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I-f In The Mix: January 2001

i-f images from club telex, tampere, 8 september 2000 & helsinki turbo 5, helsinki, 9 september 2000

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BUNKER (Den Haag, Holland)

Various Artists
The West Coast Electro Sound Vol. 2 (2-LP)
* featuring I-f

NOTE: artists include also RAX, Duracel, Overdose & Duracel, Schmerzlabor, Nimoy, Syncom Data and DJ Technician.

BUNKER 3000 (Den Haag, Holland)

Various Artists
The Hague Rocks the Planet #2
* I-f: Runner (instrumental)

NOTE: a mix collection.

CLONE (Rotterdam, Holland)

Bros. Fuck

The Brothers Fuck & Friend (12")
Clone #7
A1. Brother F. (Floating Away In A Hole Darker Than Yours), Enlightened Mix (L. Eyes)
A2. Minimal Fuck (Lonny Eyes/ F. Guillotine)
A3. Sentimental Fuck Thing (F. Guillotine)
B1. You Suck (F. Guillotine)
B2. You Don't Know (M. Scaletti/ F. Guillotine)
B3. Sunday Sex (M. Scaletti/ F. Guillotine)
B4. Pay Back (L. Eyes/ F. Guillotine)

[Brothers Fuck File]

The Men You'll Never See Remixes (12")
Clone #11
February 1999
* remixes by E'Nome/Adult/I-f

Clone Recordshop

HOTMIX (Delft, Holland)

Various Artists
Hotmix presents - Music Compacte vol 1 (CD)
1. Unit Moebius - Dolfinarium **
2. I-f feat. Helga LaBlaque - Playstation #2 *
3. The Parallax Corporation - Lift Off *
4. Duracel - U-Turn *
5. Electronome - Influence *
6. I-f - Superman *
7. Alden Tyrell - Love Explosion *
8. Melvin White - Slique Brown Gloves *
9. Electronome - V = for Viewlexx *
10. I-f - Theme from PACK (Parallax Corp. remix) *
11. Electronome - Een Drumcomputer en een synt. *
12. Ilsa Gold - Meine Garage *
13. I-f - I Do Because I Couldn't Care Less *
14. I-f/DJ Overdose/Alden Tyrell - Us & Ours & You & Yours **

tracks: * = First time available on CD, ** = previously unreleased

Only available on CD.
Distribution / Mailorder: Clone


Lonny and Melvin
When A Job Has To Be Done, Do It Yourself EP
Sabotage/Craft #33
23 June 1998.
1. The Job (Themesong)
2. Suck The Box*
1. Geld
2. Theme From Murdercapital (The Ride)*
3. Taken Care Of Business (Return To Sunwheelbeach-Bar)

* taken from Murdercapital M-001: Interference vs That Nigger.

NOTE: Item packed in a photosleeve featuring the story of a day in the life of Lonny and Melvin.

Liner notes

© + (p) 1998 Lonny & Melvin and Craft Records
A division of Sabotage Communications
Fax: +43-1-218 31 55
E-Mail: sabotage@silverserver.co.at

Lonny Eyes = I-f

[Lonny Eyes File]

Digital Tensions 12" EP
Craft. 34
A1. Pornpet
A2. ül
A3. Drah
AA1: Bannlust
AA2. Rub-ice
AA3. Pornpet (Louis XIV rmx)

NOTE: incl. Los Muchachos Gruesos (= I-f & DJ Overdose) remix.

Liner notes

© + (p) 1998 Bannlust/I-f/DJ Overdose and Craft Records
A division of Sabotage Communications
Fax: +43-1-218 31 55
E-Mail: sabotage@silverserver.co.at

VIEWLEXX (Den Haag, Holland)


Playstation #1
Viewlexx 000
June 1998

NOTE: I-f featuring Helga La Blaque: Playstation #2 (one sided, limited promo featuring the unreleased vocal version of Playstation #1 which came out on 'Fucking Consumer' [Disko B]. Only 200 copies.)

VIEWLEXX V-002 special edition
June 2000
1. I-f: Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass
(Remastered version, this time WITH beat)
2. I-f: Secret Desire
3. I-f: Playstation #2
4. I-f: Us & Ours & You & Yours (Feat. A. Tyrell and DJ Overdose)

NOTE: Finally available on home vinyl!

