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pHinn, pHinnWeb

Twelve inches:

Ambush: The Hostile (UR)
Bochum Welt: Desktop Robotics (2x12", Rephlex)
Cylob: Diof 97 (Rephlex)
Depth Charge: Disko Vixen (DC Recordings)
Green Velvet: Destination Unknown (Relief)
Jori Hulkkonen Kemistä: Rokataan Täysillä (Hybrid)
Peikko & Lassi: Pula Dub (Puu)
Psyche/BFC: Elements 1989-1990 (2x12", Planet E)
Jimi Tenor: Sugardaddy/Take Me Baby (Warp)
Tuomas Juhani: Tengo Trax (Trainspotters Nightmare)

Long plays:

Broadcast: Work And Non Work (CD, Warp)
Can / Various: Sacrilege (2-CD, Mute)
Circle: Fraten (CD, Metamorphos)
Drexciya: The Quest (2-LP, Submerge)
Ø: Tulkinta (CD, Sähkö)
Primal Scream: Vanishing Point (CD, Creation)
Surgeon: Basictonalvocabulary (CD, Tresor)
V/A: House Life (LP, Millenium [sic] Records/Bootsound America)
V/A: Tresor 5 (CD, Tresor)
Luke Vibert: Big Soup (2-LP, Mo' Wax)


* Alejandro Jodorowsky & Martin Fierro: Shades Of Joy - Music of El Topo
(Original Soundtrack) (-71? LP, Douglas 6)
[Thanks to DJ Entox for getting me this gem!]
* Ash Ra Tempel & Timothy Leary: Seven Up (-72 CD, Spalax)
* Dick Hyman: Moog - The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman (-69 CD, MCA/Varese Sarabande Vintage)
* DJ Teep: Pocket Bass (mixtape)
[Thanks to Sasha Kipervarg from Boston for sending me this, along with two other Teep tapes, Star Wars Rebel Snowspeeder, Crayola Sidewalk Chalks and Floam Bucket! Sheesh, man, you must have known I don't get enough toys living here in Finland! ;)]
* Eric Peters: Electromusic (-72 LP, KPM Records)
[Cheers to DJ Andropov!]

DJ Sam, Dig Deeper, Lahti

Spanish Fly EP (Aquarius Records)
Jaqueline Brown - My House (Stench Of Flowers)
Pure Science - Cool Breeze (Re-Hab)
Powerplant Revisited - Symphonic Days (chord44)
Bob Sinclar - Visions Of Paradise (Yellow)
Tape Friction - Soul Friction (DS Spectral Recordings)
New Soul Fusion - Prelude (Soma)
Sound Experience EP (white label)
Corrina Joseph - Live Your Life With Me (Atlantic Jaxx)
Zack Toms presents Hum Drummer - If You Belive (Nervous)

[NOTE: this chart is taken from the site mentioned above, with the kindpermission of its author.]

DJ EPPU, DigDeeper, Lahti

Motorbass - Pansoul LP (Different Recordings)
Fantom - Faithfull (Source)
Don Disco De Super Bleep - Play House (Lo Soul 3000)
Flexible EP (Rotax Disques)
Dj Slip Presents Silver Haze - Cosmopolitan EP (Makeout Music)
Black Jazz Chronicles (Nuphonic)
Persuasion - The Bone (Open)
Philippe Maurice III - Moon Underwater (Acid)
Groove Armada - M 2 Many (Tummy Touch Records)
Afrodizzyact - Strange (Rainy City)

[NOTE: this chart is taken from the site mentioned above, with the kindpermission of its author.]

6 (6k, EHX, Edinburgh,Scotland)

1. Boards of Canada - Everything you do is a balloon (Skam)
2. Bassment Jaxx - Summer Daze EP (Atlantic Jaxx)
3. Robert Hood - Puppet Master (M-Plant)
4. Jörg Mager EP (Function)
5. Dark Comedy - 7 Days (Elypsia)
6. E-Dancer - Velocity Funk (KMS)
7. Adam Beyer - 9 (Drumcode)
8. Carl Craig - Songs about ... (Planet E)
9. Blake Baxter - H Factor (Disko B)
10. Brian Storm - Semi Detached House Music (T&B)

See also EHX Chart Page.

