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  • News:

    Mono Junk installation: 13 January - 19 February 2012 @ Brinkkalan Galleria, Turku, Finland

    Mono Junk/Dum digital releases now available via Bandcamp!

  • Various: Dum Trax (1995)

  • Mono Junk: Gloom (1995)

  • New York City Survivors: Static Light (2003)

    New 12"s from Mono Junk (updated 26 October 2011):

    Mono Junk: Jor 2 EP (limited edition 12"), Stilleben Records, SWEDEN, 23 September 2011 (Stilleben 036) -

    Full discography info @ Discogs.

    New 12"s from Dum (updated 19 June 2007):

    DUM Nolla3Nolla EP. Dum Records, FINLAND 2007 (DUM-030)

    A1. Ai Jaa (Mono Junk)
    A2. Superstar (New York City Survivors)
    B1. Fu-Dimension (Detroit Diesel)
    B2. Fantasy (Kim Rapatti)

    Limited edition 200 copies on freak colour vinyl!

    Release date 22.06.07!

    Distribution by Rub A Dub, Blackhole Distribution (see the contact at the bottom of this page)

    2006 releases news:

  • Kim Rapatti: 'Time After Time' on (SEN-004) Senator, Frankfurt.
  • Mono Junk: 'Am I Okey' (Futuro-001). Futuro is a sublabel of Moodmusic, Berlin.
  • Melody Boy: 'Monotone Fantastique', with two brand new Melody Boy 2000 tracks on the B-side (Futuro-002) -- out now.
  • The next New York City Survivors 12" will be out on Sonic Groove label of Adam X in November 2006. The other side will feature two Mono Junk tracks.

    Check new soundclips from Mono Junk EP (DUM-028) here.

    New York
City  Survivors

    New York City Survivors live (click image for a larger version)

    New York City Survivors: a promo pic 2004 | New York City Survivors: another promo pic 2004


    /dum/pic/NYCSetukansi.jpg /dum/pic/NYCStakakansi.jpg

    [click images for larger versions]

    artist: New York City Survivors
    title: Static Light (CD)
    cat.no: DUM-102
    date: 17 May 2003

    New York City Survivors interview @ Rumba (in Finnish)

  • Dum Discography

    NOTES: Originally called "Dumbeat" (and the very first release, DBR-001, was in fact by Dancebeat Records, a label run by DJ Kaippa). From the serial number DUM-005 on the name was changed to "Dum Records". All the early releases were editions of 200 copies. All releases with odd serial numbers were originally printed as one-sided vinyls (because of budget reasons).
    When after DUM-003 the label got enough money together to release DUM-004, the latter became the "free" B-side for the former, thus becoming a two-sided release.
    Then DUM-010 had as its B-side DUM-007, and DUM-011 had DUM-005 as its B-side.
    However, Kim Rapatti considers DUM-011 in its entirety as a Detroit Diesel 12".

    How to read this discography:

    Catalogue number
    Other info

    DBR-001 (Dancebeat Records)
    My Mind Is Goin'

    DBR-01R (Dumbeat Records)
    Re-Mind EP

    Mono Junk
    Ear Drum/Synthead

    Mono Junk
    Rhythm's Revenge

    Mono Junk
    Confusion/Mono Sounds

    Mono Junk
    Ghost Train/Little Tug/Psycho Kick/Mono Mind

    Mono Junk EP

    DUM-007/010 Side dum007:
    1. Ghost Train
    2. Little Tug
    3. Psycho Kick
    4. Mono Mind
    Side dum010:
    1. Beyond The Darkness
    2. Futurek
    3. Holy Detroit

    Text on dum010 side: Written & produced by K. Rapatti; engineered by P. Siren.

    NOTE: a promo

    Mono Junk
    'Beyond The Darkness'

    Detroit Diesel / Mono Junk
    'Auto Acid EP'
    Side Dum-011 (Detroit Diesel)
    1. Fu-Dimension
    2. Misuse Injury
    Side Dum-005 (Mono Junk)
    1. Confusion
    2. Mono Sounds

    NOTE: both sides have separate catalogue numbers.

