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you will be sexterminated

The Animals: Animalisms (CD)
Bootsy's New Rubber Band: Blasters of the Universe (2-CD)
The Cowsills: Painting the Day: The Angelic Psychedelia of the Cowsills (CD)
The Doors: An American Prayer (CD)
Funkadelic: Uncle Jam Wants You / The Electric Spanking of War Babies (CDs)
Isaac Hayes: Shaft OST (CD)
The Headhunters: Survival of the Fittest (CD)
Roy Orbison: Crying / The Essential Roy Orbison (CDs)
Parliament: Chocolate City (CD)
Otis Redding: The Definitive Soul Collection (2-CD)
Diana Ross & The Supremes: The Best of... (2-CD)
Gil Scott-Heron: Small Talk at 125th & Lenox
Sparks: Indiscreet (CD)
Mark Stewart: Kiss The Future (CD)
Isao Tomita: The Planets (CD)
V/A: Beleza Tropical (CD)
Vuk: Exile! (CD)


J.G. Ballard: The Unlimited Dream Company (book)
Carlos Castaneda: Tietoisuuden hehku (book)
Helena Sederholm: Tämäkö taidetta? (book)


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Jani Hellén, Finland

13th Floor Elevators - Bull of the Woods

Ofter overlooked album, partly because Roky Erickson appears only on four of the eleven tracks and Tommy Hall is almost absent. Stacy Sutherland's guitar is reverbed into oblivion, Danny Galindo and Ronnie Leatherman lay some rubbery basslines and Danny Thomas tries to keep everything together with his drumming.

The lyrics are making several more or less cryptic nods to the situation the band was in. Sutherland seems to criticize Tommy Hall in certain lines. "Doctor Doom" is often interpreted being Hall's "open letter" to Bob Dylan. There is a sense of a coming apocalypse, but as in every apocalypse, there's also great hope expressed for the times to come.

Current favourite moment on the album: the guitar solo on "Street Song". Suddenly without any warning a cinemascopic western panorama opens up before your mind's eye: a desert sunsent with bursting psychedelic colours. Something Ennio Morricone might've composed had he been hanging out in the same scene with the 13th Floor Elevators.

Here's an MP3 where Danny Thomas is sharing his memories about the making of the album.

Here's the first part of a documentary about the band, including some interesting interview footage of Sibyl Sutherland, Stacy's mother.

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Happy Trails

The b-side is the real threat here. Its got similar lysergic western movie feel as some of the tracks on "Bull of the Woods".

Current favourite moment on the album: The eerie background vocals on "Calvary".

Orlando di Lasso/Orlande de Lassus/Orlandus Lassus/Roland de Lassus/Roland Delattre - Psalmi Davidis poenitentiales (Penitential Psalms)

Lately I've grown fond of polyphonic Renaissance music. Hear this, and find out why.

The Stooges - Fun House

I remember seeing the legendary clip of The Stooges performing at Cincinnati Pop Festival from TV in the mid-90's and soon after that found their first LP from the library. This album (their 2nd) is everything that "The Weirdness" (the new one) is not.

Current favourite moment on the album: The four notes Dave Alexander plays around 2:06-2:07 in "1970".

Bonus beat: The Kinks - David Watts

Was listening some of my old cassettes and found this from a mixtape I had made. One of my favorite Ray Davies tunes. Better than The Jam's famous cover version.

Yard, Seattle, WA, USA

Yard's top 2007 picks...

Yard: Deciduous Flood Plains
The Field: From Here We Go Sublime
Boris/Sunn0))): Altar
Shed: Remixes In Four Parts: Part 3
Throbbing Gristle: Part Two-The Endless Not
Vladislav Delay: Whistleblower
KTL: 2
Substance & Vainqueur: Libration/Resonance
Substance & Vainqueur: Reverberation/Reverberate
Smith'n'Hack: Space Warrior
Anders Ilar: Ludwijka (Extended Visit)
Deepchord: Vantage Isle
Deepchord presents Echospace: The Coldest Season
The Tuss: Rushup Edge
Dopplereffekt: Calabi-Yau Space
Shed: These Kinky Dudes From Germany
E.Stonji: Con.trst
Blamstrain: Lowblow
Smith'n'Hack: Moving Like A Train/To Our Disco Friends
Underworld: Oblivion with bells

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