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Chicks On Speed
The Un-Releases (CD)
Chicks On Speed Records No. 000 / efa 29900-2
13 March 2000

1. Intro starring Anthony Shake Shakir

2. "Turn Of The Century", produced by CoS and Christopher Just, 1999

3. "Night Drive" live at the AKW in Würzburg, 14th May, 1999
(original playback song taken from Ed DMX "Smash Metal")

4. "Turn Of The Century", second half

5. Bjorn Swein interviewing Kiki on Copenhagen radio, November, 1998

6. "This Nation Is A Rave Nation", inspired by Christopher Just

7. "Euro Trash Girl", produced by CoS and Tobi Neumann

8. "I Wanna Be A DJ... Baby", first CoS song, on tape from "The Box Set", 1997
"Angel In Black", remix of Euro Trash Girl by Mäuse, 1998 and first ever Chix spoken word intro
made for Ultraschall by Tobi Neumann

9. "Lush Life" and "Oh" produced by COS and Gerhard Potuznik

10. "Gimme Back My Man" by B52's, cover version by COS, Gerhard Potuznik and Ramon Bauer, 1999

11. "Glamour Girl", produced by COS and Christopher Just, feat: Punk Anderson, 1999

12. Melissa "26"

13. "Pana rip-off", courtesy of Pan Sonic, ripped off by CoS, 1998

14. "Six Billion Humans Can't Be Wrong", by Chris Korda with vocals by CoS, 1999

15. "Do You Understand rmx", by Patrick Pulsinger, a remix of ^ÓMind Your Own Business" by Delta 5

16. "Mind Your Own Business", cover version by CoS/Mense/Reents/Pöschel, 1999

17. "Stop Records ad", by CoS and Gerhard Potuznik

18. Pulsinger rmx again

19."This Is House Music", by CoS featuring Potuznik and Bauer, 1999

20. "~pedstrng [RE] issue", by Florian Hecker, 1999, a remix of CoS track "Night of the pedestrian"

21. "Night Of The Pedestrian", produced by CoS and Tobi Neumann, 1999

22. "Monsters", live at Xart Hybrid, Copenhagen, 1st April, 1999

23."Kaltes Klares Wasser", a cover version of the Malaria song, with additional text by CoS, produced by Tobi Neumann and CoS

24. an excerpt from the song made for Ocean Club Radio Berlin, 1997 (first COS tape)
and "This Is For You" (DJ Hell and Melissa Logan) 1999, + Melissa introducing "etg" at The Radio X Party, Stedel Schule, 25th September, 1998

25. "Procrastinator", live at the AKW in Würzburg, 14th May, 1999

26. Melissa talking to Stephan in the CoS lounge room, September, 1998

27. "For All The Boys In The World", produced by CoS and Gerhard Potuznik, 1998

28. Preparing for "Monsters", Art Cologne, 1997 (at home)

29. "Warm Leatherette", produced by CoS, Tobi Neumann and Jürgen Söder, 1997

30. Spoken by Stephanie from Marseille, "Yes I Do", by CoS and Die Goldenen Zitronen, 1998

31. "Song for a Future Generation", by B52's, cover version by CoS and Potuznik/Bauer
feat: Pelle Krogholt, 1999

32. "Rave Nation", cut up by Bauer and Potuznik

33. "Alex testing"

This collage was made by Gerhard Potuznik , Ramon Bauer and CoS.

NOTE: "this is our new label" - CoS
NOTE 2. "Pan sonic Rip-Off" taken from the Pan sonic 7" single set 'Arctic Rangers', with Chicks vocals added.
NOTE 3. all track titles as originally transcribed by pHinn (who didn't want to rip open his CD sleeve to see them)

"limited to 1000 CDs: cut-up collage of Chicks On Speed tracks with interviews, live recordings, noise. everything messed up by Mego's Ramon Bauer and Gerhard Potuznik." - Disko B

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Chicks  On  Speed  Will  Save  Us  All

Chicks On Speed
Chicks On Speed Will Save Us All (2-LP/CD)
Chicks On Speed Records No. 001 / 2-LP: efa 29901-1 / CD: efa 29901-2
31 March 2000 / UK: 10 April 2000
1. Stop Records Advert
2. Give Me Back My Man
3. For All The Boys in the World
4. Glamour Girl
5. ~Ped Stang [Re]issue
6. Little Star
7. Warm Leatherette
8. Kaltes Klares Wasser
9. Yes I Do! [original lyrics]
10. Procrastinator
11. Mind Your Own Business
12. The Floating Pyramid Over Frankfurt that the Taxi Driver Saw When He Was Landing
13. Euro Trash Girl


5. Florian Hecker remix

NOTE: first 1,000 LPs have free poster.

