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she buys them toys to keep in practice, waiting on the war

Avarus: Vesikansi (CD)
Björk: Medúlla (CD)
Bob Dylan & The Band: The Basement Tapes (2-CD)
Moby Grape: Vintage: The Very Best of Moby Grape (2-CD)
Parliament: Mothership Connection / The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein (CDs)
Hawkwind: Anthology 1967-1982 (2-CD)
Joy Division: Substance (CD)
The Kinks: Kinda Kinks / Lola versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One (CDs)
Curtis Mayfield: Curtis / New World Order
Mauno Paajanen: Psyko - Kaikki levytykset 1977-1980 (2-CD)
Gil Scott-Heron: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (CD)
Sly & the Family Stone: Life (CD)
Stereo Total: Juke-Box Alarm (CD)
Tricky: Blowback (CD)
V/A: Moody Electronic Stuff (Sirius Stuff Records, CD)


Carlos Castaneda: Unennäön taito (book)
Markku Into: U (book)
Väinö Kirstinä: Pitkän tähtäyksen LSD-suunnitelma / Näköpiirissä: runoja vuosilta 1961-1994 (books)
Pertti Nieminen (ed.): Veden hohde, vuorten värit: Kiinan runoutta (book)
Stig Söderholm: Liskokuninkaan Mytologia. Rituaali ja rocksankarin kuolema: Jim Morrison -kultin etnografinen tulkinta (book)
V. Vale (ed.): RE/Search #8/9: J. G. Ballard (book)


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Jani Hellén, Finland

The Top 3 for November

Tangerine Dream - Zeit (Ohr, 1972)
Klaus Schulze - Cyborg/"Demos of the Cyborg" (Ohr, 1973)
Keith Jarrett - Hymns/Spheres (ECM, 1976)

These albums stand like three obsidian double-vinyl monoliths. Some might say that they're nothing but self-indulgent sound wankery, but I beg to differ.

Some critic once described "Zeit" as "meaningless endless cosmic patterns". I'd say this is "ambient music" in the truest sense. There's very little of melody or rhythm found and the instruments just melt into huge soundscapes. Jerome "Son of Edgar" Froese's least favorite Tangerine Dream album.

"Cyborg" took the electric organ experimentations of Schulze's debut "Irrlicht" (another fine album, but not a double, thus not included in this list) further, adding some treated flutes & strings and a synthesizer. Think of Martin Rev playing "Kosmische Musik" and you'll get the idea. "Heavy stuff" says the official web page.

There is also a bootleg called "Cyborg Demos" or "Demos of the Cyborg" around. I haven't found any info about the release. I'm not sure if it's a clever hoax or the real deal.

Keith Jarrett, eh? Jazz-fusion, eh? Yes, but "Hymns/Spheres" is something else. Here Jarrett abandons his piano and launches into outer space with a massive baroque organ as the spaceship.

I'd say this is the most versatile record of the bunch. While both "Zeit" & "Cyborg" might sound dark & icy, certain moments of "Hymns/Spheres" make me think of sunshine bursting out from behind the clouds of murky november skies. The album has never been fully re-released on a cd, but lo & behold, ECM is still selling ORIGINAL COPIES of the double-lp.

Bonus beat: Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine: "The Smiler" (from the full-length "Rampton" (Rise Above, 2002)

This is my favorite record involving Greg Andreson and/or Stephen O'Malley. Here they are joined by Lee Dorrian (Napalm Death, Cathedral) and Justin Greaves (Iron Monkey, Electric Wizard, Crippled Black Phoenix).

The other two tracks, the half an hour opener "He Who Accepts All That Is Offered (Feel Bad Hit of the Winter)" and the Killdozer cover "New Pants and Shirt" aren't too bad either, but the final track is the real treat. "For more info, contact your local mental institution". Indeed.

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