The Trout Lounge July/August Swooning Underwater Top Ten
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Microstoria - Reprovisers
Various Artists - Lo Recordings Vol 4: Further Mutations
Mouse On Mars - Cache Coeur Naif
Squarepusher - Big Loada
Paul Schutze - Abysmal Evenings
Stars Of The Lid - The Ballasted Orchestra
Radiohead - OK Computer
Arvo Pärt - Te Deum
Laika - Sounds Of The Satellites
David Toop/Max Eastley - New & Rediscovered Musical Instruments

Cameron < >
House Trix

urban haze "set yo body free" (basement jaxx)
dimitri from paris "just about right" (bno)
super discount "le patron est devenu fou!" [two lone swordsmen dub mix](different)
dirty jesus "don't fuck with my shit" (paper)
cheap knob gags "#5" (cheap knob gags)
lino squares "here come the squares" (humboldt county)
moodyman "bosconi" (planet e)
doctor uggs "sucker" [rhk remix] (liquid)
noturrno "after hours ep" (melt)
faze action "plans and designs" [various lp selections] (nu phonic)

Llama, Pulssi Records

1. Adam Beyer: DC09 [Drumcode]
2. Surgeon: Basictonalvocabulary [Tresor]
3. Robert Armani Presents DM224 [Dance Mania]
4. Jori Hulkkonen Kemistä: Rokataan Täysillä [Hybrid]
5. Rok/Jonzon: Club Berlin [Internationa DeeJay Gigolos]
6. DM218 Test Pressing [Dance Mania]
7. Outline meets Surgeon [Blue Print]
8. Oliver Ho: Chasm EP [Drumcode]
9. DM221 Test Pressing [Dance Mania]
10. Dj Hyperactive: RX Tribe [Planet of Drums]

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Dave, Trikoo, Tampere
Dave's 30 Favourite 12":s (in no particular order)

Super Nova: Planetary Invazion EP
Jeff Mills: Tomorr W (Axis 18)
Robert Hood: Internal Empire (M-P 302)
Morgan Geist: Rotating Retrospective E.P.
Jeff Mills: Force Universelle EP (PM 3)
Rhythim Is Rhythim: Icon (Transmat)
Skyway (Steel City 108)
Li'l Louis: French Kiss (Epic)
Maurizio: M7
Jonzon: Testosterone EP (Space Teddy)
Nordic Soul System (Sävel 2)
Jeff Mills: Kat Moda EP (PM 2)
Cybersonik: Backlash (+8)
Juno Reactor: God Is God (Blue Room)
Cajmere: Feelin' (Live)
Monobox: Realm (M-P 308)
Rhythim Is Rhythim: Nude Photo (Transmat)
Motion Unit: In The Land Of Phunk (Confused)
Lasalle Trax Volume 2 (Jack 3)
Robert Hood: Moveable Parts Chapter 2 (M-P 307)
Ephebe Two (Ferox 22)
Suburban Knight: The Groove (Transmat)
Scan-7: Black Moon Rising (UR 27)
Shake: Club Scam 2 (Frictional 6)
Abacus: Analog Trks Vol 1 (Guidance)
Robert Hood: The Pace (M-P 306)
Kulprit: Solo (Headzone 7)
Suburban Knight: The World (Transmat)
All Day Long (M-P 309)
DBX: Neurotika (Probe 7)

DJ Teep (

1. From Beyond Vol. 2 - Various (Interdimensional Transmissions)
2. From Beyond Vol. 1 - Various (Interdimensional Transmissions)
3. PlanetShockFutureRock - Buckfunk 3000 (Language)
4. Spank-Spank - Phuture (Trax)
5. Old Machines Rule - Phreax (MC Projects)
6. Licence to Drive - The Private Lightning Six (Sabotage)
7. Electrosmog - Third Electric (Electrecord)
8. Aufenthalt - Dynamo (Din01Dyn)
9. Headphoneasy Rider - Baby Ford (Black Market)
10. Confusion - New Order (Factory)

Stevvi, C8.Com

Narcotic Network Recordings 002
Zero Tolerance Records 010
Dance Ecstacy 2057
Loop Records 9701
Futureworld 003
Praxis 024
Chrome 014
Kotzaak 009
V/VM 002
SubVersion 002

Joost de Lyser (Surreal Sound, Cybertheatre Brussels)
top 10 over 97, (so far)

1) Qmoog - the arc of blueness lp
2) Dan Curtin - horizontal momentum
3) Dark comedy - clavia's north
4) Le car - monoplaza 1
5) I-F - space invaders
6) Electo.Music.Specialists - inc the funk
7) Squarepusher - beep street
8) Cybonix - cybonix in effect
9) Ectomorph 3
10) Squat - monoton network