NOTE 2: "the CoS album with new unreleased material and classics with an added touch." - CoS

"Finally: THE album featuring the best tracks of their 7"es and new tracks. Believe the hype." - Disko B

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The  Re-Releases  of  the  Un-Releases

Chicks On Speed
The Re-Releases of the Un-Releases (CD)
klp120-CD / K Records
October 31, 2000
1. Intro
2. Turn of The Century
3. Night Drive
4. Turn of the Century
5. Bjorn Swein interviewing Kiki
6. This Nation Is A Rave Nation
7. Euro Trash Girl
8. I Wanna Be A DJ... Baby Angel In Black
9. Lush Life and Oh
10. Gimme Back My Man
11. Glamour Girl
12. 26
13. Panasonic Rip-Off
14. Six Billion Humans Can't Be Wrong
15. Do You Understand rmx
16. Mind Your Own Business
17. Stop Records Ad
18. Pulsinger rmx Again
19. This Is House Music
20. ~pedstrng [re]issue
21. Night of the Pedestrian
22. Monsters
23. Kaltes Klares Wasser
24. An excerpt from a song made for Ocean Club Radio Berlin "This Is For You" + Melissa introducing "ETG"
25. Procrastinator
26. Melissa talking to Stephan in his CoS Lounge Room
27. For All The Boys In The World
28. Preparing for Monsters
29. Warm Leatherette
30. Spoken by Stephanie from Marseille "Yes I Do"
31. Song for a Future Generation
32. Rave Nation
33. Alex testing

NOTE: "Panasonic Rip-Off" taken from the Pan sonic 7" single set 'Arctic Rangers', with Chicks vocals added.

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Chicks On Speed
99 Cents (LP/CD)
October 20, 2003
1. Shooting From The Hip (4:39)
co-produced by Gerhard Potuznik
2. We Don't Play Guitars (3:54)
featuring Peaches, produced by Glove (=Tobi Neumann)
3. Wordy Rappinghood (6:26)
featuring Anki Lepper, featuring Inga Humpe, featuring Jill Mingo, featuring Kevin Blechdom, featuring Le Tigre, featuring Miss Kittin, featuring Nicola Kuperus, featuring Soffy O, featuring Tina Weymouth, produced by Glove
4. Coventry (3:43)
produced by Gerhard Potuznik
5. 99 ¢ (3:33)
produced by Glove
6. Sell Out (3:52)
produced by Gerhard Potuznik
7. Culture Vulture (3:43)
produced by Glove
8. Universal Pussy Y (4:28)
co-produced by Gerhard Potuznik
9. Love Life (4:14)
produced by Glove
10. Shick Shaving (4:20)
featuring Miss Kittin, produced by Glove
11b. Flame On
produced by Cristian Vogel
11a. Fashion Rules! (4:23)
produced by Glove
11b. Flame On
produced by Mika Vainio

NOTE: includes 'We Don't Play Guitars' video + includes hidden track Flame On not credited on cover.


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Nöjesguiden Finland
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Chicks on Speed and the No Heads
Press The Spacebar (CD)
COS 19 / Hausmusik/Indigo 5278-2
30 November 2004
1. The Household Song
2. Mitte Bitte
3. Class War
4. Culture Vulture Part Two
5. Culture Vulture Part Three
6. Ten Thousand Years
7. History Will Outlive Us
8. Madalyn Albrights Answer
9. Is Bigger Better
10. Fuzzy Nipple
11. Wax My Anus
12. Hand In My Pocket
13. My Pony

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Chicks  On  Speed