The Calico Wall



1. Flight Reaction/I'm A Living Sickness (Dove Acetate no number) 196?
2. Flight Reaction/Beep (Tuttle 1107) 1967

(Re-release: Get Hip Records, GHAS-9, 1995)

Hailing from the suburbs of Minneapolis, they produced a single entitled 'Flight Reaction' which attempted to recreate the thoughts of someone sifting in an airplane before takeoff and, fearing that the plane will crash, experiencing an attack of paranoia. An acid punk classic, it is now available to all on several compilations:- Changes; Mayhem And Psychosis, Vol 2; Pebbles, Vol 3 and Pebbles Box Set.

Equally brilliant was 'I'm A Living Sickness': fuzz-laden, with great sound effects and tonsil-tearing vocals, it was later covered by Green Telescope and The Fuzztones. This has since resurfaced on Get Primitive (The Best Of Pebbles); Psychedelic Unknowns (The EP) and Psychedelic Unknowns (the LP) and The Acid Dreams Testament (CD). They also had a track 'Flight Reaction' on Money Music, a rare 1967 compilation of Minneapolis bands, and 'Flight Reaction' and 'I'm A Living Sickness' both appeared together on a reissue 45, which is already becoming rare and sought-after. Their original recordings are red-hot and now practically impossible to find - however be warned that Beep is just that - a continuous tone... check out an excerpt on the Everything You Always Wanted To Know... CD.

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