Greg Clow, FeedbackMonitor, CIUT 89.5 FM, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Pilgrims of the Mind - What's Your Shrine? (Map, Canada)
Coldcut - Let Us Play (Ninja Tune, UK)
Autechre - Cichli Suite EP (Warp, UK)
Twilight Circus - Bin Shaker Dub (M, Netherlands)
V/A - Joint Ventures (Ninebar, UK)
Xingu Hill - Relay (KK/Nova Zembla, Belgium)
V/A - Real Music for Abstract People (Silver, Belgium)
Plaid - Undoneson EP (Warp, UK)
Melting Man - Laparotomy (Jet Propulsion, Canada)
Akotcha - Sound Burger (Pork, UK)

Christoph De Babalon, Cross Fade Enter Tainment
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7 Year Bitch - Dead Men Don't Rape (outpunk5)
A Moment In Eternity - (Adverse)
Uncivilised World 3
What Is It You Really Want? - (Ambush02)
Embolism (Bloody Fist10)
IBM (Battle Trax)
DJ Controlled Weirdness (Unearthly 1)
Shizuo & Scud "Braindead" (DHR)


1 Spacer: Elements Of Twist / 12" (Pussyfoot/UK)
2 Ian O'Brien: Tattoo Jazz / 12" (4th Wave/UK)
3 Elixir: Dark Spheres / 12" (Language/UK)
4 Genf: Aachen-Brüssel / 12" (Compost/GER)
5 Juryman Vs Spacer: No Prints, No Trace / 12" (SSR/BEL)
6 Buckfunk 3000 : In Is In / 12" (Language/UK)
7 Ian O'Brien: Intelligent Desert II / 12" (Ferox/UK)
8 Mung: Rectal Toolkit EP / 12" (Blue Planet/UK)
9 Endemic Void: Lamentations / 12" (Language/UK)
10 Massive Attack: Risingson / 12" (Virgin)
11 Morgan Geist: The Driving Memoirs / 2x12" (Clear/UK)
12 O Yuki Conjugate: OYC / 7" (Staalplaat/HOL)
13 Mode-M: No Return / 2x12" (Op-Art/UK)
14 Gemini: In And Out Of Fog And Light (Peacefrog/UK)


1 Spacer: Sensory Man / 2LP-CD (Pussyfoot/UK)
2 Mouse On Mars: Autoditacker / CD-2LP (Too Pure/UK)
3 Made On Earth: Made On Earth/ CD (Crammed/BEL)
4 Various: Avantgardism 2 / 2CD (Law & Auder/UK)
5 Beanfield: Beanfield / CD-2LP (Compost/GER)
6 Coldcut: Let Us Play / CD-2LP-CD-ROM (NinjaTune/UK)
7 David Kristian: Beneath The Valley Of The Modular / CD-2LP (Discreet/CAN)
8 Arto Lindsay: Hyper Civilizado / CD (Rykodisc)
9 Frank Heiss: Presents 360 Degrees / 2LP-CD (Blue Planet/UK)
10 Tosca: Opera / CD-2LP (G-Stone/AUSTRIA)
11 Fila Brazillia: Luck Be A Weirdo Tonight / CD (Pork/UK)
12 Photek: Modus Operandi / CD-2LP (Science/Virgin)
13 Luke Vibert: Big Soup / CD-2LP (Mo Wax/UK)
14 Baby Mammoth: One Two Freak / CD (Pork/UK)
15 Paul W Teebrooke: Connections / CD-2LP (Op-Art/UK)
16 Placid Angles: Cry / CD-2LP (Peace Frog/UK)
17 Sukia: Contacto Espacial con el Tercer Sexo / CD-2LP (Nickel Bag/USA)
18 Omni Trio: Skeleton Keys / CD-2LP (Moving Shadow/UK)
19 Akotcha: Sound Burger / CD (Pork/UK)

DJ Entox, The Skreem < >

1.SchimpfluchGruppe & Ruzelstirn&Gurgelstxck - "Mama/Das Fest" (Schimpfluch 26, Switzerland)
2. Various -"Unter schrecklichen Lärm..." (Membrum Debile Propaganda, Germany)
3. Masonna- "Sonic Devil" (P.A.L. 15, USA)
4. Various- "Ground Zero" (Outcast Clan 019, UK)
5. Anal Cunt "Everyone Should Be Killed" (Earache, US)
6. Mamarracho- "Fifty-Nine" 7" (Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers, UK)
7. Atrax Morgue - "Lesion 22" (Slaughter, Italy)
8. NO-TEK 03/04 (France)
9. Lasse Steen (Agent Orange 7, Germany)
10. P.W.E.I. - "This Is The Day, This Is The Hour, This Is This!" (RCA/BMGUS)

