JANUARY / F E B R U A R Y 2005

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i am the god of hellfire, and i give you -- fire!

David Axelrod: 1968 to 1970 (CD)
David Axelrod: Anthology [Vol. 2] (CD)
Arthur Brown: The Crazy World of Arthur Brown (CD)
Diskreet: Head Retreat/Hehlektro (12", Ihmelevyt)
Gang Of Four: Entertainment + Yellow EP (CD)
J.O. Mallander: More Time - Hits & Variations 1968-1970 (CD, Anoema)
The Micragirls: Mind Twistin' Weekend (7", Weera)
The Micragirls: Primitive Homeorgan Blast (7", Weera/Trashcan)
Mono Junk/New York City Survivors: new demos (CD-R)
[listen to 'Superstar' by NYCS]
Pan sonic: Kesto (4-CD, Blast First)
Public Image Limited: Second Edition [a.k.a. "Metal Box"] (CD)
Talking Heads: Remain In Light (CD)
Unidentified Sound Objects: Richard D. Anderson Album (CD, pHinnMilk)
V/A: Club Esc (Escalator, CD)
V/A: We Are Escalator Records Part 3 (Escalator, CD)
Wire: 154 (CD)
Verde: Kato internetist (CD)
Wire: Pink Flag (CD)
Unit 4: Bodydub (12", Clone)
Yukari Fresh: Break remixes (by Headman/Chicks on Speed/original) (12", Escalator)
Yukari Fresh: New Album 2005 sampler (Escalator, CD)


Philip K. Dick & Roger Zelazny: Deus Irae (book)


Harry Egipt: Soviet-Estonian TV commercials from the 1980s - surreal!

p H a c t :
"The poet today has no other choice except to be a revolutionary or not to be a poet, for he must launch himself unceasingly into the unknown; the step that he made before in no manner dispenses with the step he will take tomorrow since everything has to be started afresh every day..." - Benjamin Perét


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Nathan Siter / Abyssal Echo / Moshka-Medicine / Zhark Records, Tampere, Finland

ice cube - amerikkka's most wanted
ööphoi - spirals of time
nurse with wound - spiral insana
mars volta - de-loused in the comatorium
iron and wine - creek drank the cradle
genesis - lamb lies down on broadway
sole - selling live water
labtekwon - nile chile
isaac asimov - foundation series
RAW + r. shea - illuminatus!

Unidentified Sound Objects, Oulu/Helsinki, Finland

1. Love - Love CD
2. American Splendor - DVD
3. Circle - Golem/Vesiliirto 2LP
4. Circle - Mountain (live) LP
5. Pharaoh Overlord - 2# CD
6. Stalwart - Torment Nonplus CDEP
7. Verde - Modern Electronic Circuits CDR
8. Verde - Acib CDR
9. Clay Figure - Songs for Friends of the Past CDR
10. Lost Weight - Presents Timber Kisses CDR
11. Afrika Bambaataa - Looking for the Perfect Beat 1980-1985 CD

DJ Makelove (Music is Better, Helsinki, Finland)

Top 15 February 2005

Lopazz: Blood 12" (Output)
Destillat: Saphir 12" (Klang Elektronik)
Midnight Mike: Bring Me To My Senses 12" (Gomma)
M.I.A.: Sustainable Development CD-R (XL)
Cassetteboy: Festive Christmas CD (Barry's Bootlegs
Gary Wilson: Mary Had Brown Hair LP (Stones Throw)
MF Doom: Mm... Food LP (Rhyme Sayers)
DJ Rupture: Special Gunpower #2 12" (Tigerbeat6)
The Bug feat. Warrior Queen: Aktion Pak 12" (Rephlex)
Silverbullit: Arclight (Mvg)
LCD Soundsystem: LCD Soundsystem CD (DFA/Emi)
Jason Forrest: The Unrelenting Songs of The 1979
Post Disco Crash CD (Sonig)
Passage: Forcefield Kids LP (Anticon)
P-Love: Rocket Launch Test 7" (Bully)
Kid Kameleon: Absolutely Shocking and Even More Shocking (Mixtapes)

DJ Andropov (Turku, Finland)


Donald Byrd: Christo Redentor (b)
Horace Silver: Song for My Father (b)
Yusef Lateef: Juba Juba (b)
Milt Jackson: Sunflower (r)
The Rollstons: Our Grain Could Fill Your Stadium (r)
The Pretty Things: Rosalyn (b)

(b) = track, (r) = album

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