes Mama (Versatile)

Al @ Headz

1. Dj Vadim: Conquest of the Irrational (Ninja Tune)
2. Fila Brazillia: Luck Be A Weirdo Tonight ( Pork)
3. Howie B: Angels Go Bald Too (Polydor)
4. Luke Vibert: Do Unto Others (Mo'Wax)
5. Up, Bustle & Out: Silks, Perfumes & Gold (Ninja Tune)
6. Tosca: Opera (G-Stone)
7. The Herbaliser: The Blend (Ninja Tune)
8. Mr Scruff LP (Pl easure)
9. Sukia: Contacto... (Mo'Wax)
10. ETA: Casual Sub (East West Dance)

dj mekaanikko - kosmonaut rekords - helsinki


1. The Advocate: Deviant (Criminal Communications)
2. Skool of Hard K nocks (Area 51)
3. Ray Keith: UFO vol. 3 (Penny Black)
4. Dom, Rob & Goldie: The Shadow 1-3 (Moving Shadow)
5. Nasty Habits: Shadowboxing Remix (31 Records)
6. Psion: Black Dawn/S4 (Audio Blueprint)
7. Grooverider: No Diggity (white) < br>8. The Dream Team: Drum & Bass World Series LP (Joker)
9. Shy FX: Wolf Remix (Ebony)
10. Embee: Get Funky in the Place (Juice)

Stevvi, C8

Narcotic Network Recordings 002
Zero Tolerance Records 008
Zero Tolerance Records 009
Zero Tolerance Records 010
Dance Ecstacy 2053
Loop Records 9701
Futureworld 003
Subversion 001
Ambush 002
Land Speed CFET Comp.

Collin, Amazing Discographies

techno: boards of canada - everything you do is a balloon (skam)
house: interloper - daddy vegas / seatac (plink plonk)
drumnbass: e-z rollers - sunset phobia (moving shadow)
triphop: akasha - spanish fly (wa ll of sound)
dub: kruder & dorfmeister - definition (g-stone)
electro: erik v/d broek - sunsonic soundscape (shiver)
ambient: resolution - the ghostwriter (swim~)
hardcore: wataru kishida - blank (bush)
idm: rejuvination - fallen arche s (soma)
?: amon tobin - mission (ninja tune)
pop: depeche mode - home (mute) (such a beautiful song)

The Ideal Hellbient Party Soundtrack Compiled by (the one time) DJ AndropovAKA Juri Nummelin, Pori/Tampere/Turku

(Not in order.)

The Crack House: My Revolution
The Demars: Lada
Lalo Schifrin & Alan Douglas: Amityville Frenzy
Stetsasonic: Talkin' All That Jazz (Dominoes Version)
Sly & Robbie: Make 'Em Move
DJ Hell: My Definition of House Musi c
Suicide: Ghost Rider
Ron Trent: Altered States
US3: Cantaloop
Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel: White Lines
Eric Peters: Mechanical Movement / Industrial Activity
Isaac Hayes: Run Fay Run
The Dave Howard Singers: Rock On
Aphex Twin: Z Twig
Syd Dale: Stanley Steamer 1 & 2
The Meters: I Need More Time
Laibach: Panorama
Jean-Jacques Perrey: E.V.A.
Eric B. & Rakim: I Know You Got Soul (The Double Trouble Remix)
Kool Mo Dee: Go See the Doctor
Spoonie Gee: All Shook Up
Alan Hawkshaw: The Roving Reporter
Dyke and the Blazers: It's Your Thing
Plastikman: Spastik
The Pop Group: Forces of Oppression
Wiseblood: Motor Slug
Prince Charles and the City Beat Band: Bush Beat
Green Velvet: Flash
Ministry: Jesus Built My Hotrod
Trouble Funk: Don't Touch That Stereo
The Dead Milkmen: You'll Dance To Anything
The Rochester-Veasley Band: Beat Bop / Tokyo Strut
The Naked City: Batman
The Monkees: Writing Wrongs

Greg Clow, Feedback Monitor, CIUT 89.5 FM, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Reflection - The Errornormous Void (Clear)
Lowfish/Solvent - split white label (Suction)
Jeswa - Skone (Schematic)
D.I.A.L. - The Pause That Refreshes (Spymania)
Einstürzende Neubauten - NNNAAAMMM Remixes by Darkus (Mute)
Spybey/T heriault - :spybey:theriault: (Ichor)
Squarepusher - Big Loada (Warp)
Odd Toot - Bampot (Recordings of Substance)
Jimpster - Martian Arts (Instinct)
V/A - Skampler (Skam/Silent)

