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14 april 2008

all the latest updates from now on at...

Chicks on Speed @ pHinnWeb Blog

11 april 2007

Kiki Moorse (ex-CoS) has now her own site, at Alongside DJing, she also has a new project with Andreas Reihse of Kreidler, called Bad French.

10 april 2007

Chicks On Speed will have their new single Art Rules out soon. The single was already out last year as a promo version, the artwork of which you can see above (the final release may have a different artwork).

Artist: Chicks On Speed Title: Art Rules
Cat.No: COSR35CD
Label: Chicks On Speed Records (Germany)
Year: 2006 (promo) / 2007


1. Art Rules
2. Art Rules (Rock Mix)
Remix - A Scholar And A Physician Remix [With] - Anat Ben-David, COS, Douglas Gordon
3. Art Rules (Christopher Just's Hard One)
Featuring - Douglas Gordon
Remix - Christopher Just
Voice [Guest Dealer] - Olivier Belot

Credits: Guitar [Guest] - Martin Philadelphy
Written by - Murray-Leslie, Just, Moorse, Logan

Notes: Sold at Chicks On Speed concert / art performance Art Rules, held with Douglas Gordon and Christopher Just at leading art centres worldwide (Centre Pompidou, Paris - MoMa, New York - Moda Fad, Barcelona - Museo de Arte Contemporánea de Vigo).

9 april 2007

From CoS mailing list:

Last call for Electric Ladyland, the Girl Monster-inspired music festival in Den Haag, the Netherlands.
This Friday, April 13rd, these Girl Monsters will perform live and DJ at the Paard van Troje:

ALEX MURRAY-LESLIE (chicks on speed)
ANN SHENTON (add n to x)

Still some tickets (EUR 10) available. Show your ticket at the merchandise stand for a free 7" with exclusive tracks by all headliners plus a brand new, specially recorded track by Chicks on Speed called "Witches".

Order on-line or buy your tickets at Paard van Troje, La La Land Records or any Ticketservice outlet.

Not able to come, but interested in a copy of the single anyway? Order your single by mailorder.

More info:

31 march 2007

Please join Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary for the Vienna version of the LIVE PERFORMANCE:
ART RULES! by Chicks on Speed
with Douglas Gordon & Christopher Just
on Saturday, April 28, at 9.00 PM.

Venue: Gartenbaukino, Parkring 12, 1010 Vienna

Tickets € 17 / 13.

Following two sold-out shows at New York's MOMA and at Centre Pompidou in Paris, Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary proudly presents ART RULES! in Vienna, with videos, visual and audio material produced during a residency in town.
DJs Mel Merio and Christopher Just at the after party in the foyer.

On Thursday, April 26


A one-hour multimedia presentation, dealing with contemporary female art in relation to working, payments, intellectual property.

At Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, Himmelpfortgasse 13, 1010 Vienna.

Free Admission. Starts at 7.00 PM.

See you there!

19 march 2007

CoS newsletter 19 march 2007

15 march 2007

by Alex:

Begin forwarded message:

From: Kids On TV (
Date: March 14, 2007 2:25:19 PM GMT+01:00
To: Kids On TV (
Subject: Deletion of Kids on TV & other gay artists account from myspace

Press Statement:

On March 1, 2007 Kids on TV had their myspace account deleted with no warning or specific explanation by myspace. We suspect that, although we kept our site visually "PG-13" and played by the rules, the discussion of sexuality in our lyrics and the open embrace or radical culture was too much for myspace. We definitely ran into their limits whatever they were. They never responded to our questions either which is the experience everyone has apparently.

Myspace specifies that there be no nudity or "sexually suggestive photos". Altho nudity is pretty specific, the phrase "sexually suggestive photos" is vague enough to mean anything to anyone on the myspace staff. We demand that this phrase be removed or replaced.

We have set up a myspace profile where we encourage people to post their stories of myspace censorship as comments - especially stories where the artist suspects a political bias to the censorship. We recognize that all censorship is political. However, we have a theory that recently (and in the past) myspace has been deleting accounts simply because they represent radical views, and express those views in images, video and music. This censorship will undoubtly continue and may result in the deletion of the page we created for censorship discussion. In the meantime we need to document and discuss these cases when they result from the homophobia, sexism, racism etc. of myspace staff and policies. We have not found a corresponding page on myspace and the forums on censorship that we found seem pretty inactive. Others may exist that we haven't found.

Once we created the page we were surprised that everyone who responded to it with a story of censorship was a gay artist. Admittedly we are (or rather were) in touch with many gay artists via our myspace account. But this doesn't explain the repeating pattern.

Someone mailed us asking why is censorship a problem if we are all constantly spammed by commercial porn profiles - and when they appear in banner ads. The emerging cases documented on the censorship page seem to be mostly gay/sex-lib arts groups - not commercial ones. The groups that are targeted for censorship seem to be mostly non-profit, activist groups. We believe that the reason that there are so many commercial porn profiles whose accounts are not deleted is because they are paid advertisers of myspace. It seems that the way the myspace software is set up, myspace can filter and direct adult content based on the age of the profile owner receiving the content, but only for advertisements - not profiles. myspace has no designation of adult content. thus the same week Kids on TV's account was deleted we had banner ads every day advertising porn / adult dating services with "sexually suggestive photos" every time we logged into our account. Which is fine by us. we just want the same courtesy


Kids on TV pages:

Myspace Political Censorship Page:

Articles about Kids on TV's experience:

Toronto indie music thread:

11 march 2007

by Alex:

we are in the art social pages!!! so funny!

10 february 2007

CoS newsletter 10 february 2007

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