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Jori Hulkkonen, F-Comm etc.

Vybin' in November 4 Theez:

1. Wavescape "Silicon Jazz"
2. Anthony Rother "Warm" (A1)
3. DJ Funk "We Gotta Love"
4. Pascal Pioux "High Funk"
5. Pepe Willberg "Elämältä Kaiken Sain"
6. Air "Le Soleil Est Pres De Moi"
7. Jii HOO "Let Me Luv U"
8. Nick Holder "We're Vindicators"
9. Roy Davis Jr "Gabriel"
10. Eric Gadd "The Right Way" (Mood II Swing dub)

DJ Waxman < > (Entropy, Helsinki, Finland)

1. Size 9: Mod-u-Like (Subhead 009)
2. Justin Berkovi: Gravel Heart EP
3. Code Red 3: Remainings
4. Future Frontier 8
5. Neil Landstrumm: Gottham City
6. Adam Beyer: Recoded
7. Model 500: No UFO's
8. DJ Umek's released output (Audio, Glutamate etc.)
9. James Ruskin: Transition/The Divide
10. Damon Wild: Subtractive Synthesis IV

pHinn, pHinnWeb

Twelve inches (and a 7", and even one CD single...):

Aphex Twin: Come To Daddy (WAP94, Warp)
Argonort: Mingus EP (DOT1208, Dot)
Funkstörung: Musik Aus Strom EP (1.08, Musik Aus Strom)
Morgan Geist: Linking Tunnel/Food & Fuel (CLR 433, Clear)
Jii HOO: Let Me Luv U (F076/080P, F-Comm)
Daniel Ibbotson: New Stories EP (Reel.One, Reel)
Metamatics: Beatsamatic Vol. 1 (CLR B Three, Clear)
Shizuo: Sweat/Stop It (GR032, Digital Hardcore Recordings/Grand Royal 7")
Skillsters: Skills? Plenty! E.P. (PYSSY1, Pyssy Recordings)
Luke Slater: Freek Funk (12NoMu56, NovaMute)
Super: Tempted (Odor 0,3, Odor CDS)
Third Electric / Artificial Material: Duologue EP (EZ-005, Ersatz Audio)
2K: ***K The Millennium [Version P - Royal Oak Mix by Panasonic] (BFFP 146 T, Blast First)
V/A: From Beyond EP Vol. 2 [feat. Sluts 'n' Strings & 909 / Flexitone / Phoenecia / 4E] (IT No. 5, Interdimensional Transmissions)

Long plays:

Aavikko: Derek! (BAD-68, Bad Vugum)
Friend: Hot Rod (DOTLP03, Dot 2-LP)
Stereolab: Dots and Loops (7559-62065-2, Duophonic/Elektra)
Vulva: Vulvic Yonification (970526, Source Records)
V/A: Kevin Saunderson Presents X-Mix - Transmission From Deep Space Radio (k7061cd, !K7)
V/A: Loops Again (SER-009, Serotonin)
V/A: This Is... Cult Fiction Royale (VTDCD151, Virgin 2-CD)


Cytrus: Cardial (audio tape)
Miles Davis: Sorcerer (PC 9532, Columbia, '67)
Lil' Louis & The World: French Kiss [Original Underground Mix] (49 78586, Epic Mixed Masters)
Ø: Atomit EP (TBPi 1203, Pi Recordings)
Rhythim Is Rhythim: Icon/Kao-Tic Harmony (MS.21, Transmat)

Rude 66 (Djax-up-Beats, Mind, Speedster)

In no particular order:

Luke Slater - Freek Funk (NovaMute)
FSUK - Chemical Compilation (Ministry of Sound)
Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy EP (Warp)
Outside Agency - We Are As Fresh As Ice Is Cold EP (Mokum)
Marko Laine - new EP (Djax-Up-Beats)
Plaid - Not For Threes (Warp)
Bowery Electric - Vertigo remixes (Beggars Banquet)
Bill Laswell - Meets Style Scott Inna Dub Meltdown (Worldsound)
DJ Seda - Vol. 1 (Djax-Break-Beatz)
Junkie XL- Billy Club EP (Medcom)

DJ Will Web from Detroit < >

For bookings call: 248-478-2377

1. Break Cover - Dave Clarke / BUSH:Deconstruction
2. Pocket Rocket - Will Web's Teklord on Deathrow Mix / Errotic City Communications
3. Work That Shit - DBX / Klang
4. Through The Mixer - JB3 (Advent Remix 2) / Novamute
5. White Label? - Luke Slater (Electro Track) / Novamute
6. Arrival - Will Web / Astralwerks
7. Jungle Fever - A1 People (played on 45) / Hydrogen:Dukebox
8. Beguiled - David Hollands / Sm:)e
9. Chi's Revenge - Angel Alanis / Contaminated Muzik
10. House on the Boulevard - Plant Works Vol.1 / Music Plant

James Bernard (Influx) Top 10

(not in any particular order)

Speedy J - Public Energy No.1
Squarepusher - Big Loada
µ-Ziq - Lunatic Harness
We - As Is
Transelectronic Theory - Anomalies (un-released material from RJ Valeo... a friend of mine)
Bochum Welt - Feelings on a Screen
Influx - TBA (un-released full-length for Isophlux Records coming soon)
Metal Beast - Sand Pail EP (Isophlux)
Torque compilation - (No U Turn)
My ARP2600 & Korg MS-20... buzz, twap, zquelch... brraaanggg...