    Various Artists
    Blue File Compilation - 8 Track Special Edition

    Sci. Side
    1. Cathedral
    2. Terra Incognita
    3. Flux and Reflux
    4. Pheaum

    Composed by K. Oksanen
    Sci. is K. Oksanen

    Dum Side
    1. Sinthetic - Reflection Mix 2
    2. Mono Junk - Origin Rhythm
    3. Mars 31 Heaven - Osaka House Remix
    4. Mars 31 Heaven - World Of Isolation

    Track 1 written, produced and mixed by P. Salonen
    Tracks 2, 3, 4 written, produced and mixed by K. Rapatti
    Tracks 1, 3, 4 engineered by K. Oksanen
    Track 2 engineered by P. Siren
    Track 3 co-written by P. Salonen

    NOTE: there's also an one-sided promo with Dum Side only.

    Aural Expansion
    Exercises In Expansion
    A1. Antelope X
    A2. Bouncer
    A3. Bumpy Train
    A4. Chloroform
    B1. Moon Resort
    B2. Sonic Soil
    B3. Freeform Attractor
    B4. Clattertube Test
    B5. Vacuum Sucker Test

    All tracks by Jouni Alkio.

    NOTE: red cardboard cover with a small track info sheet pasted to the front. White label. - Peter Gebert

    Melody Boy 2000
    Monotone Fantastique

    NOTE: released only as a one-sided white label 12" of 500 copies. There was also a later repress with red label, also one-sided and of 200 copies.

    Instruments of ...
    Instrument 1-6

    A1. Mini (4:05)
    A2. Fun (3:35)
    A3. Mal (3:15)
    B1. Mini (Melody Mix by Mono Junk) (7:00)
    B2. Fun (Melody Mix by Mono Junk) (4:15)

    Written and produced by J. Kaartinen & K. Rapatti.
    Recorded in Finland.
    All rights reserved.

    Mono Junk
    Double Pack
    A1 Enter
    B1 The Place
    C1 Mind Wonder
    D1 Input 1 & 2

    Detroit Diesel
    Moto-R EP
    A. Motor-R
    a. Motor-Rmx
    B. Dreams For Santiago
    a. Railway

    A1. Raita Nolla
    A2. Raita Yksi
    B1. Raita Kaksi
    B2. Raita Kolme

    Written and produced by T. Koskinen.

    Voiceblock EP
    August 1996
    A1. Voiceblock
    B1. Tilt
    B2. Reset

    Written and produced by Kimmo Rapatti & Tomi Koskinen.
    Distribution by Neuton, fax +49-69-811 792.

    August 1997
    A1. Detroit Diesel: Dreams For Santiago (dreamix)
    A2. Melody Boy 2000: Theme
    B1. Mono Junk: I'm Okey
    B2. Mono Junk: Fade Away

    All traxx by Kim Rapatti
    Dum Records tel +358-40-5804404
    Distribution by Neuton fax +49-69-811792

    [NOTE: this release was delayed, original schedule being June 1997, and in fact DUM-022 came out before it.]

    Kim Rapatti
    The Future
    February 1997
    * three untitled tracks

    DUM Records tel. +358-40-580 44 04.
    Distribution by NEUTON fax +49-69-82974450.


    Mono Junk
    The Future Remix
    February 1998

    New York City Survivors
    The Game EP
    24 April 2002
    A1. The Game
    A2. Groovy Girls
    B1. You Don't Know Me
    B2. The Game (Melodymix by Mono Junk)

    A1., B2. written by Irwin Berg & Kim Rapatti. B2. Mix by Kim Rapatti. A2., B1. written by Kim Rapatti & Irwin Berg.
    Produced by Kim Rapatti
    Vocals Recorded at Q12 by Jani Lehto.
    ©+(p) Dum Records 2001.

    Mono Junk
    Vicious Circle EP
    24 April 2002
    A1. Vicious Circle (Melody Boy 2000 Mix)
    A2. Vicious Circle (Mono Junk Melodymix)
    B1. Stars
    B2. Sound Of The City

    Written & produced by Kim Rapatti.
    ©+(p) Dum Records 2001.

    New York City Survivors
    World of Madness (12")
    1 October 2002
    A. World of Madness
    B1. World of Madness (Mesak remix) B2. World of Madness (Ted Field remix)

    First press only 200 copies!

    NOTE: B-side remixes by Mr Velcro Fastener (Tatu Metsätähti a.k.a. Mesak & Tatu Peltonen a.k.a. Ted Field).