Portrait Of A Dead Girl (LP)
A1. Envy
A2. I Do Because I Couldn't Care Less
A3. Nothing Else
B1. Little Japanese Feet
B2. Superman
B3. Sweepstake

NOTE: the track 'Sweepstake' not included on Disko B version.

/links/artists/I-f/pic/testpil1.JPG /links/artists/I-f/pic/testpil2.JPG

Viewlexx Presents:
Testpilot Vol. 1 (33 RPM/12" + 45 RPM/10")
A1.1. Jungian Archetype: Pursuit Of The Blue Car (R.I.P) [5:30]
A1.2. I-f: Shadow Of The Clown [7:20]
A2.1: I-f: Casablanca Sunrise [7:38]
A2.2: Jungian Archetype: Who Are You...?! [7:50]
B1.1: I-f: Holding Your Breath [8:58]
B2.2: I-f: The World Is You [7:45]

NOTE: re-released in 2000.

Brown Elbow

Various Artists
The Brown Elbow Conspiracy (12")
* 7 untitled tracks

/links/artists/I-f/pic/ifspyke1.jpg /links/artists/I-f/pic/ifspyke2.jpg

Various Artists
Spysatellite (12")
A1. Ilsa Gold: Meine Garage
A2. DJ Pure: Breakfast Session
B1. IMP / I-f: Cry
B2. Passarani 2099: Zero

Beverly Hills 808303 v.s. Hott (2x7", colored vinyl)
* 4 untitled tracks

NOTE: I-f is also a member of Beverly Hills 808303. Click here for discography information.

The Parallax Corporation
Cocadisco I (12")

I-f/Parallax Corporation
Coca Disco ll (City of Destiny)
promo: 2000 / official release: 2001
A1: Crocodiles in the sky (Vox)
A2: Crocodiles in the sky (Fred Ventura rx)
A3: Crocodiles in the sky (Instr)
B1: Robosexuality
B2: Theme from Cocadisco

Written, Composed and arranged by I-f & IG. Produced and mixed by I-f.

Limited edition black labels only, official release 2001.

Press Notes: "Another limited pre-release taken from the forth coming Parallax corp. Album by I-f and his partner Intergallactic Gary. A 5-track dance floor burner, with some exclusive tracks which won't appear on the album. A unique house meets disco meets electro style which perfectly fits in every great Saturday night out. This may be one of those records wich set a trend (remember that I-f have had such impact before with a whole bunch of his records and also with his unique DJ style!!). We try to give everyone his share, but preorders might help to give you the quantities you need! (Check www.hotmix.nl for realaudio)"



The South-West of Holland, just another day in the year 3000.

Cocadisco, the new and improved formula. Our message is clear: Mass manipulation due to highly addictive sound waves forcing human beings into habits and lifestyles, all controlled of course by the Parallax Corporation.
Cocadisco 1 proved we were not kidding.
In November 1998 the naive Interr-Ference and Intergalactic Gary, both working musicians and entertainers for the Murdercapital organisation were made an offer they couldn't refuse; Either to go down with the Murdercapital promotion team, or join The Parallax Corporation in their efforts to control life on this planet and keep operating in the frontlines. The choice was easy, the results more than satisfactory.
Now time has come to present to you: COCADISCO II.
With vocals from Nancy Fortune and Mr. M. Large, a genuine Italo remix from Milano by Fred Ventura, added Nicotine from Texas, grind Coca leaves from Cochabamba and Coffee flavour from Paramaribo; Only the best ingredients are used in this product."

MURDERCAPITAL (Den Haag, Holland)

/links/artists/I-f/pic/mcapia1.JPG /links/artists/I-f/pic/mcapib1.JPG

I-f / TN
Murdercapital MC 001 (12")
MC 001
July 1996
A1. I-f / TN: Track I
A2. I-f / TN: Track II
A3. I-f / TN: Suck The Box (Vocals: TN)
B1. I-f: Theme From OK (Okidoki Remix)
B2. I-f: Theme From Murdecapital
B3. I-f: The Incestual Adventures Of The Illustrious Pornocowboy

NOTE: Only 200 copies heavyweight vinyl available.
NOTE2: this one has been re-released in 2000.