Jori Hulkkonen (F comm etc) Top 10:
Soulful Stuff/September '97

1. Mad Moses "Panther Party" (Todd Edwards Rx)
2. Flow "Blind Rithm"
3. Galactic Disco "Mullethead Digifunk"
4. .isolhe "Initiate 2"
5. Romanthony "The Wanderer" (Journey Man Thump)
6. Todd Edwards "Fly Away"
7. Epic Desire "Can't Live Without Your Love"
8. Nate Williams "Klimax" (Roy's Total Recall Mix)
9. Jii HOO "Let Me Luv U"
10. Boogie Brothers "Feel Me"

DJ Infekto (aka DJ Formula), Pyssy Records, Tampere

1. Freestylers: Breaker Beats (Freska Nova)
2. Shy FX: The Call (Breakdown)
3. Cut Chemist: Lesson 6 (Om Records)
4. DJ SS: Bronze (white label)
5. Lion of Judah: War Dance (Congo Natty)
6. Propellerheads: Velvet Pants (Wall of Sound)
7. Coldcut: More Beats & Pieces (Ninja Tune)
8. DJ SS: Silver (white label)
9. Masta Ace: Born To Roll (Delicious Vinyl)
10. Les Rhymes Digitales: Jacques (Wall of Sound)

DJ Coma, Kilta, Tampere
(Homepage opening soon at
Dj'ing Topsies

(In non-realistic order)

Acidy music:

DJ Valium: Aruwesche-Tam (Teknotika, Eye-Q)
Taucher: Waters Phase IV (Quad Communications)
Jacknife: Springboard EP (Harthouse UK)
Dave Angel: Tokyo Stealth Fighter (Island Records)
Ben Tisdall: Filaments Part 1 (Bush)
Damon Wild Vs. Function: Covert Operations (Synewave New York)

Trancy music:

Paul Van Dyk: Forbidden Fruit (Deviant)Jens: Loops & Tings - Bootleg Mixes (white label)
Cygnus X: Orange Theme (Eye-Q)
L.S.G.: Hidden Sun of Venus, Oliver Lieb Mix (Superstition)
Sean Dexter: My Kingdom (SMP)
PH1: Sizzling Love (No Respect Records)
Vincent de Moor: Flowtation (Deal Records Netherlands)

T. Civill (the l.i.v.e. projects of DJ Coma)Top Listening & Spinning In Livingroom

The Wiseguys: Casino "Sans Pareil" (Wall Of Sound)
Funki Porcini: Love, Pussycats & Carwrecks (Ninja Tune)
United Future Organization: Fools Paradise (Mercury)
Jedi Knights: Dance of the Naughty Knights (Universal Language)
Ghetto Brothers: Pumpin' Bass Manoeuvres (ESP)
Jefferson Airplane: White Rabbit
Vampyros Lesbos: The Sexadelic Dance Party
Depeche Mode: Jazz Thieves
William Orbit: Barbarik
Musique Les Plantes Vertes: Various Artists (F Comm)

Top Tunes In My Jeep:

Wu-Tang Clan
Jungle mixtapes
My own mixtapes :)

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top 6 august 1997

dj krust - soul in motion
tribe of issachar - wardance
krust & die - cash till
repraznet : heroes (origin unknown remix)
chronic 13 & 14
stakka & k-tee : andromeda

Heinrich Tillack, Jakpot Records
CHART 8-97

1. Axis Compilation (Sony Japan)
2. Erik B & Rakim - Casulties of War
3. new John Beltran LP (Peacefrog)
4. Surgeon LP (Tresor)
5. Foxy Brown - Bad Bad Mama
6. SWV feat. Puff Daddy - Someone

The playlist at Touch, week beginning 25th August 1997.
Compiled by MSCHarding & Vicki Bennett

1. Live and Final Fridge by PITA and General Magic (Source Records)
2. Raumpatrouille by Peter Thomas Orchestra (Bungalow)
3. Buy Me, Sue Me by Stock, Hausen and Walkman (Hot Air)
4. Eboka: baAka Songs and Ceremonies from the African Rainforest (SoundReporters)
5. Francisco Lopez - Untitled no. 76 from Decay - forthcoming Ash International European compilation
6. Hate People Like You by People Like Us (Staalplaat)
7. The Game of Death/Night Games by John Barry (Label unknown)
8. Scumtron - MERZBOW (Blast First)
9. Hand of Doom by Andy Votel (Grand Central)
10. cichlisuite mechanically reclaimed by Autechre (Warp)

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