    New York City Survivors
    Sex, Drugs and More Drugs EP (12")
    23 February 2004
    1. Sex, Drugs and More Drugs
    2. The Shadow
    3. After Midnight
    4. Sniper
    4. Sex, Drugs & More Drugs (Jori Hulkkonen remix)
    5. Eurovision Songcontest (The Final Countdown by Mesak)

    Mono Junk
    System Night EP (12")
    3 May 2004
    A1. System Night (rmx)
    A2. En keksi
    A3. Uusi
    B1. I Wanna Be (Electro Star)
    B2. Miss You (Liethuanian Slut Mix)
    B3. System Night (Original Mood Mix)

    Syntetisaattorit, rumpukone ja vokaalit (Synthesizers, drum machine and vocals) by Kim Rapatti. No soft synths or samples used.

    Mono Junk/New York City Survivors/Detroit Diesel/Kim Rapatti
    Dum Nolla3Nolla EP (12")
    22 June 2007
    A1. Mono Junk: Ai Jaa
    A2. New York City Survivors: Superstar
    B1. Detroit Diesel: Fu-Dimension
    B2. Kim Rapatti: Fantasy

    NOTE: limited edition of 200 on colour vinyl.

    Distribution: Rubadub (UK).

    Various Artists
    Dum Trax CD
    1. Mars 31 Heaven 'Little Elephant'
    2. Detroit Diesel 'Dimension'
    - from the ep DUM-011
    3. Kim Rapatti 'Instrument VI'
    4. Melody Boy 2000 'Monotone Fantastique' (monotone mix)
    - from the 12" DUM-014
    5. Mars 31 Heaven 'Violins'
    6. Mono Junk 'Beyond the Darkness'
    - from the ep DUM-010
    7. Kim Rapatti 'Instrument III'
    - from the ep DUM-015
    8. Melody Boy 2000 'Hmm...'
    9. Mono Junk 'Origin Rhythm'
    - from the lp DUM-012
    10. Detroit Diesel 'Freestyle'

    All trax by Kim Ripatti for Mono Junk Productions
    track 2 co-written by T. Oksanen
    (c) DUM RECORDS 93'-94'
    except 6. in association with Trope Records


    Mono Junk

    1. I Believe
    2. Search
    3. Enter
    4. Construction Electrician
    5. Sonorous
    6. Mars 31 Heaven
    7. The Place
    8. Fade Away

    All tracks written by Kim Rapatti

    /dum/pic/NYCSetukansi.jpg /dum/pic/NYCStakakansi.jpg

    [click images for larger versions]

    New York City Survivors
    Static Light (CD)
    17 May 2003 / 29 March 2004 (official worldwide release)
    1. Infernio
    2. End of Evolution
    3. Sex & Drugs and More Drugs
    4. Eurovision Songcontest
    5. The Game
    6. Sniper
    7. Do You
    8. The Shadow
    9. Soulstealer
    10. World of Madness
    11. After Midnight

    Music by Kim Rapatti & Irwin Berg.
    Tracks 1 and 7 by Kim Rapatti.
    Vocals by Irwin Berg.
    Vocals on track 7 by Irwin Berg and Kim Rapatti.
    Electric guitar on track 3 by Kalle Vaintola.
    Vocals recorded on track 5 by Jani Lehto at Q 12.
    Produced by Mono Junk.
    Mastered by Pete Salonen at Nakkila Studios.
    Photographs by Irwin Berg.
    Logo and design by Jussi Jääskeläinen.
    Made in Turku, Finland.
    ©+(p) Dum Records 2003.

    DUM Limited (a Dum sublabel):

    DUM L-01
    August 1996
    * 6 untitled tracks

    Produced by Kimmo Rapatti.

    NOTE: limited to 500 copies.

    DUM L-02
    January 1997
    * 6 untitled tracks

    Produced by Kikoman.

    DUM L-03
    Melody Boy 2000
    March 1997

    * four untitled tracks

    Produced by Melody Boy 2000.

    NOTE: limited to 700 copies.

    DUM L-04
    Taylor Deupree
    November 1997

    * 4 untitled tracks

    Produced by Taylor Deupree.

    DUM L-05
    Lovely Redwine
    February 1998

    DUM L-06
    Kim Rapatti
    Spring 1998

    NOTE: 700 - 800 copies pressed.

    Mono Junk cassettes:

    Mono Junk 'Synthell Versions' / B-Rock 'Freestyle Rocker' EP
    Mono Junk 'Groove' EP Mono Junk feat. Mr Kirk 'Groove Remix' / Mono Junk & Sinthetic 'Feel Your Life'
    Mono Junk 'Beyond The Original Detroit Innovators' EP

    NOTE: these were never actually released even though they were originally announced.

