Adverts Title: Chicks on Speed It's A Project
Format: Book in a bag, with a dress plus CD.
Pattern to make overalls and a poster.
200 pages heavy enough to break your coffee table.
CoS have piled up parts of the archive + collected new material, Booth-Clibborn Editions bound the mess, hot off the press.
We have a big pile of 'em in Berlin office.

ISBN: 1-86154-265-8
Price: UK 59.95 US$ 85.00 CAN$ 135.00 (price may change)
Pub month: November 2003
Category: Popular Culture/Fashion/Graphics
Pages: 2... p (?)
Trim: 335 x 227 mm, 13 1/4 x 7/8"
Illustrations: 300 full colour illustrations
© Booth-Clibborn Editions

The first COS publication, aims to capture that sense of freedom and spontaneity. The book is divided in periods of their lives: 'Fake Band', 'Pressing the Press', 'Sell Out', 'Temporary Spaces', 'Modifidas' (imaginary products), 'We Don't Play Guitars', 'Class War', 'Consuming Passion' and 'Heaven or Hell or Just The End'. Die-cut, over-printed and assembled from many different stocks, this book approximates a COS scrapbook, full of press-clippings, personal mementos and ideas, printed ephemera and free COS merchandise.

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