REFERENCE (Den Haag, Holland)

Arzemis 16
HM 12109
A. Original Version
B. Interr-Ference rmx.


Various Artists
The Dark Side Of The Sword... a quest for a better tomorrow... (12")
A1. Passarani 2099: The Dark Mask
A2. I-F: Envy
B1. Sprawl: E-Blast
B2. Mat-101: Entereg

* I-f: Sloth


I-f - Electromagnetic Atmospheres (EMF 09/12)


I-f - Pain In The Pacific (STOP 1/REPHLEX)

DISKO B (Munich, Germany)

I-f info page @ diskob.com

/links/artists/I-f/pic/ifkeski1.jpg /links/artists/I-f/pic/ifkeski2.jpg

Portrait Of A Dead Girl - The Cause (12")
DB 51 / EFA 12291-6
A1. I Do Because I Couldn't Care Less... [4:47]
A2. Superman (Live At "De Bruine Planeet") [5:47]
B1. Nothing Else [5:32]
B2. Little Japanese Feet [5:57]

Written and produced by INTERR-FERENCE
Recorded at the 9th Level for
Show Me Yours Productions
Licensed from VIEWLEXX, The Hague, Holland


Portrait Of A Dead Girl II - The Conclusion (12")
DB 59 / EFA 12299-6
1.1. The Search [8:31]
1.2. Torment [6:38]
2.1. The Man With The Stick [7:24]
2.2. Endtheme [5:15]

All tracks composed, written and produced by I-f.
Recorded at 9th Level Hotmix.
Except 2.2.: vocals and lyrics by G.D.
Mixed by Nimoy.
Recorded @ Beep 2000, The Hague

NOTE: there is also a version of 'Portrait of a Dead Girl' on Viewlexx Records (see above), including a track called 'Sweepstake'.

Nimoy / i-F
Space Toilet (12")
DB 57 / EFA 12297-6
1.2. Brainsnack [5:16]
1.2. Plasma [5:17]
1.3. Womb Funk [3:28]
2.1. Remix [5:12]
2.2. i-F: Kid Appeal [2:40]

Written & produced by Jan Duivenvoorden,
2.2. by Jan Duivenvoorden and F.E. Van Der Sluijs.


Fucking Consumer (2xLP/CD)
DB69 / EFA 29469-6
April 1998
A1. Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass [6:08]
* taken from Interdimensional Transmission IT4: *From Beyond Vol. 1*
A2. Theme From Sunwheel Beachbar [6:21]
* performed by *The Steelband On Crack* +
B1. I Do Because I Couldn't Care Less *USA Mix* [5:08]
* previously unreleased
B2. Spiegelbeeld [6:56]
* previously unreleased
C1. Playstation No. 1 *Instrumental* [5:01]
* previously unreleased
C2. Disco Slique *Instrumental* [5:36]
* previously unreleased
D1. Assault On Radio Radical [4:51]
* previously unreleased ++
D2. Energy Vampire [6:58]
* previously unreleased

+ Steelband On Crack is Lonny *Lookout* Eyes and Melvin *Ninebal* White, appearing courtesy of Pametex
++ Inspired by John Carpenter

All tracks written, composed, produced and performed by Lonny Eyes@Ninth Level Hotmix for Hotmix Elektro-Nix/Show Me Yours, except track A1: recorded@Audiopack.
Track C2 + D1: recorded@Pametex.

Mastered@Pametex. Engineered by P.A.C.K.

