Last time updated December 19, 1997

Psyched, Switzerland

  • The Modernist "Opportunity Knox" (Eat Raw/Harvest)
    groovy Detroit/house on this one! Of course, in the flavor of Burger, from the Cologne posse.
  • Cold "Strobe Light Network remixes" (Elektrola)
    a track from a Icelandic(?) guy with a remix from Sven Väth. Cold ambient for the dark winter nights...
  • Die Elektronische Wohlfahrt "Treffpunkt Freizeit" (Lab Rec)
  • Aphex Twin "Come To Daddy" (Warp)
    oh, funny voices. last track is absolutely brilliant.
  • Pete Namlook + Richie Hawtin "From Within 3" (FAX)
  • Khan "Silentmoviesilverscreen" (Caipirinha Music)
    as usual, Khan is on his own path.
  • The Herbaliser "Blow Your Headphones" (Ninja Tune)
    heard this one late. luv the rap of female rapper What What.

  • Llama, Pulssi Records

    Top Ten Playlist
    Last updated: 011297

    * Christopher Just: I'm a Disco Dancer Remixed [International DeeJay Gigolos, gigolo-08]
    * G Flame & Mr G.: The Nastiness EP [Metalbox, almc3]
    * C & G South System [Drumcode, dc11]
    * Tyree Presents: Future Recooped [Dance Mania, dm244]
    * Jeff Mills: Steampit EP [Purpose Maker, pm-005]
    * Cari Lekebusch: Vänsterprassel Me' [Drumcode, dc10]
    * Jim Hopkins presents - Disco Dubs - Vol.1 [Twitch, tw-ep-05]
    * Paul Mac: Bateman Tower EP [Fragmented, fmd-008]
    * Oliver Ho: bp09 [Blue Print, bp09]
    * D.J. Naughty: G. Style EP [International DeeJay Gigolos, gigolo-07]

    And of course, being Christmas, we need at least Dj Deeon's "The Season To Be from P.I.M.P." [dm-202] and some traditional Christmas Songs, my favourite being "Jingle Bells" sung in Finnish by Brita Koivunen on some 20 year old 7-inch I found in my bookshelf.

    For booking contact Mind Records!

    Thaddi Herrmann, Sonic Subjunkies, Berlin, Germany

    01. Monsieur Traktor & Sascha (Various Artists) - 8.5 (Fat Cat)
    02. Monolake - Hongkong (Chain Reaction CD 04)
    03. Markant - Metabol E.P. (Dyade 01)
    04. Mat 101 - eNiAc E.P. (Nature, Nat2108)
    05. Memory Foundation - Your Last Chance (M-Plant 010)
    06. Various Artists - Mini Mealtime (planet 5 Promo)
    07. Autechre - Any No. between 1 & 17 (Pure Plastic 014)
    08. Hidden Agenda - ? (Creative Source 016 Promo)
    09. v/vm X-Mas 7"
    10. Current Value - Implant 25 (Don Q Dubplate)

    Radio Massive, 2 hours strictly Drum'n'Bass, hosted by BassDee and Thaddi, every Monday 23.00 CET. More info:

    Sean Cooper < >

    1. Anthony Manning, Concision (Irdial)
    2. Mika Vainio, Onko (Touch)
    3. Various Artists, "From Beyond Vol. 3" (Interdimensional Transmissions)
    4. Richard Thomas, Shoes and Radios Attract Paint (Lo Recordings)
    5. Fusion, "Funk At Five" (Ferox)
    6. System Error, Nothing (Headphone)
    7. Klys-Tron, "Love, Pain, Ecstasy" (Electrecord)
    8. BolzBolz, "BolzBolz EP" (Ersatz Audio)
    9. Various Artists, Decay (Ash International)
    10. Arvo Pärt, Tabula Rasa (ECM)

    Greg Clow, Feedback Monitor, CIUT 89.5 FM, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    pHrack R - Computer Deck Aid 12" (Fused & Bruised, UK)
    Sexyrubbersole - Break Fluid 12" (Snake Eyes, UK)
    Animals on Wheels - Designs & Mistakes CD (Ninja Tune, UK/Canada)
    Tim "Love" Lee - Confessions of a Selector CD (360/Silent, US)
    Various - The Death of Cool 2x12" (Noodles, UK)
    James Hardway - Welcome to the Neon Lounge (Substance, UK)
    A Reminiscent Drive - Mercy Street CD (F Communications)
    Transformantra - Liquor Mart 12" (Silver, Belgium/Canada)
    Mental Blox - Machine 12" (Spinyl, US)
    Magick A - Lemon, SAAB 96 and a book CD (April, Denmark)

    Lance C. McGannon: ½ of Inaudible duo

    1. Cron: Electron Core (21/22 Corp)
    2. Dan Curtin: It's All Good (Peacefrog)
    3. Grumptronix: Blacu Orchid/Mannequin Lung Rmx Version One (Erotic City)
    4. Archetype: Blueshift (21/22 Corp)
    5. Low Res: Skid (Plug Research 10)
    6. R.E.A.L.M.: Swift Kick (Plug Research 10)
    7. Claude Young: Quicksand (Elypsia)
    8. Gez Varley: Cocoroach (Studio k7!)
    9. Mannequin Lung: The Silver Stakes (Plug Research 10)
    10. Mion: Drop The Filter (Music Man)