Joonas / 5kr

hot tracks

* I-F: Space Invaders Are Smokin' Grass (interdimensional transmissions)
* SÄVEL: Sunflower (sävel)
* APHEX TWIN: IZ-US (warp)
* AUX 88: Electo/Techno (direct beat)
* JEFF MILLS: Axis-9 (axis)
* WILL WEB: Bioerasure (astralwerks)
* ROBERT HOOD: Sterno Mastoid (m plant)
(* Donalds Track/house for all??????)

DJ Teep (

"ten, again and again..."

Jonny L - obedience (xl)
^showing up you know who on the flipside of the piper remix.

I-f - space invaders are smoking grass (interdimensional transmissions)
^a stroke of genius from the hague dancemaster eye eff aye aye!

Baby Ford - mobile home (black market)
^deep and precisioned magestic techno soul boxwork

CAcounterattack - we can elude control (CAcounterattack)
^beautiful and original united kingdom techno on spy style 7"

Lowfish - helsi gotenks (suction)
^the erosion of boundries between drum and bass and techno

Bolzbolz - 32nd lesson (ersatz)
^tres chic wicked retro zipper popping sexy bass funk. UNGH!

Krok Vs Ectomorph - amp error (interdimensional transmissions)
^bumping electro bass alternately caressing and ass whipping.

Shake - 051 (interdimensional transmissions)
^live and direct with the classy electronic jam jive a la 808

Peel Seamus - audience ep (delsin.records)
^outstanding invocation, all styles appreciated.

sluts, strings & 909 - starchild (interdimensional transmissions)
^raw and rugged, funky and rough, sleazy strutt stuff.

alkemist, helsinki, finland


01 phosphotaze: tone works
02 jeff mills: la force
03 planetary assault system: in from the night
04 jeff mills: the extremist (retro mix)
05 dave clarke: red 2
06 joey beltram: step
07 surgeon: cable
08 marko laine: so what
09 neil landstrumm: eavesdropper
10 slam: program

Llama, Pulssi Records

Top Ten Playlist 061197

* C & G South System [Drumcode, dc11]
* Cari Lekebusch: Vänsterprassel Me' [Drumcode, dc10]
* Paul Mac: Seaside Electronics EP [Fragmented, fmd-005]
* Oliver Ho: bp09 [Blue Print, bp09]
* Souldestroyaz [Synewave, sw32]
* James Ruskin: Transition [Blue Print, bp08]
* Holy Ghost: Gone Fishin' [Tresor, tre83]
* D.J. Naughty: G. Style EP [International DeeJay Gigolos, gigolo-07]
* Gaetek: Slob-Ice EP [Primate, prmt015]
* Jeff Mills: Our Man from Havana [Purpose Maker, pm-004]

J. Hentilä, Hämeenlinna, Finland

3. DJ DEBO - Freak 4 Life (DANCE MANIA)
4. PREVIOUS - Independent Way (DESING)
6. DJ DEEON - Does Dancemania (DANCE MANIA)
7. JEFF MILLS - Axis-009 (AXIS)
8. DJ ZE MIG L. - L's Bells (DJAX-UP-BEATS)
9. JOHANNES HEIL & HEIKO LAUX - No Gain No Pain (i220)

Sean Cooper < >

1. Fennesz, Hotel Paral.lel (Mego)
2. Plaid, Not For Threes (Warp)
3. Lowfish/David Kristian, Suction 02 (Suction)
4. FX Randomiz, Goflex (A-Musik)
5. Various Artists, From Beyond Vol. 2 (Interdimensional Transmission)
6. Mouse On Mars, Instrumentals (Sonig)
7. Siro, Autojamz (Klang)
8. hab, maPOd (Dot)
9. Le Car, Automatic (Sabotage)
10. Biosphere, Insomnia (Origo Sound)

Sävel Selection 7+7

Jorailuun / For the party:

- Robert Hood: Station Rider E
- X-102: Enceladus
- Aphrohead: In the Dark We Live (313 remix)
- K-Alexi: All For Lee-Sah
- Maurice Joshua: Feel the Mood
- The Martian: Stardancer
- Round Two: New Day

Tunnelmointiin / For the moods:

- Rob Hubbard: Commando Theme
- Kraftwerk: The Model
- Depeche Mode: Enjoy the Silence
- Pelle Miljoona Oy: Moottoritie on kuuma
- A-ha: The Sun Always Shines on TV
- Dire Straits: Brothers in Arms
- JiiHoo: Let Me Luv U

Greg Clow, Feedback Monitor, CIUT 89.5 FM, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Console - s/t 12" & Panorama CD (Payola, Germany)
Blond - s/t 12" (Payola, Germany)
Snowe - s/t 12" (Payola, Germany)
Schneider - s/t 12" (Payola, Germany)
Kammerflimmer Kollektief - s/t 12" (Payola, Germany)
Tied & Tickled Trio - Constant 12" & s/t CD (Payola, Germany)
Friend - Hot Rod 2xLP (Dot, Sweden)
Argonort - Mingus 12" (Dot, Sweden)
Emergent Behaviour - Elephants All The Way Down CD (demo, US)
Journeyman - National Hijinx CD (Ninja Tune, UK/Canada)

PLUS a guilty pleasure...

