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  • Chicks on Speed have their own radio show on every Monday 9 pm Central European Time (8 pm GMT), called COS RECS! On Reboot FM 104,1 in Berlin, or check the site for streams!

  • Melissa of CoS appears on L'Amerique, a soundtrack of a "propaganda operette", out on CoS Records (COSRCD16), March 2004!

  • CoS book It's A Project out February 2004! Read more info here!

  • 99 Cents lyrics now online!

  • Cos '99 Cents' out on 29 September, 2003

    For more information on Chicks On Speed's new album 99 Cents, check out the official website.

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  • CoS appear on Club Telex Noise Ensemble's remix collection CTNERMX, on pHinnMilk Recordings! Here more info and where to order it!

  • is now online.

  • Have you come by any fake Chicks on Speed products or imitations? If so, we would be glad to hear about them, especially if you've got a proof in form of photographs, etc. If you know anything about the CoS counterfeits, please send mail to

  • One example from a CoS fan: "I just returned from my holidays which I spent in Venice and Milan. There I detected some CoS design at Dolce & Gabbana. Glamour T-shirts with a head (made of paillettes) that reminded me of a morphing between Melissa and Alex. There are two versions differing in haircolour - one is Melissa's, one is Alex's.
    The pricing? About 2 million lires (no joke!!). You should raise your prices, too.
    Check out the windows of Dolchix & Gabbana at Via Spiga!"

  • If you want to be on the official CoS e-mail list, please send the request to join and your address to:

    ... and here's the latest mailing.

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