    On other labels:

    BUNKER RECORDS (The Hague, Holland)

    Various Artists
    Sound of Suomi - The Electro Sound of Finland (2x12"/CD)
    Bunker 3031
    January 2004
    * C1./7. New York City Survivors: Sirkkeli (5:34)

    FUNCTION RECORDINGS (Helsinki, Finland):


    Various Artists
    Funktio 1 - Finnish Techno Collection
    September 1996
    2. Detroit Diesel: Moto-rmx

    Funktio 2

    Various Artists
    Funktio 2 (CD/2x12")
    Function Recordings
    0005032 SAUNA FU CD
    June, 1998
    * 1. Mono Junk: Neonlight (00:07:49)

    1. Kim Rapatti
    (p) 1998 Dum Records, Function

    FUTURO (Berlin, Germany)

    Mono Junk
    Am I Okey (12")

    Melody Boy
    Monotone Fantastique

    NOTE: Futuro is a sublabel of Moodmusic.

    GADGETS (Germany)

    Various Artists
    The Users and The Gadgets (2-LP)

    NOTE: "Incl. epic tracks by Sasse, Monotone Fantastique (aka Mono Junk), etc... TIP!" - Mind Records info


    Mono Junk
    Mental Monologue (12")
    HZBR 192/292

    NOTE: A co-production with Psyclone and SQ2. A six-track EP where all three artists had two tracks each. Mono Junk's tracks were called 'Mental Monologue' and 'Homemade Hardcore'.


    Various Artists
    From Beyond Volume 4 (12")
    IT No. 7
    March 1998
    * Uni: Latch

    NOTE: Uni a.k.a. Unik is Kim Rapatti & Tomi Koskinen. The loops preceding the track written by Tomi Koskinen.


    Various Artists
    Interdimensional Transmissions FROM BEYOND (CD)
    DB IT CD 01
    * 8. Uni: Latch (3:27)
    appears courtesy of Dum, Helsinki

    NOTE: a compilation of all the four From Beyond EPs released on IT.

    i220 (Offenbach am Main, Germany)

    Detroit Diesel
    Metal EP
    i2203August 1996
    * 5 untitled tracks

    Detroit Diesel
    Meteor (Mini LP)
    June 1998
    * 6 untitled tracks

    (p)+© i220 Music 1998

    i220 Music
    Ludwigstr. 187
    63067 Offenbach am Main

    fax +49 / 69 / 82 36 27 81
    e-mail: zenitmusic@t-online.de

    Distribution by Neuton GMBH, Goethest. 67, 63067 Offenbach, Germany.

    KORENTO PRODUCTION (Turku, Finland)

    Various Artists
    Korento - Compilation01
    * 3. New York City Survivors: Planet Earth
    * 5. Mono Junk: Love Me More
    * 7. Mono Junk: Nightmare
    * 11. Melody Boy 2000: All Alone

    ©+(p) Korento Production 2001

    NOTE: limited to 200 copies.

    12K (New York, USA):

    Various Artists
    .aiff (CD)
    March 1999
    * 7. Kim Rapatti: Mainio

    NOTE: Compiled by New York's Taylor Deupree, this is a CD release (with custom-made laser cut mylar packaging) limited to 500 copies, featuring 9 tracks of unreleased minimal computer music.

    M_NUS (Windsor, Ontario, Canada)

    Various Artists
    DE9: Transitions - DJ mix by Richie Hawtin
    MINUS 32 DVD
    26 October 2005
    * 14.3 Mono Junk: Input 2
    * 21.4 Mono Junk: Input 1
    * 22.2 Mono Junk: Input 195

    NEUTON (Offenbach, Germany):

    Various Artists
    Neuton Future Classics Two
    July 1997
    * 1. Detroit Diesel: Metal EP (8:46)

    From i220 03.

    CD credits:
    compiled and mixed by heiko m/s/o at klangraum
    single tracks and cd distributed exclusively by neuton

    neuton medienvertrieb gmbh
    goethering 52-54 63067 offenbach germany
    fon ++ 49 69 82 97 44 0 fax ++ 49 69 82 97 44 50

    NOVAMUTE (London, UK)

    Various Artists
    DE9: Transition - DJ Mix by Richie Hawtin
    NuMu 150 DVD
    31 October 2005
    * 14.3 Mono Junk: Input 2
    * 21.4. Mono Junk: Input 1 * 22.2 Mono Junk: Input 195

    PLUG RESEARCH (Los Angeles, California, USA):


