Craft 34

Digital Tensions  incl. Los Muchachos Gruesos RMX
Craft. 34 / 12" EP

Finally on wax: Bannlust's "Digital Tensions" as a 6-track EP including a 'Los Muchachos Gruesos' RMX (I-F/Dj Overdose feat. Helga LaBlaque) of "Pornpet", which comes in a dirty downtempo hip hop style rolled out in the torture chamber of Louis XIV.

Bannlust is the new project of Krok's Marco Fischer from Leipzig. It is his second full-length release for Sabotage/Craft after contributing some killer tracks for the Sabotage compilations "Five" and "Electro Juice" on "Digital Tensions" he takes another ride into the dark side of electro, similar to Skam and earlier Rephlex releases, mixed up with AFX-like drum & bass elements. By using dark, sacral organ sounds and keeping the beats minimal and funky in his unique Krok style, he manages to add a new flavour to the electro universe.

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