Craft 33

Lonny & Melvin
If You Want A Job To Be Done, Do It Yourself
Craft.33 / 12" EP

Lonny Eyes aka I-F and Melvin White aka That Nigger from Murdercapital Entertainment showing us their true criminal mindness with this cool 5-tracker born and raised in the suburbs of Delft, which is known as the Florida of the Netherlands, dominated by old people in wheelchairs and lots of shady business.

5 cool and funky electro trashers, well fashioned for revivalists and some of them renamed to lead us away from the fact that they were released before in huge amounts from Murdercapital Industries (M-001 Interference Vs That Nigger), ready to undermine the neo-electro business, which has taken place in the headquarters of big global operating companies. Just beware of space invaders who are smoking grass at the Sunwheel Beach Bar - you never know...

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