MARCH / A P R I L 2002

Last time updated 15 April, 2002

pHinn, pHinnWeb / pHono / pHinnMilk Records, Tampere, Finland

mélodie d'amour chantait le coeur d'emmanuelle

Adult.: Hand To Phone Remixed (Clone X4, Clone, 12")
Adult.: Misinterpreted (EZ-016, Ersatz Audio, 12")
Avarus: Posum Ekor Kait Datarar (Lal Lal Lal #1, Lal Lal Lal, 3" CD)
Boards Of Canada: Geogaddi (WARPCD101, Warp Records)
DAT Politics: Plugs Plus (COSR 06 CD, Chicks on Speed Records)
DJ Assault: Love The Pussy (ITU-014, Intuit-Solar, 12")
DJ Assault: Nipples-N-Clits (ITU-015, Intuit-Solar, 12")
DJ Assault: Strictly 4 The Tricks (ITU-011, Intuit-Solar, 12")
Jolie: Tytönnimi (CDR)
Kemialliset Ystävät: Varisevien tanssi/Silmujen marssi (Lal Lal Lal #3, Lal Lal Lal, CD)
Laite: Pain EP (X0X Records-1, X0X Records, 12")
Lowfish: The Accident Causes EP (EZ-019, Ersatz Audio, 12")
Magas: Bad Blood EP (EZ-018, Ersatz Audio, 12")
Nancy Fortune: The Secret Life of... (V12/14, Viewlexx, 12")
The Parallax Corporation: Fear (V12/16, Vievlexx, 12")
Pluxus: Agent Tangent (12BURG1/rgirl35, Pluxemburg/Rocket Girl, 12")
Puberty Love: X-Ray Eyes (Lasergun-014, Lasergun, 12")
Skanfrom: Hand-Picked Fragments (suction012, Suction Records, 12")
Sly and the Family Stone: Life (BN 26397, Epic/CBS, LP, 1968)
The Spider: Robotankz (Lasergun-013, Lasergun, 12")
Toiminto: Live At Home (re 304, 3" CD)
Ulysses: Aviator Sunglasses EP (Lasergun-015, Lasergun, 12")
V/A: Disco Not Disco 2 (STRUTCD 020, Strut Records, CD, 1974-86/2002)
V/A: Robotradio #1-3 (radio show promos, Suction Records, CD-Rs)
V/A: Surrounded By Sun - A Fonal Records Compilation (FR-20, Fonal, CD)
Virtalähde: Virka- ja väkivalta (phnnmlk-1, pHinnMilk, CDR)
V.U.L.V.A.: The Synthesizer Greatest Vol. 1 (U13006, Ural 13 Records, 12")

DJ Reiner Rekord, /, Germany

Charts 4/02

Plastic Sleeves - messages from machines e.p. (down low)
Froyd - weisses rauschen / psych.mix (PSI49)
FPU - ocean drive (voidcom 001)
A.F.A. - being boiled rmx (elektro komfort)
A Number of Names - shari vari / hacker rmx (gigolo)
V.A. - American Gigolo mixed by Tiga (gigolo)
Ironbase - maschine eisenbass / clubhead mix by Felix Da Housecat (club culture)
Telepopmusik - breath remixes (catalogue)
Smash TV - what about me (BPitch control)

mvog, germany

1. Pet Shop Boys - Release
2. Justus Köhncke - 2 after 909
3. Justus Köhncke - Jet / Shelter
4. Closer Musik - You don't know me
5. Thomas Fehlmann - Whistle
6. Phantom Ghost - Electronic Alcatraz (To Every Tune Mix)
7. Suguru Kusumi - Illegal EP
8. S-Max / Fym - Seismic-Stealth-Smurfz
9. Pom Pom
10. Laub - Filesharing

compilation of the month :
v/a : montreal smoked meat (force inc 2x12")

long player of the month :
johannes heil : heilstyle (johannes heil 2x12")

EP of the month : johannes heil : die formel der liebe (johannes heil 12")

savas pascalidis
kuusumun profeetta
white stripes
everything from bpitch control (allien, kalkbrenner, funke, buktu...)

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