Suede - Sci-Fi Lullabies 2xCD (Nude, UK)

Thaddi Herrmann, Sonic Subjunkies, Berlin, Germany

01. MONSIEUR TRAKTOR - Decay Product (Chain Reaction, CD 03)
02. RHYTHM & SOUND W/ TIKIMAN - Music A Fe Rule (Rhythm & Sound 01)
03. SOURCE DIRECT - Jade (SD 08)
04. BEEQUEEN - The Surrough Gate (Ant.Zen Act 64)
05. FEED VS. AUDIOLIFE - C.E.T. ( Case Invaders 06)
06. N-DEE - Drifting Away (Case Invaders 07)
07. THE CONET PROJECT (Irdial tcp 1)
08. KARMA - Pad Sounds (Groove Attack)
09. CHRISTOPH DE BABALON - If You're Into It, I'm Out Of It (DHR CD 08)
10. ALEC EMPIRE - The Geist Of Alec Empire (DHR / GEIST 001)

Huopa, Spinni, Tampere, Finland

Gus Gus: Polyesterday (off "Polydistortion")
Future Sound of London: Cascade (off "Lifeforms")
Plug: Drum'n'Bass for Papa (off "Drum'n'Bass for Papa")
Squarepusher: Big Loada (off "Big Loada")
Future Sound of London: Glass (off "Dead Cities")
Bill Laswell: Digifaktura (off "Oscillations")
Omni Trio: Haunted Kind (off "Haunted Science")
Shogun: Wind Dancer [remix] (off "In Order to Dance 6, session 1")
Propeller Island: Sulfur (off "Materia Prima")
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Lacrimosa (off "Requiem")

Him & Her, Spelunk Recordings

random samplings from the current play crate...

- BolzBolz and Rootpowder/"Megaperls"/Formic Records
- Samual L. Session/"Technosoul pt.1"/Cycle
- Move D & Namlook II/"Down to the EMC Where We Chill Out"/Fax
- Oliver Barkovic/"Blackfoot"/High Test
- Herbert/"Phono DJ" (2x12")/Herbert
- Cheap Knob Gags/"Knob 5" (2x12")/Cheap Knob Gags
- R Brown & C.Duckerfield remix of Beaumont Hannant/"Notions of Tonality 1"/GPR
- Various/"Loops Again"/Serotonin
- M:1:5/"Rondo"/Profan
- Dirk Mantei/"Hydroponics"/Source Direct
- Christian Morgenstern/"Miscellaneous" (2x12")/Kanzlerant
- Christian Vogel/"Specific Momentific" (2x12)/Mille Plateaux
- Gilb-R and Danny Coffey/"Balance"/Selec

peel seamus (delsin.records), the netherlands

(no particular order)

korsakow - japanese fastfood - bcc
bolz bolz - 32nd lesson - ersatz audio
theo parish - smile - music is...
christian morgenstern - miscellaneous - kanzleramt
demon - atypique - 20000 st
plaid - not for threes - warp
reflection - lost tapes in african loops (as one mix) - clear
danny breaks - space chameleon - universal language
steve bicknell - lost recordings #3 - cosmic
4 hero - earth pioneers - talkin' loud

MSC Harding, Touch

1. The Conet Project (IRDIAL)
2. Daniel Menche - Field of Skin (Soleilmoon)
3. Koji Asano - fret (Solstice)
4. David Rothenberg - Unamuno (Felmay)
5. Bruce Gilbert - In Esse (Mute)
6. Yuji Takahashi Plays John Cage (Fylkingen)
7. Anthony Manning - Concision (IRDIAL)
8. Rusenberg & Werner - Lisboa Soundscapes (Zwerg)
9. Various Artists - tulpas (Selektion)
10. Matt Kinnison - Ring Modulator Music (Cassette demo)

Robin Rimbaud, Scanner

Nov 1997

1. Snowe - High Density (Payola)
2. Steve Reich - Works (Nonesuch)
3. To Rococo Rot - Paris 25 (City Slang)
4. Mouse on Mars - Twift (Too Pure)
5. . F X Randomiz - Goflex (A - Musik)
6. Various - Rhythmic Intelligence (Sub Rosa)
7. Various - Decay (Ash International)
8. Saucer - Wurmtrip (Karaoke Kalk)
9. Alec Empire - Geist of... (Geist)
10. Tosca - Fuck Dub (G - Stone)

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