Design by Andreas.Doehring@D-Office.De

CD track list:

01. Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass [6:08]
02. Theme From Sunwheel Beacbar [6:21]
03. I Do Because I Couldn't Care Less [5:08]
04. Spiegelbeeld [6:56]
05. Playstation No.1 (Instrumental) [5:01]
06. Daddy Says [0:30]
07. Torment [6:38]
08. Energy Vampire [6:58]
09. Disko Slique (Instrumental) [5:36]
10. Cry [6:28]
11. Assault On Radical Radio [4:51]
12. The Man With The Stick [7:30]
13. Endtheme [5:14]

The CD bonus tracks are:

06. Previously Unreleased
07. Taken from Disko B DB59: *Portrait of a Dead Girl Vol.2*
10. Taken from Viewlexx V12/4: *Spysatellite*
12. Taken from Disko B DB59: *Portrait of a Dead Girl Vol.2*
13. Taken from Disko B DB59: *Portrait of a Dead Girl Vol.2*


Playstation #2 (12")
DB 079
early 1999
1. Playstation #2
2. Quest
3. Spiegelbeeld remix

NOTE: "The long awaited I-F album The Man From P.A.C.K. will be released shortly, but first is a 12" with 3 non-album tracks. 'Playstation #2' is a real hit which was already included on Fucking Consumer in a secret instrumental version."

DJ Hell
Suicide Commando (Remix) 12" DB 070
August 30, 1998
B. Suicide Commando (I-f Remix).

NOTE: Actually this is a 'Los Muchachos Gruesos' remix.
Los Muchachos Gruesos is I-f and DJ Overdose.


The Man From PACK (2-LP/CD)
DB 083
April 1999
1. Secret Desire (vox) - 4:57
2. Theme From Pack - 4:37
3. Spysatellite Communication Sequence - 3:18 (CD only)
4. The Getaway Scene - 4:20
5. Moonbase next to G. - 4:20
6. Weightless Approach - 5:37 (CD only)
7. Eyes in the Sky - 2:27 (CD only)
8. Rage of Aquarius - 4:48
9. The Man from PACK - 6:04
10. Midnight Connection to Mars - 4:32
11. Floating away in a hole darker than yours (melvin white rmx) - 4:32 (CD only)
12. The Wanderer - 3:45 (CD only)
13. Secret Desire (Instr.) - 4:48 (CD only)
14. Il Tramanto - 2:52

NOTE: on Disko B for Europe


Various Artists
Land Speed Record
* 4. I-f: Torment
Taken from Portrait Of A Dead Girl 2. © & (p) Viewlexx 1996
Recorded at the 9th Level for
Show Me Yours Productions/Hotmix Electro-Nix 1996.
Written, composed and produced by Ferenc Van Der Sluijs.
* 13. I-f: Theme From OK (Hott's Okidoki Remix)
Recorded at the 9th Level for
Show Me Yours Productions/Hotmix Electro-Nix 1996.
Written, composed and produced by Ferenc Van Der Sluijs.


Various Artists
Chinese Revenge (12")
A1. Interr-Ference: Shadow Of The Clown

NOTE: (I-f)Narco-Etat/Viewlexx Productions.
Licensed from V12/2.

(Other artists on this record: Gabriele Rizzo, D'Arcangelo, A.D.C)

e-mail: eclectic@flashnet.it
tel/fax: 0044 181 964 8944 (UK div.)
demos: c.p. 14213 00149 Rome (Italy)


From Beyond

Various Artists
From Beyond Volume 1 of 4 Limited Edition EPs
IT No. 4
* A2. I-f: Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass

I-f appears courtesy of Viewlexx, Den Haag

NOTE: other artists are Le Car, DJ Godfather and Mike Paradinas.

From Beyond

Various Artists
From Beyond (CD)
IT No. 8
* I-F: Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass

NOTE: a compilation of the four EPs of From Beyond series.


Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass
IT NO. 9
A1. Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass (Original)
A2. Secret Desire (Instrumental)
B. Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass (Extended 12" Version)

I-f appears courtesy of Viewlexx, Den Haag.

Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass - Remixes (limited edition 12")
IT No. 9 ltd.
* remixes by Ectomorph and Electronome


The Man From P.A.C.K. (2-LP/CD)
IT No. 10
April 1999?
A1. Secret Desire (Vox)
A2. Theme From PACK
B1. The Getaway Scene
B2. Moonbase Next To G
C1. Rage Of Aquarius
C2. The Man From PACK
D1. Midnight-Connection To Mars
D2. II Tramonto

NOTE: Artwork for the sleeve by Le Car's Adam Lee Miller. White labels released on the second week of June '98.