Sean Cooper, July Top Ten < scooper@best.com >

1. byzar : gaiatronyk (asphodel)
2. drexciya : the quest (submerge)
3. various : from beyond vol. 1 (interdimensional transmissions)
4. invisbl skratch picklz : isp vs. da klams uv deth (asphodel)
5. various : electrecord 2000 (studio !k7)
6. push-button objects : push-button objects (schematic)
7. various : em:t 1197 (em:t)
8. pulusha : isolation (universal language)
9. jeswa : skone ep (schematic)
10. the melvins : honky (amphetamine-reptile)

The Rare Guy < buh@clark.net >

x top ten undesirable releases


1. Prodigy: Fat of the Land
2. Underworld: Born Slippy 12" remixes
3. µ-Ziq: Urmur Bile Trax
4. µ-Ziq: Lunatic Harness / My Little Beautiful
(the fact that Astralwerks put that STUPID ASS import ban on it, not that the actual album is bad.)
5. Future Sound of London: We Have Explosive
6. Mike & Rich: Expert Knob Twiddlers
7. Aphex Twin: Singles Collection
(because it was poorly compiled)
8. Dragonfly: The Technical Use of Sound in Magick
9. Mike Ink: Polka Trax

a. hmm... ah well... top nine then :P

x top ten all-time tracks next to Aphex Twin~ *


1. Squarepusher: Tundra
2. Gescom: Gescom 1 EP; Track 1
3. µ-Ziq: 27 / Twangle Frent / Hector's House / Phragmal Synthesis Part 1
4. St. Etienne: The Sea (PFM Mix)
5. Autechre: Eggshell
6. Future Sound of London: Among Myselves < br>7. Tupilaq: Chapel Perilous (Endemic Void's Hole-In-One)
8. FSOL: Pulse State
9. Jimi Tenor: Outta Space
a. Supernao: Superclear (demo-scene mod)

~ Aphex Twin will always be no.1 on any chart of mine, unless it's a slag chart.

* I chose the following tracks focusing on the beauty of the tracks themselves, not danceability or drug-ability or even excitability.

Harri from Helsinki House Underground
Lista 23.7.97

Theo Parrish presents Musical Metaphors ep: Carpet People Don't Drink Steak Soda(Sound Signature)
Freestyle Man: Que Domingo Inquieto(Puu)
EMode: House Life (Bootsound America)
Mark Grant: The Black Ghost(Guidance)
Backroom Boys: Can't Get Over (Ultra Records)
Wambonix:Thank You(Junior Boys Own)
Tyree: House Music is My Life(DJ International)
Soft Cell: Memorabilia(Vertigo)
Romanthony: Romanworld LP(Azuli)
Corrina Joseph: Lonely(Atlantic Jaxx)
Machine:There But The Grace Of God I Go(Unidisc)
Sterling Void:Runaway Girl(DJ International)
Pula Dub (Puu)
Ultra Nate: I'm Free (Strictly Rhythm)
Men From Nile Pt. 2 (Undaground Therapy Muzik)

Mixmaster Morris, Irresistible Force, A Site For Sore Ears, etc.

In no order whatsoever here's twenty tips...

Berger, Hodge, Moufang - Conjoint LP/CD(KM20)
Coldcut - Let Us Play v0.9 CD(Ninja Tune)
Maas - Look At Me Now Falling(SOMA)
Alishas Attic - Air We Breathe (T alvin Singh Mix)(Aa)
Photek - Modus Operandi(Science)
Jimpster - Martian Arts CD (Instinct)
DJ Trax - Looking Back (Nautilus)
Various Artists - East Westercism (Law & Auder)
Autechre - Cichli Suite 2x12"(WARP)
Invisible Skratch Pickles - Vs Da Clamz of Deth(Asphodel)
Terranova - Tokyo Tower(AGV)
Fila Brazillia - Luck Be A Weirdo Tonight(Pork)
J Majik - Album Sides E+F(Infra Red)
Various - Big Chill Vibes vol 1 CD(Global Headz)
Gescom etc. - Skampler(Silent US)
Wraparound Sounds - Tripitaka(Mouse)
Psy Clone - O.D.(Metalheads)
Various - The Knights Who Say Dot(Dot) CD
Sikora - Eigenheim(Klang)
Paul W Teebrooke - Connections(opART)

©+(p) mixmaster morris 97

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