The Liberace

Mark Roland, Future Music Issue 55, April 1997

The Liberace This peculiar-looking stainless steel object was custom-built for Jimi. It sits over a record deck which has a special record on it, made of metal with holes in it. The holes go past the coils from a Fender Rhodes piano on the Liberace which are activated by the buttons. The are different records with a range of sounds and rhythms on them for Jimi to choose from. "When the guy [Matti Knaapi, who's responsible for Jimi's peculiar instruments -ER] built it, it kept sending this ghost signal for a who le day. He took it to his lab to try to find out where it was coming from. He never did. I mean, there's nothing in there to make a sound. It was a message from out of space and after a day it mysteriously vanished. He phoned me and made me listen to it, it was this low repetitive bumping noise."

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