The Man From P.A.C.K. (12")
IT NO. 11
April 1999
* long version
* Theme From Pack (Parallax Corporation remix)

NOTE: the album will be preceded by a 12" featuring extended versions and a few non-album tracks.



Atomic Nation
Atomic Nation (12")
July 2000
* Atomic Nation (I-f remix)


Japanese Telecom
s/t (CD)
Intuit-Solar 1005
August 2000
* 9. i-F's the men from the pack remix

NOTE: a compilation of Japanese Telecom's 12"s plus some remixes.
See also: Dopplereffekt.

On compilations:

!K7 (Berlin, Germany)

Various Artists
Dave Clarke Presents
X-Mix Electro Boogie (2-CD)
Disc 1
>Dave Clarke's Mix
* 16. I-f: I Do Because I Couldn't Care Less
Disc 2
>The Tracks * 11. I-f: I Do Because I Couldn't Care Less

Various Artists
Dave Clarke Presents
Electro Boogie Vol. 2
* 7. I-f: Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass

LEADED (Germany)

Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass (remixes) leaded012
* original
* Zombie Nation remix
* Electrochemie LK remix

Forthcoming stuff:

I-f/BMG collaboration

313 332 7907 fax


Thanks for information to Lance McGannon, Hans Veneman, The Amazing Arnold, Turbo, Tomi Koskinen, Jeroen van der Star, Frédéric Malouin and Hotmix. This is an unofficial, uncommercial, non-profit fan tribute/info page with no intention to rip anyone off.


DJ Ferenc RealAudio

Track list:
1: ELECTRONOME - What's Your Planet? (Viewlexx promo)
2: DYI - The Man You'll Never See (MAP)
3: ELECTRONOME - Lox (Viewlexx promo)
4: BOARDS OF CANADA - Trapped (Mask)
5: THE X MEN - Professor X (X-Files)
6: CHARLY - Spacerwoman (Mr. Disk)
7: ATOMIC NATION - (Promo)
8: SLUTS 'N STRINGS - Again And Again (Cheap)
9: COMPLEX NUMBERS - Robot Mix (Deep Bass)
10: I-F - Theme from PACK (Interdimensional Transmissions)
11: I-F - Secret Desire (Interdimensional Transmissions)
12: KEITH TUCKER - Face Your Fate (Puzzlebox)
13: I-F - Playstation #1 (Special Skip Mix) (Disko B)
14: I-F - Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass (Interdimensional Transmissions)
15: Le car - (White label)
16: DJ ASSAULT - Every Freaking Day (Electrofunk)
17: DJ ASSAULT - Same Hoe (Electrofunk)
18: I-F - Disko Slique (Disko B)

mix cds

Mixed Up In The Hague Vol. 1
Special Sequence Mixed For Dancing
Panama Records
http://fly.to/panamamix |

(tracklisting picked from the Net, including original notes by the unknown poster)

1 eog-solid liquid
2 *yellow magic orchestra*? -primitive world
3 -*can't remember right now*-world invasion
4 -*giorgio moroder (from the soundtrack to midnight express)* -the chase
5 -*man parrish*-manmade
6 -*jonzun crew* AND *newcleus* both did songs with the title, so i wouldn't know which one it was until i heard it -space is the place
7 -*can't remember right now*-spacerwoman
8 -*i know this one but can't think of it right now!*-the voice of Q
9 vangelis-blade runner (end title)
10 -robot is systematic
11 alden tyrell-love explosion
12 kraftwerk-tour de france
13 -super shuffle
14 -*alexander robotnick*-problems d'amour
15 -take a chance
16 -*a few people have done songs with the title, so i'd have to hear it to know*- dirty talk
17 *ditto*-living up
18 *ditto*-feel the drive
19 -catch
20 -een drumcomputer en een synthesizr iii\
21 -influence
22 -*sharivari*/*a number of names*-sharivari


Rumours say...
I-f is also "The Parallax Corporation" together with Gary Timothy
. I-f used Jungian Archetype and Hott as pseudonym for earlier acid and techno experiments.
All of this unconfirmed, of course.


i-f @ discogs.com







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