i-f talks

by DJ Entox, The Skreem #19, 1998

Interr-Ference is Holland's electro master. His labels Reference, Murdercapital, Viewlexx, Hotmix, Acid Planet and all its offshoots have given the world some booty-shakin' acid tunes, hot retro-electro, minimalist funk and techno classiques galore. We only recently realised we never managed to talk with the man before, so we might as well now, as there have been some changes with his labels, Holland and the world in general. So, here's the man on everything.

Entox: So, what's been up in the sewer?

I-f: Business as usual: trying to survive and gaining world domination.

Entox: How is life in general for you?

I-f: Life is like a big bowl of acid punch. The next day you're crazy as fuck or dead.

Entox: What labels are under your supervision now?

I-f: Murdercapital and Viewlexx. Reference & Interr-fered have been terminated.

Entox: Why did you stop using the "Beverly Hills 808303" name? Did Aaron Spelling threaten to sue you?

I-f: No. I just stopped producing acid since I don't wanna repeat myself; the 303 is a monster, but there comes a day when you get the feeling that you've already done it all.

Entox: Are you patriotic about Holland?

I-f: Not really. And Holland is not so patriotic about me either.

Entox: What are the best & worst things about Holland?

I-f: Worst is the faux-tolerance and the Calvinist sons of bitches which are still running the place. The good thing is the government pays half of my apartment's rent.

Entox: Do you feel that sometimes your government is too liberal? Are people in Holland as liberal as foreign people think?

I-f: In general people are not very liberal here. They only take you seriously when you have a 9 to 5 job and a Mercedes. And they can't wait to get their opinion out when somebody fucks up. Because everybody here has got an opinion but doesn't do anything to change his or her situation. It's always somebody else's fault. (Most unpopular groups are the unemployed and the immigrants.) We need them in order to feel superior. Last year was also classic for the capitalist system: The rich got richer again and the poor got nothing. But the gay scene gained more tolerance, and you CAN smoke grass in coffee shops. You can even ask a police officer for a nice coffee shop. Both are minor issues, but I think it's better than nothing.

Entox: Is Den Haag really murder capital of Europe?

I-f: What do you think?

Entox: What is your opinion on Amsterdam? Is it all show and no substance?

I-f: Amsterdam is nice if you go there as a tourist and not longer than for a day. But there has never been any actual underground or a movement out for change. (Only a strong gay scene.)

Entox: What is your opinion on drugs?

I-f: I'm for legalisation of drugs worldwide. So governments can control and gain taxes which they can spend on more health care, better schools and asphalt. (I do not understand why we have to pay for health care insurance and for schools). It also guarantees a certain quality and wipes out crime regarding drug trade, which again saves a lot of money, because the police can be out on the streets checking if you wear your seatbelt.

Entox: Can you tell us about the men of the Murdercapital team featured on your Web site?

I-F: Not at this moment. I'm working on a Murdercapital magazine. Featuring a lot of pictures, stories and artwork of the last 5 years. Also new pictures and the truth concerning our associates are in the making. (The "Fucking Consumer" booklet contains a short description of their career.)

Entox: What are your top 5 electro records?


#1: Charly - Spacerwoman
#2: The X-men - Professor X
#3: Keith Tucker - Face your fate
#4: Ectomorph - 1, 2 & 3 (I can't choose!)
#5: Electronome - Music telex

Entox: Was there much of an electro/breakdance scene in Holland in the 80's?

I-f: There was definitely a scene but very underground. I was not really interested in the scene, just in the music. (Which I felt was like magic.) Media in Holland was not so hyped those days, since we had not much commercial TV stations. Now they hear about something and try to milk it.

Entox: Can you breakdance well? If so, do you have any secret moves?

I-f: I cannot breakdance; I don't dance at all. But instead of breakdancing I learned to mix and scratch records. I quit the scratching, but I'm still mixing...

Entox: What was the best breakdancing fashion item?

I-f: I don't know and fashion sucks anyway.

Entox: Have there been any good parties or live act shows lately?

I-F: Not really. Everything seems to got stuck, since everybody does the same thing lately and with lack of passion. The people here in the west of Holland got so trendy, that they completely miss any new or different things happening. My guess is they rather watch white trash dating shows on TV.

Entox: What kind of movies do you like? What is the best Dutch movie?

I-f: "Loos" is a typical Dutch movie I really like. Made by Theo van Gogh. Also "Zusje" is great. (Forgot who made it.) Big classic is "Soldaat van Oranje" about the resistance in Holland during WWII. Do not trust your neighbour when the shit hits the fan.

Entox: Is there really a deviant/nasty porno underground in Holland?

I-f: Yes. You name it, we got it. But we cannot beat the Belgians. (Belgium is the Paraguay of Western Europe.)

Entox: Why is all Dutch food fried?

I-f: We don't care for taste, as long as we get it fast. Efficiency and speed in consuming are the most important things in life for the 'Nederlander'. But I gotta go now, I'm supposed to meet some friends at the local McDonald's.

Copyright © 1998 The Skreem / John Fanning. Reprinted with a permission.