99 Cents: The Wire Review, November 2003

Chicks On Speed
99 Cents

In an age where heavily discounted supermarket scaleouts and one-shot downloads are rapidly coming to dominate music retailing, slapping the cheapest price tag possible on your album in place of a title is just about the only way left to go. Never ones to miss a trick -- like, ever -- Chicks On Speed get down with their usual bad selves, simultaneously teasing expectations and killing the mood with another wicked display of digitally tweaked pop flourishes. Surprise favourite is their gleefully frigid take on Tom Tom Club's "Wordy Rappinghood", prefaced by one of the most irritating mobile phone ringtones known to humanity, plus killer contributions from Peaches on "We Don't Play Guitars" and Miss Kittin on "Love Life". You really don't deserve it.

Ken Hollings

Copyright © 2003 The Wire. Reprinted with permission.

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