    John Cellura, Bent Crayon

    w moon - one earthquake a day (i220)
    dark ages - masterplan (definitive)
    rejuvination - estrada (music man)
    adam beyer - drum code 1 planetary assault sys remix 2 (primate)
    holy ghost - 3 fingers lou (tresor)
    dj slip - singularity (kanzleramt)
    advent - bluprint 5 remix (metalbox)
    clemens neufeld - ather (fon)
    dhs - house of god (surgeon mix) (missile)
    tim taylor vs dj slip - fear of music 002 (fear of music)

    DJ Sam, Dig Deeper, Lahti, Finland

    1. DJ Rasoul : Make Da Party Rock
    2. DJ Vice : You Won't Go
    3. Kings Of Tomorrow : Organ Warfare
    4. Experiment 43 : I Got U Wondering
    5. Blue Train : Get Movin (Johnick Trumpet mix)
    6. Iz & Diz : Down 4 U
    7. Lemon Jaxx : Bop City
    8. DJ Sneak : Can't Hide From Your Bud
    9. Espirito Du Tempo : Babatunji's Dub
    10. Yusuf Lovey : Sea Horse

    Franz Enmark, Plod, Sweden

    My chart:

    X. Quant | Breaking and Entering (Dot)
    X. Ballistic Brothers | Rude System (Soundboy)
    X. As One | Planetary Folklore (Mo Wax)
    X. Squarepusher | Burning'n Tree (Warp)
    X. Roupe | Transport Solutions (Dot)
    X. Jan Johansson | Jazz på Svenska
    X. Chemical Brothers | Block Rocking Beats (Freestyle Dust)
    X. David Holmes | Let's Get Killed (Go! Beat)
    X. Peter Wahlbeck | Music Für Allum Twice II (Trumtrum)
    X. Public Enemy | Fear of a Black Planet (Def Jam)
    X. Suede | Sci-Fi Lullabies (Nude)
    X. Michael Fakesh | Demon 2 (Music Aus Strom)
    X. Björk | Everything
    X. Quant | Quant (Dot)

    J.Hentilä, Hämeenlinna, Finland

    Current topseven

    1.CHRISTOPHER JUST - I'm A Disco Dancer (Dave Clarke Remix) (GIGOLO)
    4.GOLDIE FEAT. KRS ONE - Digital (Armand Van Helden Remix) (FFRR)
    5.THOMAS BANGALTER - Trax On Da Rocks (ROULE)

    DJ Karri (Helsinki, Fin)

    Urgent Top 3 (12th of Dec):

    1. Lexicon: Lessons (album) [Plastic City]
    2. Terry Lee Brown Jr. : Chocolate Chords (album) [Plastic City]
    3. Farley "Jackmaster" Funk: Love Can't Turn Around (repress)

    Check out

    pHinn, pHinnWeb
    Sodomize Santa Chart

    Twelve inches, one 7" and even a CD EP

    Autechre: Cichlisuite. Mechanically Reclaimed by Autechre (WAP96CD, Warp)
    BolzBolz EP (EZ 006, Ersatz Audio)
    Ciclop EP (00004, Zhark)
    Circle: DisCo (ZR-04, Zerga, 7")
    Crusader EP (00003, Zhark)
    Taylor Deupree EP (DUM L-04, Dum)
    Grumptronix: Nightmoves Remixes - by Will Web & Mannequin Lung (ECCO 2, Erotic City Communications)
    In The Bush EP (00002, Zhark)
    Reflection: Remixed - Morgan Geist & As One mixes (CLR434, Clear)
    UR: Message To The Majors (UR-023, Underground Resistance)

    Long plays

    Plaid: Not For Threes (WARPCD54, Warp)
    Squarepusher: Burningn'n' Tree (WARPCD53/SPY 7, Warp/Spymania)
    V/A: Sauna Connections Ltd. Edition CD (sauna ltd 6666-2, Sauna Connections)
    V/A: Skampler (Skam/Silent)


    Model 500: No UFOs / Future (M-001, Metroplex, 12", '85)
    Faust: The Faust Tapes (ReR F2 CD, ReR Megacorp, '71-'73)
    Radiohead: OK Computer (7243 8 55229 2 5, EMI, CD)

    DJ Mekaanikko, Helsinki, Finland

    current top 10 in no particular order

    1. The Dream Team: Coast 2 Coast '97 (Joker)
    2. Cath Coffey: Tell Me [A Guy Called Gerald Remix] (Island)
    3. Gold Remix (Formation)
    4. Jungle Brothers: Jungle Brother [Urban Takeover Remix] (Gee Street)
    5. P. Rayner: Hero (Formation)


    DJ Mekaanikko best of '97 top 10 in no particular order

    1. The Advocate: Deviant (Criminal Communication)
    2. Skool of Hard Knocks: Get Down (Area 51)
    3. Embee: Get Funky in the Place (Juice)
    4. The Dream Team: Coast 2 Coast '97 (Joker)
    5. Psion: Black Dawn (Audio Blueprint)
    6. Dillinja & Lemon D: Acid Trak (Pain)
    7. Adam F: Metropolis Album Version (F Jam)
    8. Dom & Rob & Goldie: The Shadow (Moving Shadow)
    9. The Fugees: Fugee-La [Aphrodite Bootleg Remix] (white)
    10. Jungle Brothers: Jungle Brother [Urban Takeover Remix] (Gee Street)

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