    Kim Rapatti
    Mood E.P.
    March 1996
    * includes four untitled tracks

    SENATOR RECORDINGS (Frankfurt, Germany)

    Time After Time Time After Time

    Kim Rapatti
    Time After Time (12")
    A1. Time After Time
    A2. Time After Time (Off The Record's Night Buss Remix)
    B1. Time After Time (Rimini Love Club Remix by George Spruce and Ludwif Coenen)
    B2. Time After Time (Ted Field Remix)

    SONIC GROOVE (New York City, NY, USA)

    New York City Survivors
    Human Rights EP (12")
    November 2006
    A1. My Satellite
    A2. Ideas
    B1. No Reaction
    B2. What Means Love To Me

    A1. & B2. by Mono Junk
    A2. & B1. by New York City Survivors

    STILLEBEN RECORDS (Gothenburg, Germany)

    Jor 2 EP Jor 2 EP

    Mono Junk
    Jor 2 EP (12")
    Stilleben 036
    23 September 2011
    A1. Breakfast in Bed
    A2. Snowhite
    A3. Going Nowhere
    B1. I Hear Your Voices
    B2. Black Cat

    Note: Limited to 140 copies. White vinyl. Titles are etched in together with the inscription "Courtesy of Dum Records".

    Listen @ SoundCloud.

    Discogs entry.

    STYRAX LEAVES (Berlin, Germany)

    Mono Junk
    Channel B (12")
    May 2006
    A. Channel B

    NOTE: "10th Bouquet". This leaf was produced in 1995 by Mono Junk (Kim Rapatti). Premastered at Expand Art. Artwork by Candid '06. Engraving: "Kimmo - Thank you".

    A one-sided release. First pressing in clear vinyl.

    SÄHKÖ RECORDINGS (Helsinki, Finland):

    Mike Ink
    Mike Ink / Rosenkranz EP
    B1. Melodymix (by Mono Junk)
    B2. Roughmix (by Mono Junk)

    NOTE: Roughmix together with Mika Vainio.

    TIE ENTERTAINMENT (Turku, Finland):

    Mr. Velcro Fastener
    Real Robots Don't Die EP
    TIE 802EP
    June 1998
    * B3. Real Robots Don't Die (Freestyleman Mix)

    All tracks produced by T. Metsätähti and T. Peltonen at Miletos Studios.

    B3. remixed by Sasse with Mono Junk.

    © + (p) Mind Records
    Licensed by Mind Records.

    TROPE (Mainz, Germany):

    Mono Junk
    TROPE 004
    A1. Psycho Kick
    A2. I'm Okey
    A3. Another Acid
    A4. Osaka House
    B1. Sweet Bassline
    B2. Beyond The Darkness

    NOTE: black vinyl only.

    Mono Junk
    A... EP
    TROPE 014

    NOTE: released on white vinyl.

    Trope Recordings
    Retrospective Waves 1993-1996
    TROPE 025 (2-CD)
    * Mono Junk: ?

    NOTE: a compilation double-CD.

    UNITUNES (Sähkö/Dum joint label):

    Distant Music CD


    Moor EP
    UPO 2
    * collaboration between MP Lancaster, Kim Rapatti, Jimi Tenor
    and Ilpo Väisänen.


    Mono  Junk
 vs.  Irwin  Berg Mono  Junk
 vs.  Irwin  Berg

    Mono Junk vs. Irwin Berg
    Mono Junk 10 Years Anniversary Record (limited edition 7")
    December 2000
    A. The Game
    B. My Voice

    Both sides written and produced by Kim Rapatti & Irwin Berg.

    NOTE: limited to 200 copies. Released in conjunction of Jam On Revenge, Mono Junk 10 years anniversary party in Kåren, Turku, December 2000.

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    E-Mail: kimrap@sci.fi


    Rubadub / Blackhole
    Unit 4, 28 Queen Elizabeth Ave, Hillington
    Glasgow G52 4NQ

    Phone: +44-(0)141-882-9900>

    E-mail: martin@rubadub.co.uk

    (NOTE: Neuton does not distribute Dum any more.)

    [Mono Junk interview] [New York City Survivors review (in Finnish)] [New York City Survivors interview (in Finnish)]

    [Mono Junk images from Oskillaattori, February 2000]


    Thanks to Kimmo Rapatti, Jori Kuusinen & the Groovy Beat Posse, Tomi Koskinen, Lance McGannon, Marko Laine and Markku Ojala for providing the information.


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