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Adult.: D.U.M.E. (12", Thrill Jockey)
Alexander's Dark Band: Dobutsu Bancho (CD, DC Recordings)
Desert Planet: Mario Built My Hot Rod (CD)
Emperor Machine: Vertical Tones & Horizontal Noise, Parts 1 & 2 (12"s, DC Recordings)
M.I.A.: Arular (2-LP)
New Artist: New Tools (CD)
Ø: Kantamoinen (CD, Sähkö Recordings)
Telephone!: Elevator Operator (track off 'V/A: Twin Cities Electropunk, Vol.2' CD)
V/A: Tone of Finland (2-CD)
White Light Circus: Marching Orders (12", DC Recordings)
Wigwam: Hard 'N' Horny/Tombstone Valentine/Fairyport (CDs)


Paul Auster: Mr Vertigo (book)
J.G. Ballard: Cocaine Nights / Millennium People (books)

p H a c t :
... you'd think.


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DJ Andropov, Turku, Finland

Jimi Tenor: Beyond The Stars (r)
Risto: Risto (r)
Cleaning Women: Ricewestern, Za Bounakih, Samba (songs)
Tony Scott: Music for Yoga Meditation and Other Joys (r)


E.S. Turner: Boys Will Be Boys: The Story of Sweeney Todd, Deadwood Dick, Sexton Blake, Billy Bunter, Dick Barton et al. (book)

M. Kuorinki (Helsinki, Finland)

summer hits!

Evan Parker: The Snake Decides LP (Incus)
Paavi: LP (Lal Lal Lal)
Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks: Striking It Rich! LP(Blue Thumb)

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