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Introduction by Julian Cope

"So when I talk about psychedelic rock, I don't mean hippie music (like Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, etc.) at all, I mean the all-too-few records produced by teenage bands in the short time between their discovery of hallucinogenic drugs and the end of their particular line of rock evolution. What makes these records interesting is that the basic attitudes, styles and mentalities that made punk rock so attractive and inspirational to us in retrospect, were solidly behind the move into psychedelia.
Only the imagery changed, and with it an increase in the potential for extreme naivete and stupidity which were punk's prime attributes. [ ... ]

Obviously, psychedelic drugs affected different people in different ways. Tim Leary and his intellectual friends were wafted into oriental mysticism, but imagine the effects on the kids in punk bands whose mental worlds up to then had revolved around cars, girls, beaches and detention. They saw the colors, heard the voices, and what else could they do? They freaked out!"

- Grew Shaw, Bomp!

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    US & UK Bands:

  • ? & The Mysterians
  • Davie Allan & The Arrows
  • The Amboy Dukes
  • The Barbarians
  • The Barbarians @ UBL
  • Syd Barrett / The Pink Floyd
  • The Beacon Street Union
  • The Beatles. Of course!
  • Blue Cheer
  • Blue Cheer (2)
  • Blue Cheer @ UBL
  • The Blues Magoos
  • The Calico Wall
  • The Chocolate Watch Band
  • Count Five @ UBL
  • The Creation
  • The Cryan Shames
  • The Cyrkle
  • The Del-Vetts
  • The Electric Prunes
  • The Five Americans
  • The Fleurs de Lys
  • Kim Fowley (official)
  • Kim Fowley
  • The Bobby Fuller Four
  • The Bobby Fuller Four @ Wikipedia
  • The Godz
  • Tommy James & The Shondells
  • Kenny and the Kasuals
  • The Kinks - a big influence!
  • The Kingsmen
  • The Knickerbockers @ UBL
  • The Left Banke
  • The Left Banke @ Wikipedia
  • The Litter
  • The Lollipop Shoppe
  • The Lollipop Shoppe @ Wikipedia
  • Love
  • The Monks
  • Mouse & The Traps
  • Mouse & the Traps (2)
  • The Music Machine
  • The Nazz
  • The Outcasts
  • The Outcasts (2)
  • The Pretty Things
  • Paul Revere and the Raiders
  • The Remaining Few
  • The Remains
  • Richard and the Young Lions
  • The Rolling Stones
  • The Shaggs
  • The Seeds
  • The Shadows of Knight
  • The Sonics
  • The Sonics (2)
  • The Standells
  • Strawberry Alarm Clock
  • Teddy and His Patches
  • The 13th Floor Elevators
  • The Vagrants
  • The Yardbirds (a big influence on all mid-60's US garage bands!)
  • Zakary Thaks



  • Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era, 1965-1968.
    Includes track lists, complete liner notes, photographs and much more.
  • Nuggets II: Original Artyfacts From The British Empire & Beyond, 1964-1969

    Record labels:

  • Bomp Records
  • Cicadelic Records
  • Norton Records
  • Rhino Records

    Regional scenes:



  • Os Mutantes @ Wikipedia
  • Os Mutantes
  • Os Mutantes
  • Os Mutantes @ Perfect Sound Forever
  • Os Mutantes @ UBL (see also Mutantes)


  • Canadian 60's Garage Bands



  • Q65
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    The Trip

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