A slice of liver cake

Mark Roland, Future Music Issue 55, April 1997

The first we heard in this country was when a track from the album, Down Town, popped up on last year's superb compilation Blech, mixed by the masterful DJ Food.

"It was mastered really low in terms of levels. It sounded really quiet to me. It was lower than all the other tracks. I heard it and thought, 'Great, thanks'.

So how did a Finnish chap with a penchant for the avantgarde come to sign to Warp Records, home of the cleanliness of modern techno?

"Steve from Warp saw me playing live once," recounts Jimi. "It was in Vienna and I was caressing a liver cake which someone [Mika Vainio of Panasonic -ER] had brought me on stage. I don't know, it's some horse meat thing. And he thought he had to sign me."

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